6 Easy Ways to Experience Better Sound When Listening to Music

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If listening to music has only recently become your hobby, we are sure you still have something to learn about it. Listening to music is very complex because you need to pay attention to a lot of details. For example, it is not enough to buy the most expensive equipment or basic things such as speakers and headphones. Music makes us feel good, but it all depends on the sound quality. You need a lot of reading and recommendations to enjoy your favorite music even more.

1. Check components

Source: theparisreview.org

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the music, first check all the components of the home sound system. Start with cables and connectors, which wear out most often and the fastest. Poor connector and cable cause no sound to be heard on all speakers, loss of quality or chipping. If all is well with the cables, remove the protective grilles and check the condition of the speaker diaphragm. If nothing is damaged and the sound quality is still unsatisfactory, it may be time to consider buying a new system.

2. Try better converters

Digital music must be converted to an analog signal before it can be listened to on speakers or headphones. The Internet offers a selection of a large number of video editing programs that differ in functionality and design. The main criteria are speed of work, convenient functionality, support for the Russian language, a set of additional options, you work with all video formats.

3. Set up online services

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If you want an even better audio experience while listening to your favorite songs on the popular Spotify, you should pay attention to exactly seven settings that will make your Spotify sound and work better. The sound quality of the Spotify service can be adjusted to normal, high, and extremely good. Set it to normal. Of course, you can switch to extremely good. Following its vision and original idea, Spotify has forever changed the way we listen to music. If you have not known all its charms and capabilities and discovered the power that Spotify offers, explore the details and mode of operation of the server to adapt it to your wishes and needs. Start with the smart volume control option, and then have fun switching between songs.

There are some phenomenal options you must try. Once you have normalized the sound, adjust the sound quality. You can also set the quality of music downloaded from Spotify. It is set to Automatic by default. A higher level allows you to hear fine details in the sound. However, you will not succeed without fast internet. Adjust the sound with the equalizer to affect the volume of bass, midrange and treble. Don’t forget that hearing has changed over the years, which means that the equalizer setting also depends on your age. You can set it manually and via predefined profiles. In addition, you can turn on hardware acceleration, set cross fade, gapless option on automix.

4. Woojer Vest

Unless you are an audiophile, it is very difficult to recognize every detail of a particular music. You don’t have to be a music expert to feel every note. All you need is the equipment, which will bring the sound closer to you. One of the great gadgets is vest, which will help you feel the bass when listening to your favorite song. It’s an opportunity to experiment with sounds instead of listening to the standard MP3 format. Just see how excited is the guy in this video:

5. Improve the acoustics of the room

The room where you listen to music is one of the key factors that affect the sound quality. The acoustics of a room can sometimes determine the sound completely. Just as you can make simple changes to the sound components, you can improve the acoustics of the room. It is necessary to make good dimensions of the wall surface, because hard surfaces reflect sound while softer surfaces absorb it. Since the sound we hear is a combination of directive sounds from the speakers and indirect sounds that are reflected, the acoustics of the room is very important. Sound bounced off the floors, ceiling and various objects in the room before it reached us.

Therefore, the reflection may sometimes be too loud or may be delayed compared to the original sound. Then the melodies are not very pleasant to listen to. So that the reflection does not spoil the sound quality, you can install carpet or curtains. It is also advisable to move the couch away from the wall. Sound manipulation is a practice used in film dialogues and the like. Then sound rejection brings many benefits, but it also has its downsides. When you take the speakers outside, the sound will have nowhere to bounce, which means that the melody will not be loud. The bass will be much less powerful and the sound will seem rather empty.

6. Position the speakers correctly

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There are several ways to get great performance from your stereo system. It will cost you very little time and patience, but you will achieve the most effective results. This way you will enjoy the fantastic audio performance from the stereo system much more. During this process, you must keep in mind things that are not desirable to do.

For example, it is not recommended to place stereo speakers too close to the front wall. It takes a little more space. You also don’t need to point the speakers parallel to each other. Always use the speaker stand. If you place them directly on the floor, the melody will not sound good. Don’t be afraid to experiment with speaker placement, because every room is different.


Music directly affects your hormones and cognitive functions as a rare activity. How many times has it happened to you that when you have a bad day, just a few favorite songs make you reborn. Listening to music is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress. Insomnia and irregular sleep are common problems faced by people around the world. The influence of music is invaluable and we are all inevitably exposed to it to a greater or lesser extent. It is up to us whether we will use that influence and turn it to our advantage and personal improvement.