Michael Cooke Kendrick Net Worth 2024

You are probably familiar with the American actress named Anna Kendrick, but did you know that she has an older brother, Michael Cooke Kendrick, who is also an actor? Well, in case you haven’t heard about him, he is the subject of our article today.

If you want to know more about this aspiring actor, as well as what is his current net worth, we suggest that you take a more in-depth look into our article.


Michael Cooke Kendrick’s zodiac sign is Pisces, as he was born on March 2, 1983. He was born in Portland, a place located in one of the United States of America called Maine. His father’s name is William Kendrick, who is a history teacher, and his mother is an accountant called Janice. There aren’t any information regarding the actor’s education other that he attended Deering High School.

His sister also went to the same high school, as it is located in their home town Portland, Maine. It is known that he has a younger sister named Anna Kendrick, who is a successful American actress.

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Michael Cooke Kendrick is an aspiring actor, and even though his sister is more famous than him, he is a talented and successful man himself. He is most famous for appearing in a TV show titled Celebrity Ghost Stories and Celebrity Close Calls. His first acting job was when he portrayed a character called Jason. Jason is a character from Looking for an Echo, and Kendrick appeared alongside Armand Assante.

Personal life

The actor is a happily married man. He once described his wife Liza as a “badass,” and some believe that she is the dominant one in their marriage. They have been married for quite some time now, and are most likely never to divorce, as they seem like a more than a happy union.

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His younger sister is also a more prominent figure than him, and strong and powerful women surround him. Anna Kendrick began her successful career by appearing in movies such as The Twilight Saga and Pitch Perfect. She even gave her voice to one of the characters from the animated film titled The Trolls. She was nominated for a Tony award, as well as for an Oscar.

Anna and Michael share a strong sibling bond, and he was the one who always looked after his younger sister. They are seen as goofy siblings, and everyone is enjoying their presence when they appear in public and on the red carpet events. They are also very supportive of each other, and their parents shared an equal love for both of them. The actor is more than happy with his life, and even though he is not as famous as his sister, that is not letting him down. Fame isn’t the most crucial thing in life, and he is a triumphant and skilled man himself.

Michael Cooke Kendrick Net Worth 2024

Michael Cooke Kendrick’s estimated net worth in 2024 is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.