How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website in 2024?

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Today, there are a lot of web studios or freelancers who are ready to take up the development of your website. The difference in the cost of the same project among different performers is amazing, and the price for a website development starts from $200 and ends at tens of thousands of dollars.

In this article, we will tell you how the price for a website development forms, what are the stages of it, share some tricks that the developers use.

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Read in the article, what are the components of website pricing, web design, hosting, and everything else.

Components of a price for building a website

To determine how much it costs to build a website, you need to understand what components, stages and types of work the process of website development includes, because its cost, as in any other field, is determined by the amount of work performed by a specialist, which in turn is converted to time, spent on development.

Here is a list of components and stages of work that affect the price for building a website:

  • hosting;
  • domain;
  • design;
  • layout;
  • implementation;
  • programming;
  • testing.

Web hosting prices

This is the permanent monthly fee for storing your site on a server. The cost of hosting services at the beginning of 2024 starts at $5 per month and depends on the type of hosting and the resource intensity of your site.

  • Shared Hosting Prices start from $4,94/month for an entry-level hosting and end up at $24.95/month on the highest plans.
  • VPS Hosting Prices start from $20.01/month for an entry-level hosting and end up at$170.75/month on the highest plan.
  • Dedicated Hosting will cost about $80 – $750/month.

Domain Prices

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This is a subscription for renting a domain name (domain address), which will refer to your hosting on which the site is hosted.

The cost of a brand-new domain name and depends on the registrar and the domain zone and starts at $10-15 a year. For example, a domain from GoDaddy costs $12.99, and a domain from Namecheap will cost about $4.99.

Website design creation

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This is the project of your website (a layout in PSD format), which shows how the website will finally look like. Creating a layout includes several stages:

  • discussion of website sections, functionality, content and the creation of a mockup (site map);
  • creation of website design – creating a graphic file in PSD format for a layout;
  • approval of the design project – discussion, making changes, final approval.

The cost of work varies depending on the experience of the specialist, the complexity of the design project, as well as of the number of website pages.

Good, responsive website design can cost you from $2000 to $15,000. Usually, the development takes at least one week.

Making the layout

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This is the process of creating interactive pages from a design layout by cutting pictures, icons and other website elements, typing and marking it up. The cost varies depending on several parameters:

  • layout quality – correctness, optimization, compliance with the prototype;
  • responsiveness – does the page look great on any screen, it is convenient to interact with it using various devices;
  • volume – the number of pages on the site and their complexity.

In general, the layout cost starts at $1,000 for (1-10 pages), to $6,500 (150-250 pages).  Its development takes about 2-3 days.


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The cost of programming and testing depends on the complexity and the amount of work at these stages, and it is difficult to make even the approximate calculations. However, if you need a regular informational website or a simple online store, then the cost of each of these steps may be about $100. The work may take about 2-3 weeks.

If you sum up the costs of all of these stages, you will get an approximate minimum threshold for the development of a simple website – about $2000-3000. If the cost of the site is lower than announced, you will get a low-quality product.

The cost of a website made with the template

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Of course, the cost of the site created using the template is reduced because there is no need to create a design from scratch, develop the layout and make the implementation.

Thus, the price for creating such a website allows you to save a lot of money on the development, as well as to reduce project implementation time.

What is more, using the website template, you can improve your vision of the final version of your website. No one can tell you which template to choose, and how to change it. So, you can even combine two or more templates to achieve a unique result. Templates are often fully customizable, so you don’t get stuck within a single design. Of course, with different website builders or platforms, it works a little differently. But the idea of customization is always available.

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