Joining Hands With a Fire Watch Service in Seattle – Important Points to Consider

The continued occupancy and use of a building depend on its advanced fire security system. It’s essential to install the best systems that are entirely functional. And when these security systems malfunction, it becomes cumbersome for the building occupants. And for this reason alone, it is essential to ensure that you join hands with an expert fire watch service in your region.

According to, some people would suggest you go DIY (Do It Yourself). It might sound easy, but it is not, and it’s not advisable as well. The main reason here is a liability, along with other ideas. Today, there is a limited fire watch security service in Washington. Also, the ones that are present might offer fire watch patrols and lack a team to manage any urgent requirements.

So, when you are trying to join hands with an expert fire watch services Seattle, it is essential to consider several factors. The crucial ones are:

The jurisdiction regulations for fire watch

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The jurisdiction guidelines define the way a fire watch should get conducted! At the least, most jurisdiction needs the fire watch patrol guards to move into an area that got affected by a specific section of the fire system and which isn’t functioning correctly. And such patrols might take place at least once every hour. Also, the patrol officers should record times, observations, and locations on the patrol log sheet.

Several jurisdictions add the necessary changes to a fire watch patrol practice. For instance, the Washington fire watch service is way different than other places. Here it is essential to submit a detailed plan for fire watch and get the same authorized by Fire Marshal before the service. And you need to join hands with a service provider that knows these regulations.

The total number of patrol guards you need

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You need to know the number of patrol guards you require! And that depends entirely on the circumstance. One of the best practices is to offer sufficient guards to enable a guard to patrol the designated region within 30 minutes or less than that. There are a few jurisdiction that also regulate the guards. Usually, going by Seattle standards, each floor requires one guard. The problem then is the building size is a point of consideration. And the size gets overlooked the moment one has to deal with small buildings with fire issues. Hence, the ideal solution here is to join hands with a security company that will suggest the optimum patrol guards you require, depending on the situation.

Till what time would be requiring the fire watch service

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The time till which the fire watch services are required depends on the situation you are in. Sometimes, you might also require skilled technicians working on the fire systems following all the rules and regulations set by the jurisdiction. Usually, the fire watch sustains for a span of two to three days.

There are a few situations where the fire watches can prolong for months and weeks as well. The ancient buildings in Seattle, at times, have old and outdated systems, that need device parts to work, that are difficult to source. Sometimes, it’s best to custom make the device parts. Also, the availability and skill of the technicians impact the service length as well. The expert fire alarm technicians can accomplish more tasks within very less time. The less skilled technicians will take a longer time in comparison.

Furthermore, you will require a technician who can respond fast with the best service in times of need. It’s a quick call to hire a fire alarm service company that deploys skilled technicians and has a trained and dependable team. That will work fast and tackle the problem at hand.

The mistakes that property owners make while they require fire watch service

Sometimes, residential and commercial property owners make a few mistakes when choosing a fire watch service. The urgency to arrive at a decision is what results in the errors. Some of the crucial errors are:

1. Not acquiring fire watch patrol

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Firewatch service is costly! Some organizations charge around $65 or so for one hour of the service. There are management companies and property owners, which estimate the chances of fire taking place and choose not to time the fire watch patrols the moment the sprinkler system or the fire alarm is malfunctioning. It’s not a smart decision. When a fire takes place, the property owners need to ensure that the building is secure for people to step out.

2. Making your staff for the fire watch patrol

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The property management companies or the property owners who use their team for fire watch services isn’t a smart option. By doing so, the owner of the company is absorbing the service liability. And the liability exposure gets intensified because the majority of building owners and property management companies don’t have adequate insurance to offer the services. Hence the owners and companies take in all the liability but can provide zero protection.

3. Hiring the facilities or maintenance companies for the fire watch service

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The majority of the jurisdiction in Seattle don’t have any particular guidelines to determine the companies that offer fire watch services. And this can open the space for less qualified companies providing the same service. A few companies work by hiring random day-laborers and don’t conduct background checks or provide any training. And that is an essential reason for the business owners to stay extra careful concerning the fire watch solutions. However, the same rule might not apply to other places.

However, it is always better to opt-in for a licensed fire watch service provider. That way, you can ensure that the company will not charge you extra. Also, expert companies will have the necessary experience and expertise to analyze your situation and provide the best solution. You can browse through companies online and compare the services and charges. That will help you to arrive at an informed decision. Additionally, you can also read through the client testimonials to make better decisions.