Custom T-shirts on a Budget – Design Your Own Shirt at a Low-cost (2024)


Custom T-shirts are the best way to show off your individual style and ability to stand out. People will notice your style and personality before they notice anything else about you! There are many different styles and designs for these shirts available so you can get the perfect shirt to match your own personal image.

With long or short sleeves, big or small, team or favorite character, a custom T-shirt is a great way to show off your favorite things in a subtle way that won’t break the bank. Custom T-shirts are usually outrageously expensive, but with the right company they don’t have to be.

This article will cover what a custom T-Shirt is, things to consider before buying a Custom T-shirt and how to design a custom T-shirt. Let’s get started!

What is a Custom T-shirt?


T-shirts on sites like RareCustom are shirts that have the customer’s very own design on them. Companies like this will offer customers art layouts with their desired text and designs. Customers can then put in their information, the information of the person who will receive the shirt, or both to see their desired design come to life.

Custom T-shirts can be done in a variety of ways. The most common way is to make the shirt from a template that is built up from a graph, or artwork that is then put into a computer to create the design.

Some companies are able to make it with a company of people working on the design.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Custom T-shirt?

Choose quality fabric: It should be comfortable and well made so you won’t regret purchasing it later.If the fabric is not of good quality, the picture will also not come out well, which is not what you want.

Choose a unique design: Something that is simple but still interesting and original will work best.

Don’t choose too many pictures: Most t-shirts only have one picture, so don’t just go crazy and put tons of pictures on your t-shirt.

Make sure the quality isn’t compromised: You need to see all your custom t-shirts before making a purchase so you know if they meet your expectations or not.

Choose the correct size: Don’t choose a t-shirt that is too big or too small for you because it will ruin the whole look.


Decide on your fonts: Choose a font that will make your picture pop out and make the text look professional and clean.

Make sure the whole design looks good together: Make sure your images and fonts will go well together when you put them all together. You can add different effects like shadows, reflections, glare etc to improve the overall appearance of your custom t-shirt.

Make sure the style suits your idea: You need to know your style when you decide to make a custom t-shirt, because once you make it, it is stuck with you. If it doesn’t fit your style, no one will want to wear it. So always think about what you like and what makes you different.

How to Design a Custom T-shirt without breaking the bank?

Designing a Custom T-shirt without breaking the bank is not as hard as it may seem. First, you need to decide on what your shirt will say. A good place to get ideas is Pinterest or Google. You can either have your shirt say something with a meaning or have it say something funny. Either way, it will be memorable. Once you have decided on your message, the next step is to find a company that offers Custom T-shirts.

The reason you need to find a company that offers Custom T-shirts is because it will be less expensive for them to print your shirt than it would be for you to have your own business.

And, if you are unsure of what you want your shirt to say or how you want it to look like, then this will be the way to go.


When looking for Custom T-shirts online, there are many companies that offer them at extremely affordable prices. By offering them at such low prices, these companies make sure that their customers do not only get high quality shirts but also know they can save money while still getting their shirts designed by experts.

You need to find the right company that offers Custom T-shirts by contacting them through social media. By doing this, you will learn more about their design process, how they work with you, and what exactly you will receive for your money.

We would also suggest looking around for a company that creates custom iron patches that will help you save time while designing your own t-shirt printing. You don’t need to be an artist to make this happen.

4incustompatch is a company that offers custom iron patches designed on your demand. So just submit your details to them and get your T-shirt customized how you want!

Here are the design Step-by-Step Instructions for a Custom T-shirt:

Step 1

Look over the designs that are offered by the company. Most of them have options for men, women, and children so you can narrow your choice down to whichever type of design best suits you.

Step 2

There is a certain design template that the company is most likely to use. If it is different from what you would like, make a note of this and see if there are other options available.

You can also contact the company and ask if they can create something unique for you. If not, then try another one of the designs available on the site.

Step 3

Choose the t-shirt style. You will likely be given several options to choose from, but you can also request for an original design that has never been made by the company before.

Step 4


Try to decide on a length for the t-shirt. Shorts will be very suitable for casual wear, while a long sleeve can be worn in cold weather. The material will also determine how long it will last, so consider this when choosing your t-shirt style.

Finally, the type of t-shirt should be taken into consideration. A polo shirt can be worn in summer while a button down shirt is ideal for year round use.


We hope this guide will help you save money on designing a custom T-shirt. The important thing is that you pay close attention to the shirt’s style and then pick a design that really suits your tastes.

After all, the shirt is the most important item in your wardrobe. Do you have any more questions? Share with us your comments and thoughts!