9 Essential Home Maintenance Tools for Every House Owner 2024

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When it comes to house maintenance, DIY system is not always easy, it is not always advisable – but it is always interesting. To be able to do the work in your home and around the house, you need the right tools. It is the use of tools that hides the fun of repair and construction work. Whether you are a true craftsman or just starting to learn how to repair everything in your home by yourself – a quality tool is the first thing you need to secure in your home.

Why Do You Need Home Maintenance Tools?

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DIY segment is highly developed in the world – to the point that some home workshops can be compared to professional ones. Many people have made serious small-scale manufacturing just out of the hobby. Regardless of your level of knowledge – every home should have basic tools. You can use them for minimal repairs and tasks that do not require great skills and will facilitate your daily routine.

Every home or apartment needs a basic tool, no matter how skilled you are. However, it is good to have it in the house because even if there is a breakdown or accident – you can always call a neighbor, friend or acquaintance to help you whether you need to tighten or hammer something – or to do some minor repairs on any of the devices, etc. If you know something and can do it yourself, then the tool is of great help to you.

How To Choose The Right Tool?

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You do not have to have a complete professional tool for any minor repairs in your home. In this case, it is absolutely sufficient to use a smaller set of tools that are of the highest quality and contain the basic elements. You should keep in mind that not every tool can be called a real or adequate tool. When purchasing, you do not need to be guided by the most expensive and well-known brands – but the basic hand tools must be as good quality as possible. It is advised to avoid buying tools at markets or Chinese shops, as you can often find products of suspicious quality.

Why Is It Important To Have A Quality Tool?

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We’ll give you a few tips before you go to your nearest tool shop and start shopping. Do not save on quality. You can easily (especially if you are inexperienced with the tool), go to the store and buy a complete box of Made in China for thirty bucks. Don’t be tempted! This cheap tool is of terrible quality and will not last more than a couple of uses before it breaks or cracks. The worst thing is that you may get hurt on that occasion.

So take a little extra money and buy quality tools that will serve you for years, and maybe even forever. You don’t have to buy the whole set at once. Buy what you need the most – and over time you will have everything else you may need. Once again, quality is very important. Better to take a set of quality wrenches than a whole box of tools that will be useful after a short period.

Here’s what tools every home should possess from a startup.

1. Hammer

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A good hammer can be useful for nailing as well as tearing down smaller objects. It is ideal to search for a half-pound hammer. It’s substantial enough for most home fixes – yet lightweight enough to haul it around with you. Your granddad most likely utilized a mallet with a wooden handle – but you won’t. Wooden handles are easy to break. Therefore, use hammers with synthetic handles that will last much longer. Also, when you choose a hammer, you make sure it is well balanced and easy to handle. Try a few different types until you find the one that suits you.

2. Screwdrivers

As for the screwdriver in the basic tool, it is necessary to have several types and different sizes – that is, a screwdriver having a flat tip and the one with a cross tip. A single screwdriver may be sufficient, but in case its tips can be changed.

3. Measuring Meter

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Whether you want to make a new shelf or have to measure whether a new TV will fit on an old dresser – you need to have this piece of tool in your collection. Plus, the kids adore him and will play with him to the point. A standard 5m measuring meter will be sufficient in most situations.

4. Cordless Drill – Screwdriver and Brad Nailer

A good cordless drill and Brad nailer are must-have items in every toolbox. According to CordlessDrillGuide, when choosing these devices – you should choose the ones that have enough power. Power is measured by the amount of voltage in the battery. You can take drills up to 18 volts, but with higher voltages the weight grows – so stronger drills can weigh over 5kg. 12 volts is the right power for most situations where you may need it. Also when buying a drill – make sure it has several speeds as well as a screwdriver capability.

5. Pliers

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For all the usual household needs, it’s enough to have two pairs of pliers.

A pair of combination or universal pliers, with the help of which the arms can clamp different shapes, cut or peel the power cord. When buying, opt for insulated handle models because their use is much easier, but this insulation also protects you from electric shock.

The other pair of pliers you may want to own are those which allow you to unscrew, twist, or clamp different objects, whether small or large, by clamps adjustable opening.

6. Flat, Sharpening And Round Hand File

The hand files can help you straighten and smooth different surfaces and edges of objects with irregularities when cutting. When buying, opt for a wide metal file, which can be used for woodworking at the same time, while it is much better for this purpose than many other models, which tear down and damage the structure when making wood.

7. Saw

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Another tool that can have multiple functions is a universal blade saw, and its teeth are perfect for all of us who love to do housework because we can cut wood, metal, and plastic with them.

8. Scalpel

The scalpel is a very sharp knife with a replaceable blade that can cut various materials such as paper, plastic, and cardboard. When shopping, opt for segment-blade models that will always allow you to have a sharp knife. Make sure you always have a spare blade kit.

9. Flashlight

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You need a flashlight in case of a power failure, while it is a perfect tool even when you have to work in dimly lit places. Always buy the simplest model of the flashlight, which you can easily put away or hang, which leaves your hands completely free.