5 Ways to Modernize Your Coffee Bean Business

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In the coffee industry, nothing is more important than coffee beans. Some people may argue that coffee machines are more important, while others will interject that coffee is nothing without the cafes that popularized it. However, without the humble coffee bean, the entire industry would cease to exist according to Cuppabean.

Coffee bean farmers should take pride in the fact that they support a multitude of coffee businesses. Without their coffee, these businesses won’t be able to operate. Sadly, some coffee farms are not producing as much coffee as they should. They failed to embrace modernization, and are now trying to catch up to the changing times. So if you are a coffee bean farmer, you will need to know how to change with the times. Here are 5 Ways to modernize your coffee bean company.

1. Education is key

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One of the biggest challenges for coffee bean farmers is that they are not financially protected.

Most farmers usually don’t have the capital to finance their farming operations. So they usually borrow money from banks or loan sharks. They usually borrow with a very high-interest rate with their farms as collateral.

This is a very bad deal for the farmer because he is pressured to pay the interest or lose his farm in the process. Sadly though, this is usually the only recourse the farmer can turn to.

However, there is a way farmers can protect themselves from financial exploitation. That is to educate themselves on business and basic economics. Teach them how the market works, and how they can make the most out of their assets.

2. Market Your Brand

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One way you could modernize your coffee bean plantation is to properly market your brand.

No matter what business you get into, and no matter what product you sell, branding is always important. People usually recognize a product because of its branding. So if you want your coffee beans to sell in an international market, you will need to identify your brand and market it properly.

In this day and age, companies usually market themselves through social media. This form of media is used by a multitude of people on a daily basis.

If you want your brand of coffee to be as wide as possible, you should know how to use social media properly.

First things first, you should set up a website for your company. By having a website, you will be able to make your products easier to find online. Potential buyers can even contact you through your website.

Aside from marketing through your website, you could also market your work through various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

The beauty of social media marketing is that you don’t need a marketing team to do it. You just need a rudimentary knowledge of social media and you can totally market your products online. The best thing about social media marketing is that it is very affordable and maintainable.

3. Automate Your Operations

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If you want your coffee business to thrive in the 21st century, it is important that you modernize your operations. Remember that there is a great demand for coffee beans. Other coffee bean companies know this very well. This prompts them to seek more modern ways of harvesting and processing. The coffee beans need to be picked, sorted, pulped, fermented, and milled. Then they need to be graded, roasted, and then packaged.

It is a multifaceted process, and if your company lacks the tools and the knowledge, then you will surely be left behind.

One of the best ways to modernize your operation is to use it as industrial robots in your operations. There are various types of industrial robots, that range from the all-around articulated robot arms to the more subtle SCARA robot.

These robots are highly versatile and can fulfill various applications such as assembly, pick and place, stamping, handling to name but a few.

By utilizing industrial robots in your operations, you will be able to speed up production and increase profits. Industrial robots are known to be expensive, but companies such as EVS offer low-cost SCARA robots that are of the highest quality, please click here for more information. So do your coffee bean company a favor, and modernize your operations.

4. Export Your Products

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Coffee beans are highly prized all over the world, and there are many buyers who are willing to purchase your wares for top dollar. So you should not really content yourself with selling locally.

If you believe that your product is top quality, and you are willing to transport your products abroad, then you should export your products. Not only will your clientele increase, it will also expand your marketing range. So make it a priority to offer exporting services through your website.

5. Make Contacts Within the Local Coffee Industry

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Aside from selling your products internationally, you should not neglect your local buyers either. Are there local stores and cafes in your area? Why not approach them and offer to supply them with your products.

This setup will be beneficial for both parties. It will be beneficial for you because you will have regular clients that will purchase your products for a fair price. It is beneficial for the local buyers, because they will not only support a fellow local business, they will also have a steady supply of coffee.

When it comes to business you will need to make as many contacts as possible. The more contacts you have, the more business you will have.


Running a coffee bean business can be a challenge. Not only do you have to produce top-quality coffee beans, but you will also need to market your products in an ever changing industry.

In order to stay competitive, you will need to modernize every aspect of your operations. From your production to marketing, everything needs to evolve. Luckily, with these tips, you’ll be able to do just that.