5 Rules On How To Style A Henley Shirt Properly

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Bored of the same old, same old? We love t-shirts, but sometimes you just want to feel a little more adventurous. We don’t mean step out in head-to-toe clashing prints, but just something that suits your timeless style, but isn’t just a plain tee.

When you’re in a style rut, it’s easy to pull a t-shirt from your wardrobe with very little effort. But what if we told you we had an alternative that would make you look polished?

Their old-school vibe will win you over. But don’t get us wrong – it’s not because they’re old-school that they are boring. They make you look irresistibly suave, all while rocking any casual or smart casual outfit. The beauty of the Henley shirt is that you can never have too many. Invest in this key piece to enhance your wardrobe.

The tapered fit is ultra-flattering and will show off your build. You can style it up or down – it is a versatile piece you just have to have!

What is a Henley?

You may have looked a bit confused reading through the introduction. Perhaps you don’t know what a Henley is. Let us tell you. According to Fresh Clean Threads, Henleys are known as a sophisticated alternative to the t-shirt, the Henley shirt has a scoop neckline with buttons and long or short sleeves. Like t-shirts, they tend to be crafted in cotton for breathability and wearability.

Once upon a time, a Henley was just an undergarment. Now it’s a wardrobe essential. Ralph Lauren adapted the garment in the 1970s and put his own mark on it. Now, every brand is selling Henleys as a must-have for men’s and women’s wardrobes.

Which celebrities wear Henleys?

When we’re saying it’s a must-have – we’re not kidding! The Henley is a shirt of choice for many celebrities. The likes of Idris Elba, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum have opted for this style for their casual looks. Paired with a blazer – they are smart-casual!

Getting fit is key

Like with any piece, getting the best fit will instantly elevate your outfits. Nothing looks worse than someone looking uncomfortable in clothes that are too small, and nothing looks quite as unelegant as someone wearing oversized clothing from head to toe. Neither is flattering!

It is important for the shoulder seams to fall just above your shoulders to balance out your figure and create the right fit around the arms. If they are too high up, you know that the whole sleeve is going to be too tight. If the seam falls under the shoulder, then you know you’re going to be opting for an oversized look. We love an oversized sweater or coat, but this just doesn’t work with a Henley.

Then there’s the actual fit of the sleeve – it’s supposed to hug your arm, but not be tight. It should just be fitted! And of course the fit of the actual Henley itself – it should highlight your chest but not be too tight, and it should be fitted and follow your frame.

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5 rules to styling a Henley

Now we’ve given you the back story of the Henley, and how to ace that fit, it’s time for the fun part – the styling! Styling a Henley is not quite like styling a t-shirt because it is already a bit smarter. Here are our top tips for rocking your Henley!

1. You can wear it alone

A Henley t-shirt has short or long sleeves, so in the summer or winter, according to your choice, you can wear it as a standalone. With a pair of jeans, this will be the perfect casual look. Henleys are also available in a wide array of colors so you can mix and match them with your pre-existing wardrobe. Shopping sprees don’t have to blow your budget – you just need to invest in basics!

2. Under a blazer

If you want to embrace the sophisticated vibes of the Henley, then we recommend adding a blazer. Channing Tatum wore his to an event under a blazer for a suave look. Even paired with jeans, it looks put-together and chic. This look is perfect for a dinner date to look effortlessly cool yet put-together.

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3. Under flannel

What is fall/winter without flannel? Instead of wearing your flannel under a sweater or alone, layer it up over a Henley shirt. Unbutton your Henley for a rugged and relaxed look. Finish off the look with jeans and beige ankle boots for a stylish yet casual outfit.

4. Under a denim or leather jacket

Denim or leather jackets bring texture to your looks. And the Henley will too! Mixing textures such as denim and leather with your cotton Henley will make your look appear more thought-through and interesting. It’s a great way to complete a casual look!

5. To tuck or not to tuck?

A flat hem Henley looks its best when it’s untucked. It looks a little awkward when completely tucked into your pants. However, it really depends on the length of the shirt. If it is a little long, you can subtly tuck it in the front.

It also depends on the occasion, if you’re wearing your Henley with a suit, then, of course, it would look more suave tucked in. Otherwise, it contradicts the formal side of the suit. The untucked Henley will look more casual, so that’s perfect for off-duty looks and a dinner date where you want to look good, but not too over-the-top!

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The rest of the vibes will depend on what you’re wearing with the Henley, but if you’re going for casual or smart-casual – untucked is the way to go!

Experiment with your Henley shirt and concoct some amazing outfits that will have your friends jealous of your impeccable style. Now you’ve nailed the fit and the styling, it’s your turn to create a smart-casual wardrobe that will be multifunctional. You’ll soon realize that the possibilities are endless with a Henley shirt. Your tapered Henley will soon become your go-to piece everyday, and you may even leave those t-shirts to rest!