Forgotten Fashion Trends That Are Popular in 2024

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What is IN this season, what are the fashion trends, the main question that arises at the beginning of each season, especially in the spring…

For, the most magical time of year is simply the lure of walking and the city is full of cheerful people who could hardly wait to get rid of heavy wardrobes.

Finally, we can dress something light and swaying, which will make us feel uncluttered and attractive. And, of course, to show that we are trending, to know what is the right fashion for spring and summer 2024. One can see huge ball gowns, fitted with corsets, that made the oversized skirts incredibly large. Then there’s the return of flowery summer dresses and the overpowering dominance of ruffles.

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Also, a lot of trends like lace and knitwear materials, short shorts or lowered cool pants are part of the fashion trends for this year. 2024 was definitely inspired by the ’70s when it comes to disco collar, bells and vest.

They say that history repeats itself, which is very true when it comes to fashion … What is IN this year does not have to be next – it goes away and comes back again after a while.

Dear fashion lovers, it looks like you won’t have to buy a lot of new stuff this year – be unique, find the trendy pieces in your mom’s closets, which mostly contain pieces from the ’70s and’ 80s.

Why not? Practical and chic.

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Maxi Dresses with Open Shoulders – It looks like long dresses and skirts have never gone out of style. You probably noticed that they were at the very top of fashion once in a few seasons.

Antelope Mini Skirts – Once again, get straight to the 70s with short skirts made of imitation (or genuine) suede leather. They used to be worn with bulky platforms, while today it is perfectly okay to combine them with flat sandals.

Trousers / Shorts with Tights – Short or long, made of denim, of thicker or thinner material, monochrome or colorful – are back in fashion. Different versions were popular until the early ’90s, so you can certainly find one piece in your mom’s or older sister’s closet.

High waisted jeans – Jeans are a double-edged presence in fashion, but the idea of how they will look is constantly changing. However, even today, a “modified” version of classic jeans is popular, namely jeans with a deep or high waist.

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T-shirts with interesting pictures – It’s easy to get a T-shirt today, especially when every brand has a lot to offer. However, if you want a vintage t-shirt with a pattern, you better find it in your mother’s wardrobe or second-hand goods store. If the shirt is a little transparent, combine this with some interesting bras, which you can find online at sites like

Faded jeans – This look is popular from time to time but never stays with us for long. And while all the girls wore these jeans, you can find that model among the old things.

Antelope leather shorts – Items generally made of leather can last a long time if you take care of them. You may be lucky to look for a beige piece that is as stylish as it was decades ago.

When it comes to leather – the most popular material will be leather. Wearing stylings that are entirely made of leather will be worn, so get yourself a piece of this material on time. You will not go wrong if you combine leather skirt, top and mantle, what is more, you will be the center of attention wherever you appear.

The popular 60s are back in fashion – Another motif in addition to the tuffs that will be current this year are the retro motifs from the 1960s. Popular motifs are taken from wallpaper and retro furniture, as well as colors, which will rule brown, gold, royal blue, orange and yellow. These motifs and colors will be featured on almost all clothing pieces.

Feathers will be a hit – In 2024, feather tops will be worn the most, but also overalls and feather-trimmed dresses. As the feathers are very striking, the wardrobe decorated with it is only suitable for festive celebrations, however, if you like to experiment and be innovative, you can bring a feather top in a completely different and urban way.

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Wide-leg pants – And not just wide pants. Once upon a time when our moms were young, they were as popular as they are today.+

Denim Dresses – They are a “must-have” this summer. And most importantly, you can choose any variation – from those to the knees, the wide model, the narrow model .. Everything is permissible and popular, as long as it is denim.

What we didn’t specify is the bag. Choosing the bag to carry is equally important.

Forget about the big bags and the chaos in them – beauty supplies, money packed in your wallet, cell phone and millions of other little things.

Choose a mini bag this year!

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This trend is now emphasized, but it is always up-to-date, and we are sure that each of us has at least a few small handbags, for some special occasions as well as for everyday actions when it is necessary to bring only a few necessary things. And it is very possible that we used them intensively in the summer, but now in the autumn season, we continue to hang out with them.

A little black handbag is like a little black dress, and we believe that every woman has at least one, and often several. If for some reason you haven’t purchased a small black bag by now – be sure to do so now.

We are not saying this to blindly follow a trend, but rather this is a classic, universal piece that is simply used for practical combining across all possible editions and occasions. Of course, other colors come into play.

Do not avoid fitting even colorful handbags into various combinations. Especially if you decide to have the entire print in one color or more related ones that will match the colorful mini detail in the form of one colorful bag.


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These are some suggestions only, you know best what you like best and what kind of clothes you already own – so make your own combinations, be trendy and unique.