Why, How, and When Not to Hire Remote Developers?

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Looking for experienced and skillful remote developers is a time and energy-consuming task. If the process to hire remote developers is done inefficiently it may cost your company valuable time and money.

To kick start your hiring process, you will have to add job listings, screen a lot of developers, make many phone calls, test candidates and finally carry out one on one interviews. If you are responsible for hiring a team of developers and you wish to do your best. This article is for you. It answers all the questions that are frequently asked by hiring managers when planning to offshore, such as:

  • What are the reasons to hire offshore developers?
  • What are the challenges with offshore developers?
  • When not to hire offshore developers?
  • Which Offshore software development company to choose?

Let’s take a look at all of these questions one by one in detail.

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Reasons to hire offshore developers

Sometimes it can be challenging to find local talent who can do the job and at an affordable price. Well, this is where offshore developers come into the picture. There are a plethora of experts out there who can do the job without exhausting your budget.

If you want to set yourself for success, it is crucial to have the right team on board. Let’s find the answers to why is it a good idea to go for software development outsourcing:

  • Cost Savings

When you hire remote developers, you can cut down your operational cost. There is no need to spend on additional expenses such as office rent, insurance payments, vacations, etc. Instead, you will be channelling the funds for essential operations that benefit your company.

  • Time-saving

There is no need to invest your time in recruiting and training any in-house developer. If there is a requirement for any unique skillset for a particular task, then remote developers are one of the best options to go for.

  • Developer’s Personal Development

When you hire an in-house developer, you need to take care of the growth of their development skills. But, with remote developers, there is no need to do so. This is because developers in remote software agencies have to remain up-to-date.

  • Access to Global Talent

You are provided with a broad pool of talent across the globe. When you hire remote developers, you get access to a wide number of experienced developers who can be the right fit for your team. Looking for experienced and skillful remote developers is a time and energy-consuming task. If the process to hire remote developers is done inefficiently it may cost your company valuable time and money. Time is money and you want to save them. That’s why each step should be made with double-check: use relevant sources, services, and sites to hire a software developer (as Lemon.io).

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Challenges with offshore developers

Although, offshore software development may sound tempting because of its faster turnaround and exciting cost-saving ability. But, when you hire remote developers, there are chances of facing some hurdles that can interrupt your business’s operation.

  • Quality of Service

One of the concerns, when you hire remote developers, is fear of quality. That can be – the quality of code, meeting deadlines or quality of deliverables, etc. Some Offshore software development company focus on saving at the cost of hiring qualified developers. That is why you should always perform adequate tests and interviews to assess their technical and soft skills.

  • Cost overruns

Handing over key responsibilities to an underqualified team of developers can cause unexpected incurred costs. If developers are taking too long to finish even one ordinary task, this can result in the exhaustion of your predefined budget.

So, what is the easiest way to avoid cost overruns? When you hire remote developers, make sure that you are recruiting them from a well-respected firm. Ensure that they have an experienced manager who can help you with the planning process.

  • Mismatched expectations

Now, you don’t want to spend your valuable time, money and energy on outsourcing only to get an unsatisfying final product. The only way to avoid any mismatched expectations is to insist on clearing your goals and regular communication from the beginning of the development process.

  • Communication

As discussed above, miscommunication can result in a final product that does not match your expectations. Not only do you get poor product quality but it also causes frustration from both sides.

The best way to avoid this problem is by ensuring a designated channel that can be used for communication on a daily basis.

  • Time zone issues

This is one of the major concerns when you hire remote developers. A huge difference in timezone can lead to a communication gap and this can affect your development process.

One solution to this problem is to hire remote developers from countries that have favourable time zones. You can also set up an overlap time where you can discuss the progress of the project, to ensure there is no interruption in the development process.

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When not to hire offshore developers?

Although hiring remote developers offers you many advantages, it should not be your only option. Various circumstances demand alternate choices. Let’s have a look at some of the circumstances where you should not hire remote developers:

  • When you already have the expert

When you already have experienced and skilled developers who are working for you, there is no need to look elsewhere. They already have the knowledge of how the development process works in your company and it will be much easier for them to incorporate it while working.

  • Outsourcing can be expensive

There will be a need to update the contract each time you have a new requirement or service required from the outsourcing company. You will also have to start the negotiation process from the very beginning and depending upon the negotiation, the new price can be hectic.

  • If experiencing loss of control

Within your workforce, if you are already experiencing a loss of control, it is best not to hire extra staff. It would be a wise choice to first maintain your management process and then look for recruiting and expanding your team.

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What should you do instead?

One of the most essential elements which make a project successful is that you must hire the right developer. Hiring the right person gives a much-needed boost to your project. One of the leading platforms that are rising in this field is Turing.com.

Turing hire not only enables you to hire remote developers from the top 1 % of 1M+ developers across 150+ countries but also ensures that you get top-notch Silicon Valley-caliber developers with the help of a rigorous vetting process. All have to go through the extensive vetting process of over 5+ hours that consists of:

  • Work experience assessment
  • Tech stack tests (algorithm challenges)
  • Live coding challenge

Turing company aims to make remote work easy with its intelligent vetting and fast hiring.


There is no doubt that remote work is the future. Although remote working comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, it is one of the best options to fill the skill gap in your company. By following the right strategic plan you can make the best out of remote development.