What Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

You’ll be amazed to come across many fields of specialization when you browse the various kinds of lawyers who are in practice today. Yes, lawyers don’t just move on a general form of practice, as there are those that they’re naturally more interested in than others. Whatever field of specialization a lawyer chooses to practice, this becomes a part of their area of expertise.

One of these is a criminal defense lawyer. This kind of attorney is one that’s been admitted to the bar through the jurisdiction or state and location that the lawyer can practice in. Here, the criminal defense lawyer works as the legal representative of any defendant or a person that has been charged with a criminal offense in a criminal law court. One of the best criminal law firms you can reach out to is Silver Law Firm.

There are many specific functions that a criminal lawyer does as a part of their daily job. Some of these include the following:

1. They’re on The Defense of The Guilty

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One of the hardest positions that a criminal defense lawyer can be in is to be in defense of the guilty. While these guilty individuals have committed a crime, they still have their rights to be represented to a fair trial in court. This is where the job of the criminal defense lawyer from DWI Guys comes in.

If the criminal defense lawyers are working in the public attorney’s office; they can’t refuse the client. However, if they are working in a private firm, they have the choice to refuse a client, just if the refusal to take in the client doesn’t fall as discriminatory.

In this challenging position, the lawyer’s key role isn’t to pass out on any moral judgment. It’s also not to make something that’s wrong into something right. Their role is to defend the client to the best of their ability and give them that fair representation of their rights.

2. They Ensure the Scales of Justice Are Balanced

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No matter how well-made the law may be, injustices can still be prevalent. Just like any other lawyer, a criminal defense lawyer has the responsibility of ensuring that the scales of justice are balanced. This means that right is right, and wrong is wrong. No injustice should come out of the trial, ideally. About which you can find more information here.

When an individual has been accused of a crime, do remember the basic notion that these individuals are presumed to be innocent unless they’ve been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, in court, of their guilt. When clients walk into their office, they make sure that these clients’ rights aren’t trampled upon. They fight a fair battle in court.

Henceforth, the fact that an accused can sometimes be acquitted, may have only been falsely accused of the crime in the first place. In other instances, also, guilt is proven.

3. They Go Through the Legal Process for You

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Above anything else, once an individual has been accused of a crime, they need a lawyer by their side to go through the legal process for them. This is an essential part of the job functions of a criminal defense attorney.

First off, upon the first meeting, you can expect a truthful consultation with your lawyer whether you’re guilty in the law. If you are guilty, then don’t expect, too, that your lawyer is going to turn tables for you. At the very least, all that they’ll do is to ensure that you get the fair representation that you so deserve. If you’re innocent, then the criminal defense lawyer will fight to prove your innocence until the end.

Some of the standard procedural job functions that the criminal defense lawyer would have to do include the following:

  • Interviewing the witnesses that could be privy to your case.
  • Creating motions, such as an appeal or a dismissal of your case, before it even goes to trial.
  • Choosing the right witnesses and collecting the proper evidence to bring to every trial.
  • Meeting with the prosecution and even with the judge to discuss your case.

4. They Bond with You

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Yes, lawyers will have to set aside whatever personal feelings they might have about the cases they handle. But this also doesn’t mean that they’re entirely aloof from their clients.

When you seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer, you can expect them to bond with you consistently. This bond is necessary, as a part of the getting to know you process. Hence, the lawyer can also get to know you more, your background, and even whether you may be telling the truth or not.

Henceforth, when you feel like your lawyer isn’t making much effort along this line, you could be better off in the hands of another. There are so many lawyers out there whose services you can avail of, that’ll surely put all the necessary efforts, for a better outcome of your case.

5. They Do A Lot of Research on Your Case

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Lawyers may have already passed the bar and could be considered as masters of the law, but this doesn’t mean that they no longer have any more to learn. After all, every case, even in the field of criminal law, is unique.

So, after meeting with their clients for the day, you can expect the lawyer to go through a rigorous research process about the merits of the case. It’s like studying all over again which laws are applicable to the current case and how it can be countered by the opposing lawyer.

This process of research and studying is very important so that the lawyer can also beef up all your documents, such as your pleas, affidavits, and even your defense come the trial day.


With all these job functions, it’s easy for one to conclude that criminal lawyers have a challenging job to play. The clients could be charged with minor crimes and it’s even possible to get a client that have committed heinous crimes like murder.

As they’re defending someone that has just been accused of a crime, often this can be a thankless and stressful job. If you’re looking to enter the field of law and this is the specialization area that speaks to you, then you’re in for a great adventure.

For as long as you’re up for the challenge, criminal law cases will keep you amazed. If you are not sure which lawyer to choose or how to get one, we suggest checking out a lawyer directory like he one you can find here.