When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

When you become a homeowner there are so many things to consider. Keeping the tasks is order can become a juggling act. When this is the case, some important upkeep can become lost in the weeds.

One of the most important aspects is yard maintenance. Specifically, the trimming and pruning of trees. According to www.marcstreeservice.com, disregarding tree maintenance can result in costly mistakes. As such, it is important to get into an annual routine of trimming. But when is the best time to trim?

Read on to discover the importance of trimming and the best time for removal.

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Tree Service

Trees have a growth cycle. During the spring and summer, they go through a growth spurt. If the season is particularly friendly, with lots of sunshine and rain, they can have significant root and branch growth.

If you go for several seasons without having the trees worked on, the branching can spiral out of control. When it comes to your yard, you need to know the types of tree cutting care:

  • Pruning is about cutting dead and broken branches. This is for safety from falling branches as well as diseases reaching the trees.
  • Trimming is for shaping plants. Hedges and trees that have aesthetic value will benefit from trimming.

Sometimes, the easiest and safest way to trim trees is by getting reliable services to do it for you. Tree removal service providers have certified professionals so you can make sure they get things done the right way. So schedule an appointment with an expert by visiting this site.

Decide how you want your yard to look and make a plan with your service professionals. Periodic service can keep your trees healthy, add to curb appeal and influence the direction and shape of growth.

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When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

With that said, what is the best time of year for trimming? Well, the ideal season is the winter months. Look to schedule your services from November-March.

This is the case for a variety of reasons.

Trees are Dormant

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Remember that growth cycle? While trees are growing in the Spring and Summer, they lay dormant in the Winter. When they are not actively growing, pruning professionals have a better eye for what branches need work.

During the dormant months, they are less susceptible to disease. Certain bugs and diseases that can be devastating to your trees can get into fresh cuts. This can happen more frequently in warmer weather when the growth is prospering. If these diseases find an opening, they can spread to other trees putting your entire yard at risk.

The colder weather acts as a kind of shield against these harmful pests. Freshly cut branches need this protection.

Heal Faster

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Another reason to have your trimming in the dormant winter months is the healing time. You might not realize it, but trees can suffer from stress.

Large branch pruning is a strain. Cutting branches is, in fact, wounding for the tree. This is not a bad thing. If done right by a professional, trimming inspires fresh, healthy growth.

However, the timing of branch cutting is important. The wounds will heal much faster in dormancy. The tree’s energy is focused on healing instead of growing.

Cutting during this season ensures the wounds have time to heal. By the time spring rolls around, your trees are mended and ready for fresh growth.

Fewer Leaves

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With most of the leaves shed from the fall and winter, service experts can spot potential problem areas. Damage and cracks covered by full leaf growth are now visible. Rubbing branches may need to be trimmed. The constant friction from the wind can tear off the bark and kill the branches.

Moreover, fewer leaves allow the professional better access to the branches. This can result in more precise cuts This helps to achieve the exact look you want.

Fewer leaves leads to less cleanup. Avoid having to rake and bag yard waste that comes from full bushy branches.

Finally, the colder months slow down the sap. Trees rich with sap, such as maples, will ooze a lot less when pruned in the winter. An abundance of seeping sap is a sticky mess. Sap running down the trunk is a bad look that will attract creatures like sap beetles.

Avoid the Storm Season

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The Atlantic storm season runs from June 1st through November 30th. Anyone who lives on the east coast knows how often we get hammered by hurricanes. Hurricanes can move in without much warning. By the time a storm is coming your way, it is too late to have trimming professionals come work on your yard.

Hurricanes can have winds speeds from 75 to 150 miles per hour. This wind force can trounce the branches. If your yard is not prepared for heavy winds, the damage can be expensive.

Therefore, the best time of year for trimming is after storm season ends. Have a service professional identify your at-risk trees.

Potential problems can be dead or dying trees. A dead tree does not have a strong enough root system to withstand harsh winds. A hurricane can rip weak trees down that could damage your house.

Even healthy ones can have unsafe branches. Weak branches overhanging the driveway or road can fall on vehicles resulting in costly bills.

After a storm blows through, professional services are usually very busy with the cleanup. Get your cutting care done in the winter. Proactive care will let you breathe easy knowing your dangerous trees have been taken care of.

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Start Thinking About Tree Service

So, you know longer need to wonder when is the best time to trim trees. The time of the year is coming to have your yard looked at. A professional service will spot potential problems. Take care of these problems early to create a safe beautiful yard. Think about how you want your yard to look and set up a plan with your service professionals.

Come next Spring, your yard will be the envy of all your neighbors. If you have any questions or want to start a new project for your home, do not hesitate to contact your local service professional. They can offer guidance and design expertise for best results.