4 Benefits of Flying Privately from the USA

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Are you planning a trip to take you from the USA to another country? Whether you are traveling for business or just for the pleasure of seeing new places, there’s one thing you should know: choosing a private flight over a commercial one will make your travel experience infinitely better. If you’ve never had the privilege of experiencing private air travel before, you may not believe our assertion straight away. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of all the benefits you’ll enjoy if you charter a private flight the next time you travel from the US to a foreign country.

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1. Privacy

Booking a private jet charter offers you a gift you’ll never receive when taking a commercial flight, even a first-class one: privacy. Whether traveling alone or with a group, for a business event, or to get to a holiday destination, privacy will make your trip a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. On a private flight, the only people other than your party who will be in your cabin are the pilot and flight staff. The flight staff will only be in your space when necessary to make a safety announcement, assist you with food and beverages, or answer any questions. Other than that, you’ll have the cabin all to yourself. You can talk about company business or let your family relax and move around the cabin normally.

2. A Low-Stress Trip

Leaving the country via a commercial airport can be stressful, to say the least — as it is, commercial travel is associated with stress. From arriving at the airport extremely early to filling your time with overpriced meals or coffees — or trying to find a comfortable seat — all takes its toll. When it’s time to board, there are often long queues, luggage check-ins, and the constant concern that luggage may go missing or be damaged. A lot about regular travel is out of your control, but when you fly internationally with a private aviation company, this stress is removed, and a sense of control is restored. You set your itinerary, and there’s no need for a lengthy wait before boarding because you or your group are the only passengers. Your suitcases and that of the pilots and crew are the only luggage loaded onto your plane, so you know it will be handled well and arrive at your destination with you. If you’re nervous about flying, opting for private aviation could be a far more relaxing experience.

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3. Comfort

On a commercial flight, you’re likely to experience one or more of the classic flying issues (loud snoring, feeling squashed into a small seat, constantly having to disturb the stranger next to you so you may use the restroom) for the duration of your flight. The comfort passengers experience when flying on a private plane is far and away the best you’ll experience on any international trip. The seats are either separated or, at the very least, far more spacious than the ones wedged into a commercial plane. They are far more luxurious and sometimes even include loveseats or sofas. The cabin of a private jet is far more spacious to move around in than the aisles of a commercial plane, and when you’re on a long international flight, this matters. You can get uninterrupted and likely much-needed sleep and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed rather than drained. Your holiday will begin when you board the plane instead of when you’ve checked into your hotel.

4. Meals Above the Clouds

In-flight food is another aspect of comfort that can be enhanced when traveling with a private aviation company. The options on a commercial flight will most likely be “chicken, beef, or vegetarian.” On a private flight, you may be able to choose from a far more comprehensive range of meal options or potentially even set your menus altogether. Nothing leads to a feeling of comfort like a belly full of delicious food. No nuts or shellfish will mistakenly end up on the plates of those with allergies, and picky eaters will feel a lot better knowing they’ll have access to foods they enjoy. Food is such a big part of any long-haul experience that having the best options will significantly improve your comfort and enjoyment.

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Taking an international flight anywhere out of the US usually means it will be long before you disembark. More often than not, all those hours spent in the air will be a struggle if you’re flying on a commercial aircraft. Having the space and comfort that a private plane affords you means you can use that time practically and in a way that most benefits you. You can comfortably catch up on work prep for a presentation or perhaps do some itinerary planning that would otherwise have taken time away from your holiday. There’s the freedom to play games, watch films, catch up on books, and eat without interruption or need to be overly considerate of a host of strangers sharing a plane with you and your party. Time is valuable, and you can get your money’s worth when you travel by private jet. Traveling on a private plane also means avoiding overflowing commercial terminals with people in a rush and confusing airport signs. You’ll proceed directly to the private terminal, deal with one set of staff, and enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

If you weren’t already considering private travel over commercial flights, it might be the best time to opt in. Curate your travel experience and have the best time possible, not only on a family holiday or at your professional conference but also while in the air! Choosing a private flight from the US to other countries offers a better traveling experience: personalized and dedicated to your comfort. The benefits of private jets will take your international travel from cramped to comfortable in the blink of an eye.