Peony Flowers Wallpaper: General Information, Tips, and Tricks


Peonies are beautiful flowers rising in popularity – check this article to learn how they can be put to good use.

Modern photo wallpapers (wall murals) can revitalize the interior of any room, visually expand the room’s space – or reduce it, making the room either lighter or darker. So, there may as well be no better, reasonably simple, and economical method of decorating spaces.

Wallpaper manufacturers produce a vast selection of wallpapers with different designs: landscapes, still lifes, and architecture, but flower arrangements have remained the most popular. The theme of flowers on wallpaper can amaze with bright colors and various shapes.

Spectacular Dutch roses, delicate sakura twigs, cute daisies, and proud lilies have their own cultural significance, even when demonstrated on wallpaper. Peonies rightfully occupy a special place among these beauties. Thus peony wallpaper here is often used.

Old fables and symbolism


Few people know that the peon in ancient Chinese philosophy was the personification of female beauty and youthful love. “The favorite of the Greek gods” – and to this day, gardeners call this beautiful flower that way. In ancient times, imperial concubines used peonies to attract the attention of their masters; for this goal, vases with these flowers were always present in their rooms.

If we choose to turn to the teachings of “Feng Shui,” then the peon is one of the most important flowers among the entire flora. No matter how beautiful roses, orchids, or lilies are, it is the peon that personifies the power of the sun, love, light, and sexuality.

Peonies wallpapers in the interior are often used to decorate rooms in an overarching oriental style, as this flower symbolizes the strength of the family hearth and sincere love. In addition, Feng Shui experts often suggest using peon wallpapers in decorating bedrooms or kitchens because it is in these rooms that spouses spend most of their free time together.

Rose look-alike

Peonies are often compared with beautiful roses. Large bright buds look like several rose varieties: tea, Chinese and Dutch. This flower is even called the “Chinese rose” in some countries. Flower lovers appreciate the brightness of large buds and the absence of sharp spikes in peonies. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of us want to admire peonies in our bedrooms.

So, a magnificent, handsome peony was commemorated throughout humankind’s history, and even legends were crafted about it. However, peonies began to be used relatively recently in interior designs and decorations. This flower’s variety of color shades provides a massive opportunity for creative experiments. You can, for example, decorate a wall or a kitchen apron with bright, juicy peonies or even trim a living room with a bouquet of lush, living peonies.

Putting peonies wallpapers to the effective use


The peony image is most of all aimed at performing a decorative function in design. However, due to the realism of the peony image and the versatility of this beautiful flower, every room of your apartment can be decorated with it, and the peony wallpapers can successfully fit into any interior design style.

Space creating

Although deep perspective photography is not often used to depict this flower, designers still manage to increase the room’s space with the help of depicted peonies. However, it is worth considering that for the visual enlargement of the room’s space, it is better to choose light cold shades for the background on which the flower is located.

Another example of creating the effect of expanding space is the use of the peony’s micro-image, from which the wind blows the petals. This plot contains all the necessary opportunities to increase the volume of the room: a flower is an accent object, and a light monochromatic background is a space creator.

A multitude of decorative styles

Modern designers often use wallpaper with peonies, depicted using the technique of Japanese painting. In this way, you can create an aura of romanticism and mystery in the room. However, this technique also employs a relatively soft, pale background of golden and greenish tones, slightly muted patterns, and peonies outlined with a black border.

A fascinating solution in interior design will be the image of a bouquet of peonies. A colossal bouquet is preferred, in which peonies of various colors are collected. The buds can be blossoming, tender, petite, and unopened. A photo panel with such an image will show this unusual flower’s beauty. At the same time, bright and colorful shades of the photo wallpaper can harmonize with minimalist, oriental, and classical styles successfully.

Peony colors


The Red Peonies

Peonies can have a lot of colors, but pay specific attention to the red peonies. As it is known, the color red can bring passion, a feeling of youth, and recklessness to life. The red peony on the wallpaper can and will cause a massive flurry of indescribable emotions in the apartment’s inhabitants.

The magic of the red peonies is truly inexhaustible. It also increases sexual desire. So such a design in the bedroom will be advantageous for those who have lived together for many years. With it, you can complement your life with bright colors of passion and dedication.

The Lilac Peonies

The shades of lilac peonies are very diverse. Wall murals with such images are actually very successful both with manufacturers and consumers. Using lilac peony, designers create magnificent interiors. A chic palette of all shades of pink, in turn, evokes tenderness, romance, and love. A gorgeous lilac peony will look great in the room of a young girl or teenager when the first love touches the soul so much.

The Pink Peonies

Decorating a room with a pink peony will be spectacular in styles such as Provence, Romantic, and Country. Pink peonies also look original against the background of white tiles in the bathroom. While enjoying a bath, a peony will always please your eye and cheer you up.