8 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love

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Surprise someone with nice and useful things. Give them something that they will remember you for and that will take a significant place in their home. However, that does not mean that you should bring them things such as home appliances and other huge gifts.

We are sure that your friends already have things like this in their new home, and your task is to come up with something even better. The more original the gift you bring, the more you will let them know that you have tried to come up with something fantastic.

Our advice is to focus on the details of the new living space. Such details are practical and often missing in the house. Just think about your home. If you have a hard time imagining what all this could be, we will offer you a few suggestions.

1. Umbrella stand

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Whether you live in a place where it rains often or occasionally, you will surely have an umbrella in the house. However, it can be very small in size and inconvenient to store. Especially if the situation is reversed and your friends do not have enough space for it.

Either way, you won’t go wrong if you give them this product for several reasons. First of all, this is a very useful thing. It can also fit perfectly with the rest of the house, because there is a large selection of racks that you can opt for. Lastly, this is a great option if you want to fill the space with something other than flowers or decorations.

2. Food tray

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This is another thing that comes in a variety of shapes and materials. In addition to its primary purpose, it can also serve as a decoration. For example, your guests can use it as a central place on the table in the living room. When large scented candles and other decorations are placed on it, it becomes a great addition to the interior.

Of course, it goes great with flower arrangements and other decorative elements that will enrich their space. You can also opt for a tray with separators because there will often be guests in the new apartment. That’s why this practical thing for serving various snacks can come in handy.

Most people serve salty and snack snacks, candied fruit or something similar that is carried in separate bowls. This way you will help them to better organize the space for the guests. Or can you check some other kitchen gadget at dingadget.dk

3. Candles

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When we mention candles, think about them as well. They can be a great gift, because you can find a variety of models and different sizes. Opt for some fancy, because nothing causes a feeling of warmth like candles. If they are also attractive, you will achieve a full hit. Try to find a more subtle scent that is rich at the same time.

4. Flowers

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This is always a good option. Especially if you don’t have enough time to think of something more original or you have completely forgotten about the gift. If you bring flowers in a beautiful vase, you will buy your friends something magnificent.

Large, colorful flowers will never leave you indifferent and will decorate any space. When the flowers wither, a beautiful vase will remain. Of course, if you know that your friend is a plant lover, buy him something that will last longer than a bouquet. It can be a green and leafy plant.

However, do not forget that it requires additional care. If you are not sure that your friend will take care of it, you better skip this option or choose a plant that does not require much attention. Succulents are a good example of such plants.

5. Blankets

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A nice and comfortable blanket can also be a good gift. This way you will help your friends to relax better in their new home. There is a large selection of materials, and popular choices are wool, fleece, cotton, etc. You can easily find a soft blanket at great prices at shops such as SleepMattress. If you are not sure what the interior of their home looks like, opt for more neutral colors. It will fit easily anywhere.

6. A welcome mat

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Every home must have a welcome mat. This rug contributes to its warmth and better atmosphere. It can also be very fun looking and witty inscriptions. However, our advice is to opt for the simplest option if you are not sure what they would like. On the other hand, if you find rugs that contain initials or fun sayings, opt for them.

7. Tool box

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Another thing that every home needs is a set of tools. All you need is a set of basic tools that will come in handy for minor breakdowns. This way you will give your friends a very useful gift.

A set of basic tools includes tools such as hammers, measuring tapes, wrenches and similar items. Of course, if you remember some more necessary tools feel free to add them to the set. It will surely mean an extra pair of nice items for them.

8. Vouchers

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Today, you can get almost every service with vouchers, and gift vouchers are very popular. Take advantage of this option and make your friends happy. For example, it can be a gift voucher for a massage, restaurant, shopping, etc.

You can explore various websites online and check the selection of vouchers. Why not give them a cleaning service voucher? If your friends are having a moving-in party, we’re sure they’ll need some time to clean the house after the guests.

So give them this service and take off their burden. Even if they do not need this service at the moment, this voucher is always useful because it can be used whenever they decide.


So, show your friends or family that you thought of them and their feelings. Give them something original and useful at the same time. There are a lot of different options that you can use, and we have tried to single out a few of the most popular ones. We are sure you will not go wrong with them.