6 Items At Risk During A Move And How You Can Protect Them

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When moving, one of the main concerns is whether your items will arrive in the new home in one piece. This is because damages do happen when relocating household or office items.

Whether it is a DIY move or you have engaged NYC movers like goempiremovers.com, it is important to know the items at risk during a move and how you can protect them. Even though most household items have little threat of damage, some need more care.

For example, it is essential to save time when packing and make sure you use the right packing materials. Start packing as soon as you know you want to relocate. Investing in high-quality supplies can protect most of your items when moving.

Additionally, label the fragile item boxes. They should have a clear label that noticeably shows the valuable items and should be handled with care. This will prevent damages and accidents when loading and unloading the boxes.

Here are items at risk during a move and how you can protect them to ensure they arrive in the new home in one piece.

6 Items at Risk during a Move

1. Glassware, Pottery, and China

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Your fragile items are at risk when moving. If they are not well protected, they may not arrive in the new house without cracks, damages, or being broken. The most common ones are glassware, pottery, and china.

When packing them, make sure you use thick and small boxes. Moreover, they are packing boxes designed to help you pack glassware when moving. In addition, use thick packing paper and enough bubble wrap to keep the items secure when moving.

It is also a good idea to start packing early. When you pack early, you will have enough time to pack your glassware and pottery properly and without rushing.

2. Mirrors

The other item at risk during a move is the mirror. If you are moving your mirrors, you need to protect them adequately. This is because the mirror and the frame of your mirror can get shattered, scratched, or chipped.

The best way to pack the mirrors is to use boxes made for them. Do not use any packing box. Also, wrap the mirror in packing paper and use bubble wrap to ensure it is well protected. If there are gaps left, fill them with papers to ensure they are well-protected.

If you cannot get the boxes of suitable sizes, wrap your mirrors in bubble wrap and then use moving blankets to secure them properly.

3. Artwork and Paintings

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When moving your artwork and painting, the last thing you need is one of the pieces to get damaged. So, just like mirrors, you need to ensure they are well packed. Remember, most artworks and paintings are valuable items that cannot be replaced.

Wrap the artwork in packing paper and bubble wrap, and then pick boxes close to your art pieces’ size. After packing them in the box, fill the gaps with paper to prevent them from shifting.

If you plan to relocate many artwork pieces and other valuable items, the best option is to hire a professional moving company. Engaging professionals such as NYC movers will ensure your items are packed and moved with care.

4. Electronics

Electronics are other valuable items that are at risk during a move. Hence, it would help if you kept them safe when relocating. The best strategy is to pack them in their original boxes.

Using the boxes they came in will ensure they are well protected because they were specifically made to protect the electronics. In addition, wrap them in packing paper and use bubble wrap on valuable items such as televisions.

It is also good to dust off the computer monitors and TVs before packing. Keep in mind that even tiny particles can scratch the screen. If you cannot have the original boxes, you can look for boxes that can fit the electronics.

Also, label the cables and wires to have an easy time when unpacking and assembling your electronics. You can also take pictures of the electronics before disconnecting them. This will help you remember what goes where when installing your new house.

5. Furniture

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Furniture pieces are other items that should be protected when moving. This is because they usually are moved through doorways, hallways, and sometimes through tight corners. Apart from protecting the furniture, you need to protect the new and the old home.

Therefore, you need to protect them adequately before moving. Wrap them in shrink wrap and use moving blankets. Some professional movers also cover doorways and staircase railings for extra protection.

6. Plants

If you plan to relocate your plants, you need to know they are at risk during a move. They can shed leaves quickly when being moved. Hence, make sure you prepare them for a move.

For the house plants, do not water them a few days before the moving day. This is to ensure they do not make a mess when being relocated. Also, pack them in boxes with air holes to ensure they are oxygenated and safe.


When planning a move, some of your belongings are at risk. It is therefore important to know how you can protect them. Make sure you have the right packing materials, and they are appropriately packed.

It is also a good idea to hire a professional moving company. Hiring a moving company comes with numerous benefits. Since they are experts, they will pack and move your fragile items with much care. Moreover, they are better equipped to move large furniture and heavy boxes. This means your fragile items will be well moved.

However, you need to make sure you research when recruiting a moving company. Do not just the one that pops first on Google. Since there are many companies on the market, make sure you research well to hire the best.

Go through the company’s website, ask questions, check customer reviews and feedback, and compare various estimates. You can also ask your friends or family for recommendations.