Anna Vakili Net Worth 2024

Anna Vakili is a British television star who became famous after joining the popular TV reality show “Love Island.” Anna became one of the most famous personas in the reality show, and she became famous across the country.

Today, Anna is not in the reality show anymore, and she works as an Instagram model and influencer.

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Early Life and Career

Anna Vakili is born on 9th July 1990, in London, England. Anna comes from a mixed family with Iranian origins. Therefore, Anna is bilingual, with her two mother tongue languages, English, and Persian. Together with her sister, Mandi Vakili, Anna started to gain interest in modeling and fashion, and even if her sister is a professional model, Anna chooses a bit different path towards success. However, before we all knew her as a “popular Islander,” Anna was a pharmacist, and she holds a master’s degree in pharmacy, but she never dedicates herself to it.

Soon after she joined Love Island, Anna got noticed from the audience, and quickly they all started to love her. Her number of followers on Instagram grew every day with enormous speed, and the rating of the reality show increased as well. However, unlike the other participants in the reality show, Anna joined mostly because of the financial reasons, so that she can support her mother and secure her life. Therefore, upon leaving the show, Anna stated how she is satisfied. Her major win was that her mother doesn’t have to work anymore.

During her time in a reality show, Anna had ups and downs, and like the other participants, she had a lot of psychological challenges and pressures from the media. However, Anna claims how, despite bad moments, reality show brought her more benefits than losses.

Today, Anna joined forces with her sister Mandi, and they have launched a brand of Simmi Shoes. Also, after Instagram, advertising became accessible and beneficial; a lot of celebrities make money out of it. Therefore, Anna started to make money from Instagram promotions and influencing online.

Moreover, knowing that participants from the show make quite tremendous amounts of money, Anna is secured financially and today’s projects are extra income for her and her way to express herself on social media and fashion world.

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Personal Life

Anna Vakili is one beautiful and handsome personality, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she was in long – term relationship or even married. We have no doubts that Anna has a lot of courtiers in her life. Anna claims how she is officially single, also though she is caught with a new man, unknown to the public, having a lunch date in London.

However, during the reality show where she supposed to find her ideal matching partner, Anna didn’t see her perfect partner. She was involved with the participant Jordan. However, the two had a toxic relationship there that ended with their break up as Anna got involved with another participant Ovie, and Jordan started to flirt with Indie, who was also in the villa at the same time as Anna. As follows, the couple had a lot of tension and scandals, and Anna ended it all by leaving the villa and removing them all on her Instagram account.


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Anna Vakili Net Worth 2024

As we already have mentioned, a participant from “Love Island” makes a lot of money, so Anna has created a “small fortune.” It is estimated that Anna’s net worth for this year is around $200,000.