7 Pros and Cons of Using Family Tracking Apps – 2024 Guide

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We live in a time when it is unthinkable to spend a day without a phone. Some spend hours on social networks and playing games, others have endlessly long conversations, and many, especially children, like to watch various tutorials and cartoons on YouTube.

Most parents see this as the perfect way to take a break and dedicate time to themselves, not realizing the potential danger lurking over the internet, as well as the possibility of developing an addiction in a child. To avoid all this, it is very important to approach smartphones in the right way. Precisely because we call them smart, there are many ways to communicate with others and put yourself in danger, but there are also many ways to prevent it.

Children, especially teenagers, are very often unaware of the danger they are exposed to. Very often, they look at life through pink glasses and see nothing wrong with communicating with strangers. Psychologists explain this as the need to stand out in society, as well as the lack of self-confidence. Unfortunately, a very small number of them are also aware that people who want to harm them very often hide behind false profiles. That is why it is very important to talk to your child openly, but you do not need to blindly trust him, because teenagers very often know that they are hiding things from their parents. Waiting for a child to fall asleep and then checking his phone will not always offer a solution, because teenagers usually protect it with a password known only to them, and if he still takes care and deletes the history of browsers, messages, and calls, you will find out – absolutely nothing! All you will get is the anger of your child because you do not respect his privacy. It is for this reason, and many others, that parents are increasingly opting for one of the tracking applications. To learn more about how to protect your child click here. However, you should know that using these applications has both pros and cons, which you will see for yourself below.

Advantages of tracking apps

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1. Location monitoring

The first, and probably the most important thing is that you will always know where your child is. Children in puberty often know how to hide the truth from their parents, especially parents who are a little stricter and do not have an open relationship with their children. This app will allow you to know where your child is at all times. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to get on the phone for some time, this application will calm you down, because with it you will know the location where it is and thus you will know if the child is in danger or simply did not hear the phone ring.

The app doesn’t have to be used just to track children. This is a very useful application for the whole family. If your car stops in the middle of the road and you find it difficult to explain where you are, don’t worry, because the locator will do it for you.

Internet and message monitoring

In addition to tracking the location, these applications also monitor the Internet browser, as well as calls and messages. Many would say that this is a violation of privacy. Of course, it is, if it is an adult, but if we are talking about children, this is just a preventive step for every parent to protect their child from predators and various dangers lurking over the Internet.

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2. Block inappropriate content

Most of these apps allow you to block content and persons that you think are not appropriate for your child (pornography, pedophiles, stalkers).

3. What are the disadvantages of using tracking apps

Unfortunately, some things don’t go in your favor when we talk about this type of app. See for yourself.

4. Your child can remove the application

For the application to work, it must be installed on both phones, that is, on yours and the child’s, which means that the child can easily remove it from his device and all his efforts were in vain.

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5. Impact on your relationship 

Most children will perceive this as a lack of trust, it can lead to permanent disruption of the relationship. This can lead to a counter-effect when the child will leave his phone with a friend out of revolt and go to a place he doesn’t want you to find out about, or he will secretly use another phone and pretend that everything is fine in front of you.

6. Malicious and fake software

It is important to be careful when choosing software because there are malicious ones and their use can result in the loss of very important data to you. There is also a lot of tracking software on the market that is not well done and does not instill confidence, so it is very important to research before you decide on one.

7. It works only if the phone is switched on

Unfortunately, there is bad news. These apps work only if the phone is switched on. At the moment when it is off, you are losing connection with your child’s phone


It is very difficult to balance and find the right way to have an open and healthy relationship with your child, while at the same time protecting him, without the child perceiving it as a lack of trust in him. That is why it is very important to talk openly with children and even intimidate them if necessary, to be more careful and protect themselves from various, sick minds.

You may have once heard the saying that a dog and a child should never be completely trusted. Although it doesn’t sound very nice, there is great truth in this. Therefore, dear parents, protect your child and treat yourself to moments of relaxation with this application!