Danielle Cohn Net Worth 2024

A couple of years ago, people became famous as actors, singers, songwriters, etc. Nowadays, that’s changed, so we can see a lot of people who are building their careers through social media. One of those persons is also Danielle Cohn, who got famous mostly thanks to a platform Tik Tok and her video blogs. Once she came to fame, the beautiful young lady began to pursue other careers as well and showed her abilities. Cohn is also known as a model, online reality star, and she has won two times on the Beauty Pageants. Also, she has a YouTube channel, which is extremely popular.

Stay tuned, and you will read all the interesting details about the young online star.

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Early Life

Danielle Haleigh Cohn was born in Florida, California, United States of America, on March 7, 2004. However, there are some controversies about her age, as the video showed up that had proofs that she is not fifteen but that she’s eleven years old. If we trust her YouTube channel, she is now fifteen years old.

The young star’s mother is Jennifer Cohn, and at the moment, she is her social media manager. She shares a very special bond with her, especially after the father kicked Danielle about. This was a big shock for her, but luckily her mother was supportive. She grew up with her brother, Chad Cohn. Chad is often present in her videos on YouTube. The father’s name was never revealed.

When she was 11 years old, Cohn liked to dress like a grown-up woman, so that used to be the biggest problem for her father. The parents wanted her to pursue a music career, so she uploaded videos online.

As far as her educational background, the model was homeschooled. There is no information about her high school education.

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Professional Career

In 2013 and 2014, the video blogger contested in two beauty pageants, which made her happy. At the moment, she had huge support from her mother. One year later, in 2015, the beautiful lady became Miss Florida Preteen and signed various contracts. This also came with a lot of controversies, as many people believed that she is too young. However, her popularity in social media became huge, which brought her a lot of commercials.

Soon after the victory, the social media star started to work with serious companies that brought her collaborations with serious brands. She began to work with one of the most significant agencies named the BMG. In the beginning, they were training her to become a model, and later on, she worked for popular brands such as Lisa B Jewelry and Juicy Couture Clothing Line.

At that moment, the model was getting even more popular on social media. Big success for her was when she made a duet song with a famous social media person, Cameron Dallas.

Danielle then decided to take advantage of the fame and started to make videos and posted them online. Also, she made an online shop named Danielle Cohn Store, where she sells different products like t-shirts, mobile phone accessories, and sweatshirts.

2017 was a successful year for Cohn as she released her first song named Marilyn Monroe. Soon after, she also released the song Only You.

Many parents consider the young star as a bad influence, as they think that she is too exposed to her age. However, a lot of controversies brought her fame, and Danielle is not regretting it.

She is active on social media and has a lot of followers.

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Personal Life

Even though she is very young, the beautiful singer already was involved in some relationships. Her first boyfriend was Owen Bodnar, who is a Vine Star. Afterward, she was seen with Case Wolker and dated him for some time.

From 2017 till 2018, she was in a relationship with Sebastian Topete.

Currently, Danielle is dating Mikey Tuab. The couple is making a lot of controversies by posting videos. Recently, they posted a video from Las Vegas and announced that they were getting married. However, that was just a prank. The footage where Mikey is kissing her belly also was popular and brought a lot of attention. It was just another prank. Anyway, the couple is in a loving relationship.

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Danielle Cohn Net Worth 2024

Thanks to her fantastic popularity in different social media, it’s no wonder that Danielle has a lot of money. During the time, she accumulated a huge pile of cash.

Danielle Cohn’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $2.2 million. This is impressive money, especially if we consider her age.