Top 9 Facts About Criminal Defense Lawyers

Simply put, every day, people are charged with minor and major felonies. This means they will eventually have to appear in the court and deal with law enforcement, prosecutors, court staff, etc. Therefore, you might need the help of a criminal defense attorney, as they have hands-on experience in helping many people sift through the toughest cases. Here, in this feature, we will shed light on some interesting facts about criminal defense attorneys; you must know:


1. Personal Feelings Don’t Matter

Such attorneys take their cases very seriously. However, most of the time, the accused have committed some hideous crimes. Therefore, when they are charged with the crime, criminal defense attorneys will put their personal feelings to rest and dive full throttle into the situation to understand it. So how a criminal defense attorney feels about the crime will not affect their representation. On the contrary, if such attorneys begin to embrace their personal feelings, they will only add more to the obstacles in solving the case. This is enough reason why the criminal defense attorneys have to focus on their minds more than what the heart tells them to do.

2. They Research the Jury

If you don’t know, many cases get settled even before the trial takes place. However, when a case does go on trial, it is usually before a jury. Therefore, before and after the trial, the criminal defense attorneys will always research the individual jurors to know about them. After all, there are cases when a juror must have lied during jury selection. This will have a strong impact on the final verdict. Therefore, when attorneys such as one at are studying they are also instructed to understand the importance of studying the jurors.


3. You Stand a Chance to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Contrary to popular belief, every convict stands an absolute chance as a constitutional right to hire a criminal defense attorney. After all, when a criminal conviction is concerned, the accused stands a chance to hire an attorney while not only defending them but will also fight to set them free. So if you have been charged with a criminal offense, you should start looking for a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Once you have been hounded by the cops, you will have very little time to defend yourself.

4. Criminal Defense Attorneys Evaluate the Body Language

An attorney will often begin by evaluating the body language of the jurors. After all, this will have a strong impact on their final decision. So by seeing how a certain juror reacts to various instances of the case, the attorney will understand the magnitude of the situation. For instance, if a juror has agreed to something explained, they will nod. On the contrary, shaking their head down will be the result of a disagreement.


5. Criminal Defense Lawyers Like the “Can’t Win” Cases

Every case is crucial for the career of a criminal defense attorney. Especially when such an attorney has reached a stage where they can choose between various cases, they will likely take up the most challenging ones. Because they have skills, training, and expertise, they can easily help out somebody whose case has a higher chance of not making it during the trial.

6. The Instruct The Clients Not to Talk About the Case

Contrary to popular belief, criminal defense attorneys strictly instruct their clients to never discuss their cases in public. If you have ever got in trouble with a criminal conviction, you must have heard about the Miranda warning. This means anything that you say will eventually be used against you. Furthermore, when a convict is charged by the cops, it is natural to panic and utter words that shouldn’t be used. Therefore, criminal defense attorneys always recommend their clients to stay silent and never talk about their situation, no matter how many questions are asked.


7. Criminal Defense Attorney Know that the Jurors Watch Police and Crime Shows

Although it sounds weird, criminal defense attorneys are well aware of the fact the jury members watch crime and police shows very often. After all, it is impossible to ignore this part of the culture. Because jurors have to grasp fresh information, they will much likely watch episodes and content related to crime. This means the juror’s decision will get affected by what they are watching on screen. Your criminal defense attorney will know about this and hunt the shows the juror is interested in watching. In fact, during early research, the attorney will also hound the social media profile of the juror to see what they’ve been upto.

8. Criminal Defense Attorney will Always Protect their Client Even After a Confession

Because the communication between the attorney and client is highly confidential, not much is known to the public. This is because lawyers are strictly guided not to reveal anything about the client to the public. For instance, if you go back to the OJ Simpson verdict, which was chanted as the trial of the century, you will find enough footage of Robert Kardashian being very professional with his work and not sharing an inch of information with the public. Similarly, every criminal defense attorney is under intense pressure to not give out essential details of the clients to anyone who is hounding them.

Source: Greg S. Law

9. They Focus on The public Opinion

The typical syndrome is that the criminal defense attorney will never be bothered by public opinion. On the contrary, it is important to embrace that every criminal defense attorney is highly concerned with what the public says. Because much of the information goes out during a public trial, everyone will have something to say about the person who has been charged with a felony. Lawyers know this and will try to use this information in the best possible way to protect you to the fullest. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that public opinion has a strong role in shaping up the final verdict.