Doug Spedding Net Worth 2024 

In the entertainment industry, a lot of people want to find their spot. Probably one of the easiest ways to gain fame is to date someone who already is famous. Doug Spedding gained popularity after the relation with Christina El Moussa, who is a Flip or Flop star. Even though they were together for a short time, the relationship was in the center of the media’s attention. Besides that he dated someone famous, Spedding is also known as a former businessman and automobile dealer.

His life and relationship are exciting, and if you want to find them out, then we suggest you read the article below.

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Doug Spedding has 57 years at the moment as he was born in 1962. He has an American nationality, and he was born in the United States of America. The information about his parents and siblings are not revealed in public.

Also, the details about the businessman’s educational background are not known, as he keeps those kinds of information as a secret.


He is known as a businessman and an auto dealer. During his career, Spedding got sued a lot of times because he didn’t sign contracts for customers, so they were not able to register a car. Also, he got sued for stiffing his employees.

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For Orange County, he used to work as an auto dealer.

In 2011, he got accused of possessing drugs, and he was sentenced to serve 18-the month program. Besides, the businessman got arrested a couple of times because of the violence.

Relationship with Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa is a famous Flip or Flop star. The couple met at the hockey game, which they attended together. Interestingly, they knew each other for ten years before they started the relationship. In 2017 the love birds were seen kissing on the streets. Even though they looked happy, the couple announced their separation.

The reason for the separation was Spedding’s drug and alcohol addiction. One more reason was the infidelity as she found the messages which confirmed that the businessman cheated on her with Tracy Diaz.

Even though he didn’t have children with Christina, he has six children with different women.

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Doug Spedding Net Worth 2024

Although he had a financial crisis in 2008, he still managed to accumulate a lot of money from the jobs he worked. As of 2024, Doug Spedding holds a net worth of $1 million.