How To Test Your Website Online

Many professionals find it difficult to obtain the required result from their website. It is created to popularize your products and services amongst the crowd. Creating one is not a difficult task; every businessman is switching to this option for gathering more crowds. Whereas, obtaining the desired result is the part most people do not achieve. Therefore, testing a site becomes an important part of your advertisement. Let us discuss the benefits of testing it.

Benefits of Testing Website

When a website is launched, there might be minor errors that are often overlooked. From broken links to forms not able to process when a customer requires them to. There can be many errors that can frustrate the viewer. Surely, you don’t want this to happen. To prevent this situation, you are required to test your site regularly. Testing it will let you know about all the minor errors that you have been working with.

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Compatibility of your website

When you launch a site, you will want it to reach as many people as it can. With more people accessing mobile phones than a computer or laptop, you are required to check the compatibility of your website on every device possible. You will certainly want viewers to easily access it on any device they are using. Testing your website will help you in checking its compatibility even on mobile devices that will help in reaching more customers.

Good accessibility

To reach a maximum number of crowds you have to ensure that it is accessible to every person possible. A person might be using different web browsers; therefore your website should be able to reach them easily. Target customers can be anyone. He might not be able to use a computer or a mobile device. Your site should be good enough to reach every customer even considering these factors. Testing it will help you improve its accessibility to be able to reach every customer possible. Here is a good guide by MangoMatter on how to ensure accessibility for your website visitors.

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Performance of your website

Imagine a viewer entering your site and is stuck on the first page of it. How will he react? He will simply close it and will never be seen again. You surely don’t want this to be the case. Therefore it becomes important to check the performance of your site regularly. This error can occur due to many reasons; heavy data on the site, low configuration server, and many more. Testing it will make sure that these errors are identified.

Securing a website

Hacking has turned out to be a headache for every organization. With more and more hackers coming forward and troubling the organizations, it has become important to secure it from these threats. This can only be achieved by testing your site. It will ensure that your website is protected from all the threats and working to its best at all times.

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Which Tool We Can Use To Test Websites Online?

There are several tools available in the market. One of the best is Comparium. This application has proved itself as the most user-friendly tool to test a website. This application allows you a single platform to check every aspect of your site. It is easily accessible on every browser, operating system, and device. This application will ease the burden of testing your site.

Time and money both can be saved while using this application. Only the URL of your website and your Email ID is required by this application to perform the test. It will send you the result to your Email ID after the test is performed. So, you are not required to be present there while your website is undergoing a test. This application provides other special features as well like the screenshot. Considering these features, Comparium has always presented a strong case for itself. This will surely make your task smooth and will ensure a high-quality result.

How To Check Websites Online?

Testing a website requires you to visit every minor detail of it in order to get the best result. Several steps are included in testing a site. They are:

  1. The first step involves testing the functionality of your Checking all the links attached to your site, whether they are leading to other sites or an internal link, it is important to make sure every link is working. Checking all the forms attached to the website, it should be easily accessible, and there should not be any difficulty in loading a form. Testing the available cookies on the site is very important.
  2. The next step involves the usability test. It will ensure that good interaction is maintained between the user and the website. It involves testing the user interface of your website. Text is conveying an appropriate message; data is sorted in the right manner, and many more.
  3. The third step involves interface testing. Web server, database server, and application server are all covered under this step.
  4. The next step involves the compatibility test. Whether your site is accessible on all browser platforms? Whether the user can access your website on a mobile device? Whether your site is compatible with all operating devices? These questions are answered under this test.
  5. The next step involves a performance test. This test is performed to check whether your website can bear extreme pressure or not. It must hold itself when more than one customer is visiting the same page of your website. Therefore, the performance test of your site becomes very important to improve the performance of your business.
  6. The last step covers the security test. This will check the availability of viruses and other threats in your website. This test will strengthen the security system of your.