How Can You Minimize the Risk of Drunk Driving?


Everyone wants the summer warmth to soak while it’s still here. You have to spend time outside, on patios and with your close pals. However, most people are completely aware of the risks of drunk driving; a shocking number still do it. Let’s have a quick look at some safe and easy options to prevent impaired driving:

1. Understanding the risks involved


The fact is, drunk driving is unbelievably dangerous and many individuals do not know how unsafe it is. People die or are injured by such incidents every day. And having a DUI or being in a minor fender could have a long-term effect on your employment prospects, relationships, and financial situation as well.

The greater your knowledge of risks, the more encouraged you’ll be to stay safe and follow the rules.

2. Be responsible

Offer stimulating beverages if you host your gathering and make sure that everyone has a safe ride home. Monitor your drink to make sure you make safe choices to help guests.

You can make sure that you don’t have to drink excessively and have a good time by being responsible.

  • Serve food only and a great meal or plenty of appetizers.
  • Arrange alternative conveyance. Watch out for the intakes and behavior of your guests while drinking.
  • Do not feel under pressure to drink. Be responsible and drink only if you have enough food and water and if you are in the proper mentality.

3. Helping each other


When you go out to friends, colleagues, or family, make a strategy to hold each other accountable. Encourage each other to drink water.

Take away their keys if they have been drinking. Call a cab and drop them at their homes and pick their car up in the morning.  Don’t be afraid of taking the car keys of somebody.

4. Hire a designated driver

Find a designated driver who won’t drink before you leave. Never suppose someone will look after you all the time. Make sure you don’t put the burden and responsibility all over him.

If you leave home alone or have no ride home, book a ride in advance. Set an alarm on your phone to contact a friend or hire a ride.

Teen drinking and driving


Too many friends, parents, and siblings have lost their beloved because of drunk teenage driving. The worst is that many of these tragic events can be avoided.

You can save lives by being alert and pledge that you do not drink and drive or get into a car with someone who drinks.

This is what teenagers and parents need to know about teenagers being drunk and how they may prevent it. How can we avoid these deaths and injuries? How can families be saved from the pain of losing their children in senseless accidents?

It begins by preventing in the first place from underage drinking.

What Are the Causes Behind Teen Drunk Driving?

You’d find anyone unaware of the consequences of drunk driving. Virtually everyone at this point knows that driving under the influence is a poor idea? So why are they still doing it? And why do teenagers keep drinking and driving?

It begins with many young people who don’t know all the risks of drunk driving. The effect on the human brain is severe. These consequences are also highlighted when it comes to development, teenage brains.

But what is the effect of driving on the brain of teenagers? And what is the consequence of these effects?

1. Blacking Out


One of the most frightful things that can occur from underage drinking could be the chance of a blackout. A blackout and disappearance are not the same.

When somebody passes out, they lose consciousness completely and remain still. A blackout happens when someone still seems to be conscious but doesn’t remember the events.

Somebody who suffers from a blackout can still talk. The main difference is that they may not know what they’re doing. This may get anyone behind a car’s wheel and even don’t realize they’re driving.

2. Loss of Coordination

It is no shock to realize that underage drinking can have an impact on coordination. This is because it affects the brain directly.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain which controls the coordination of muscles, balancing, and even helps in memory development.

3. Consciousness


Teenage brains and adult brains are radically different in their responses to drinking. For adults, short-term symptoms like a sense of drowsiness and slurring words are relatively unusual.

Teens don’t see these consequences as quickly. Due to this, they’re more prone to believe that they’re all right to drive.

This can cause many young drunk drivers to get behind the wheel of a car, harm themselves and others.

Stop Teenage Drunk Driving

Most kids do not know how drinking impacts their minds and how it can affect the rest of their lives. That is why it is so important for parents to discuss the consequences of drunk drinking with their children.

We understand that this conversation might be uncomfortable or even awkward. But this doesn’t have to be this way all the time.

Also, parents must set an example in the house. Always show your children moderation and responsibility.

Consequences of drunk driving


The decision to drive under the influence of drugs may be accompanied by several consequences. Know the exact consequences below:

  • Financial costs including legal costs, medical costs, insurance charges, and damage to property
  • Legal problems can also occur, leading to fines, loss of license, or even the arrest of a person.

However, drunk driving has the most devastating effects of body injury. When people drive while they’re impaired, they can crash into other things, including cars full of innocent passengers.

This can lead to serious injury or death. The other people involved in the accident may also be at risk. No wonder that a lot of innocent lives are lost simply because of the reckless actions of drunk drivers all the time.

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