How Much Does It Cost to Relocate Your Business

Relocating your business can be as complicated as moving to a new home. It might even more difficult to do this kind of task than just moving to a new home. You have to consider all kinds of things when you make this kind of decision such as moving every single piece of furniture, all of the computers, your favorite chair, your employees’ desks and many other items that will not be easy to transport.

Most of this information does not seem so scary at first, but once you consider that you do not have a lot of time to complete the move and that it will be costly, you will start to see why people want to avoid making this decision.

However, if you have decided that relocating your business is truly the move you should be making, you will probably need a few tips to help you organize. Here is some of the information we managed to gather regarding the costs and other difficulties when relocating your business.

Make your plans early

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First things first, before you do anything rash, you should first create a plan. Form an idea of what the relocation will look like and then pitch that idea to your partners or coworkers. You cannot expect that everything will go right without having a proper plan. You will need to go think of every single possible outcome that may occur during the relocation.

How are you going to transport most of your equipment and furniture? Who is going to be working on the project? Which moving companies you are going to use? These are some of those essential questions that you must ask yourself as a business owner.

To properly create your plan, you will need to have a blueprint of both your current and your future office building. With it, you can plan where your furniture will go and whether it will fit. You also have to account for electronics such as your printer, copier and other equipment you have in your current office. At moments it might seem like some of your items are impossible to fit in your newly rented office space, but with enough planning, you will surely succeed with your relocation.

Consider hiring a moving manager

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Doing everything by yourself is never a good idea, especially if you have a lot of work to focus on. Instead of wasting most of your time on menial things such as moving and transporting, maybe you should consider hiring someone that will be able to handle all of those menial tasks for you. A moving manager is a cheap investment that will ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible when moving your office from one to another location.

Keep in mind, you will have to account for the cost of the moving manager in your relocation budget too. But, better safe than sorry. Why should you risk damaging your equipment or furniture because you weren’t willing to invest in someone who would be able to handle the entire moving process?

Find the right moving company

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When relocating your business to a brand new office, you will probably be looking for a company that will help you with the move. Doing everything by yourself and with your employees can be very difficult and it is something that we do not recommend. The chances of someone breaking your business’ equipment or someone getting hurt from lifting heavy items is very high. As a business owner and your employees’ boss, you should avoid making this kind of decision.

This is why it is so important to find the right company that will help you with the move. Before making a choice, you should first do a little bit of research to find the right one. Keep in mind, the one that offers you better insurance that they will keep your items safe will probably cost a bit more. In this kind of moment, you should keep your budget flexible. If you are having trouble with finding the right company that will help you move offices, you should check out

How much will all of this cost?

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It is very important to understand that the biggest cost of this entire operation will be the halt of your business. The expenses for a moving company or manager are nothing compared to the losses you may experience when you put a stop to the natural workflow of your company. Of course, you do not really have any choice in this kind of situation. You will need to move every single item to another location and then set up every employee in their own office space. It will probably take you several days or maybe even weeks before you go back to a hundred percent efficiency.

However, by creating a plan beforehand, you might reduce the time needed to readjust to the new office space by a considerable amount of time.

Ask help from your employees

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Bothering your with tasks such as lifting heavy items or driving trucks to transport the items from your old office is not a good idea. You will expose them and the items to unnecessary dangers.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t ask any kind of help from them. Plan with your employees together to start packing. They can empty their desks and store all of their valuables inside of carton boxes. They can also wrap up things such as the fridge, the water dispenser and other items around the office’s kitchen.

Once you have packed everything nice and neat, you can start working with the moving company to transport most of the items to your new office building.

Label the boxes

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One of the most common mistakes companies make when moving is not labeling the boxes. This might sound like something that is not so important, but the faster you unpack, the faster everyone can get back to work.

By following our guidelines, you will surely get back to work as soon as possible and you will save a lot of money too.