8 Street Fashion and Urban Trends in Clothing 2024

So-called street fashion has always been popular amongst fashion followers. It incorporates high fashion with wearable pieces, making outfits that are pleasant to wear and can be incorporated into every opportunity, from going to the coffee with friends to the business meeting. Many pieces used to make an outstanding outfit are simple and plain but combined with care. So in collaboration with Alvin from rodengray.com, we compiled a small list of the new trends and what will be signature moves during this year.

1. Suit up!

Source: Suits Expert

This trend started to take off during the very end of the last year, but it is still going strong and will dominate the streets this year as well. Not only that suiting up is recommendable, but it will not be limited to only classical suits and colors. Even though nothing can beat the classic black suit, a change in the color palette can make wonders. Pantone has chosen Pepsi blue as a color of the year, so why not wear the suit in this color? Also, for spring and summer, classical pastels, blue, mint, yellow, pink and peach are the true hit. In addition, the warm orange suit will make you stand out in any crowd if you are brave enough. A good blazer and the same colored trousers or pencil skirt will do wonders.

2. Pleated skirts

Source: Magicpin

Pleated skirts are making their comeback after they have had their fair share of popularity back in the 90s. No matter if it is short and paired with knee high boots or calf-long one paired with lace up boots. These skirts had their fair share of popularity back in the late 90s, and we are glad to see them coming back. They are very easy to be combined and are somewhat a safe bet when it comes to picking outfits. If you are not sure how to combine them or need more ideas, check this out Online-Stylist.

3. Leather

Source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to wear leather. The jacket is a classical move and can be combined with almost anything. But, take into consideration that different clothing pieces can be made from this material. Skirts are a great way to start, and there are few models to go for; from a businessy high waist pencil skirt to an A-line mid-calf skirt for everyday outfits. Leather pants are not for the fainthearted, so be couscous when buying these. A leather postman hat can be a good accessorize and it can be paired with good lace up leather boots and jeans for casual and comfortable style.

4. Bigger the better

Source: Lookbook

It seems like when it comes to bags we are going from one extreme to the other. From very small bags to the ones big enough that you can hide in it we have seen it all. This the upcoming season is fertile ground for old-fashioned big tote bags. These are not only very practical, since they are big enough to pack half of your home in it, but they can be a good statement piece especially if in a specific color or pattern. It is all about being fashionable and practical at the same time. A good bag can spice up the whole outfit and give it an entirely new vibe.

5. Fluffy and flowy

Source: Subdued

As spring and summer approaches, fluffy sleeve shirts and dresses can be spotted all over the streets. These are very common in newly designed shirts by many brands and they are pretty comfortable to wear. Not only that, they can be easily combined with other parts of the wardrobe. For example, the fluffy sleeved white shirt can be paired perfectly with a good part of skinny or mom fit jeans. Flowy dresses with fluffy sleeves will be a total hit of the season so make sure you have at least one in your wardrobe.

6. Platforms

Source: brand clothing

Yet one more 90s trend is making a comeback. Platforms and bulky, square heel were a total hit back then. It seems like that trend is coming and is here to stay. There are more and more of these shoes on the runway and on the market. If you were keeping your favorite shoes for ages, now is the time to wipe the dust of them and take them for a walk on the sunlight. If you don’t have one, rush to the nearest store, where a new pair awaits.

7. Shorts

Source: Shopee

No matter how long or short, shorts are totally in right now. Not only denim is used to make them, but leather as well; they appear in all lengths, starting from the ones that are knee-length to the extremely short. The longer ones can be paired with a good blazer and shoes and even be worn to work. It will make you freer, in comparison when wearing a skirt. Just check if the company dress code allows this.

8. Chessboard patters

Source: Lyst

This is probably one of the most popular patterns. No matter if you have a wool skirt with this pattern or a coat; you will be noticed if you are wearing it. Different pieces of wardrobe can be in this pattern, and a classical dress paired with a black blazer can be an excellent choice for a busy work day. If this is too much, a simple bag in this pattern can be enough to spice up the outfit and give it a breath of fresh air. The ones who are bold may think about a full outfit in this pattern.


Street style is changing from year to year, but we can see that some trends are here to stay, and others are making a comeback. Suits and leather are always in, and it seems like in every season there are some pieces that are suit like and/or made from leather. 90s fashion is making a comeback, and during this season we have platform shoes and pleated skirts that have found their place in trends this year. Flowy and fluffy is always a good choice and if you like big bags this year’s trends are up your alley. Spice it up a bit with a pattern and show those legs while wearing this season’s favorite, all length and every opportunity shorts.