Alex Zedra Net Worth 2024

The development of the internet and computer brought the possibility for people to make some extraordinary careers. Not only that persons can use social media for the same, but also some other applications, like YouTube. For all of these reasons, we have a lot of celebrities that are popular for different reasons. Alex Zedra is one of those people who took advantage of social media and YouTube. The Instagram star has a massive amount of Instagram followers. Currently, she has 580k followers.

However, she gained most of the fame thanks to the game World of Warcraft, because she was playing it online. Besides, the games are also Twitch Partner, 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, and 2A gun Slinger. After she became famous, she also pursued the career of a model. Zedra is a part of companies that are promoting fitness products.

Stay tuned, keep reading the article below, and you will find out all the interesting details about her life, career, and net worth.

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Early Life

Alex Rogers was born in southern California, the United States of America, on November 3, 1991. She holds American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Details about her parents are not known, because she doesn’t want to reveal it. In 2017, the social media personality wished her mother a happy Mother’s day through social media Twitter. It is known that she has one brother, with whom she grew up. His name is Seth, and they share a special bond. They are often partying together in the clubs. Although the gamer was born as a Rogers, she later took the name Zedra, which she borrowed from the World of Warcraft.

There is no information about her educational background, as she is secretive about this matter. We can only assume that she received primary education.

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Professional Career

At the beginning of the career, she used to work as a pastry chef. Interestingly, the chef had a lot of success in that career job also. However, she, later on, decided to start a different kind of career.

Currently, she has a different achievement in various careers. Thanks to her fantastic body, she could work as a model. That’s why she is a fitness model, and Zedra is posting fitness photos through her social media. Besides, the pastry chef also has skills in various shooting sports. Alex used her talent and got an idea to start to record herself while she is shooting.

The shooter also started to stream herself while playing FPS games such as World of Warcraft and Battle Royale. That’s the moment when she became known as a Twitch user also. During the time, she collected a lot of fans that started to follow her and enjoyed watching her streams.

The social media influencer is also active on Instagram. Her first photo was added in October 2012. Mostly, on social media, we can see her photos dedicated to her love for guns. She shares pictures with the arms, and also she posts pictures of her body, as she is dedicated to fitness also. The model works with nutrition brands, and she presents them during her social media.

Alex also has Twitter and Facebook accounts. The fitness model is a 3-gun competitor, and she works with Springfield Armory. Also, she helped in promoting the 1st Phorm Elite Athlete.

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Personal Life

Currently, Alex Zedra is engaged to Eli Cuevas. Interestingly, he is also a shooting star and a gamer. The couple shares a lot of common things, including mediocre looks and a sense of humor.

It is not sure when the love birds started to date, but they got engaged in 2017. Eli decided to propose to her, and she said yes. They announced the happy news over the Instagram page.

Alex and Eli are enjoying their time together. They love to play games together but also to share romantic moments. On social media, we can see a lot of photos that the couple is posting daily.

Before she started the relationship with Eli, there were no details about her personal life.

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Alex Zedra Net Worth 2024

The social media influencer is making her wealth and fortune from her online career. She is getting money from different sources, including modeling. Also, she makes money as a gamer.

According to some sources, the beautiful fitness model earns between $1,707 – $2,846 per one post on Instagram. Alex Zedra’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $1million.