15 Social Media Tips To Help Your Small Business in 2024

Do I need to open profiles on all social networks? How should I manage them? What content will I share with my followers and how often?

Today, in the business world, the use of social networks is a must to interact with customers. Users of social networks are under the constant influence and this is a key factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Social networks we can list more than 1000, but let’s admit that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular among users who have active profiles.

The power that social networks have to promote and retain customers is enormous. But this is where the biggest challenge for companies arises. Once they open their profiles, they often don’t know what to do with them. In order to be successful online, you need a strategy tailored to your business. Making good and efficient use of them is really challenging. But don’t worry, we will help you with the following tips.

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1. Define the values of your brand

Start by defining the essence and values that make your brand different, unique and distinguishable. Also think about those values that you want to transmit, in what way and how you are going to do it.

Keep in mind that the values of your brand must also be important to your target group if not, you will not connect with them.

2. Define your target audience

Find the characteristics of the group of people or type of companies that need, seek, want or are interested in your products or services. It is very important to be clear to whom you want your message to reach.

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3. Know what social networks exist

Take your time to know all the options that exist and analyze which of them are the most appropriate to achieve your goals.

4. You don’t want to be on all social networks

A company must have a presence only on those social networks where its target audience is. Well, each active profile requires attention and dedication, and if you are not going to manage it correctly it is preferable not to exist at all.

In addition, you will need to know and learn a minimum about the operation of each platform.

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5. Set goals and a strategy to achieve them

When a company decides to have a presence on certain social networks, it is because it wants to achieve certain objectives. Define the path you will travel to reach them and how you will do it.

6. Adapt your strategy to the characteristics of each social network

Not all are the same, nor are their users, therefore, adapt your strategy, message and tone to each of them.

For example, on Facebook, we can use a more relaxed tone, since we are in a leisure environment. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, the tone should be more formal since it is a network based on the professional field.

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7. Consider trusting a professional

It is important that you know that professional and effective management of your company’s social networks will make you get results and make your investment profitable.

If your company has resources, leave this work to the social media agencies, like DotMuze.

8. Bet on quality content that adds value

Only by creating useful content that provides great value, will you be able to generate interaction, stand out in your sector and differentiate yourself from the competition. A good option is that you define and apply a content marketing strategy.

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9. Don’t buy followers

It is useless to buy fans or followers who never interact in your community. What’s more, having false followers can damage your online reputation and the veracity of your brand.

10. Don’t expect immediate results

In addition to needing time for your users to get to know you and create a certain link, you are also going to need it to get to know them.

Therefore, make a medium / long term planning and define:

On the one hand, permanent actions, which you will carry out periodically. And on the other the specific actions, which you will carry out on special occasions, such as sales or new product launches.

For specific actions, it is recommended that you rely on the use of the advertising platforms offered by each social network.

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11. It transmits the most human side of the brand

Connect with your users, show your brand values, share your story, show how important they are to you. By humanizing your brand, you will be creating an emotional bond with your users.

People do not want to buy products, but experiences and this is what you must offer.

12. Generate conversation and reply to comments

Don’t just think about sending messages, in social media communication is two-way.

In other words, the user is no longer a mere receiver.

Respond to their comments honestly, interact and debate with them, and appreciate their opinions and contributions.

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13. Pay attention to new needs

As time goes by, the needs of your target audience may not be the same.

For this reason, you should listen to your community and always be alert to any change or appearance of a new trend in your sector.

14. It is a mistake to focus on selling

Social networks are not a direct sales channel, it is true that thanks to them you will be able to sell online because you will be in contact with your target audience and attract potential customers.

But instead of thinking about the concept of selling, think about how you can help, and in this way you will strengthen your link.

Don’t be impatient, business opportunities will come.

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15. Monitor actions

All the actions you carry out will have an impact, given this, it is necessary to measure what each action generates.

With this you will be able to see if the objectives you have set are being met.

It will help you see both the successes to be able to enhance them, as well as the errors you make to correct them and apply improvement actions.


Little by little, your community will grow and the engagement you will get will be more solid, and users will feel close to your brand. But as I said at the beginning of this post, the only way in which you will be able to build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, is by having clear that the basis of everything, are and will be the users you want to reach.