8 Tips for Beginner Private Jet Passengers – 2024 Guide

The addition and the vast advancements of air travel have allowed the human species to reach the far ends of the globe quicker than it was ever imagined. It is hard to imagine traveling to a faraway country nowadays without the use of an airplane, which says a lot about how dependent we are on these enormous marvels of technology.

However, the world of airplanes and airports is a hectic one. There are various rules and laws in place that every traveler has to go through. Many things are there to consider and prepare for, and many hours of waiting to go through. It all becomes obviously worth it when you think about the fact that you can be on another continent in mere hours.

For those who want to do it even quicker, there is a more comfortable possibility that is of course considerably more expensive. Those who can afford it usually travel this way and they have nothing but good things to say about it. These are private jets, small, quick, luxury private planes for individual passengers and their closest family, friends, and business partners.

If you are thinking about flying private for the first time ever, there are probably more than a few things you want to know. For that exact purpose, we made a list of 8 tips for beginner private jet passengers. Make sure to read the article in its entirety to learn everything you need. Right off the bat, you should know that Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for private jets. If you are looking to fly to Las Vegas from the city of Dallas, make sure to click here and book a flight.

1. Driving up to the Plane

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Since you are the only passenger on the plane, there is no reason to wait at the lines, go through check-ins and checkouts, give up your luggage, and similar hassle of everyday airport life. Furthermore, you do not have to look for parking at the always-full garages and dedicated parking in and around the airport. Simply drive up to the plane or wait for the provider to drive you right to the private jet steps and board from there. It is a great filling and you will surely feel special about it.

2. Arrival Time

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Again, since there are no more passengers other than yourself or your small party, there is no reason for arriving at the airport hours before your flight. The common practice and the general rule is to always be at the airport some two hours before your flight. This is more than enough nowadays when everything is sped up, but it is still advised just in case something goes wrong. With private jets, it is enough to arrive around 30 minutes before the flight. The crew still needs to be cleared for liftoff, you have to board, and your luggage has to be loaded. Also, the jet needs to get out on the runway. Make sure to check with the provider, but do not expect anything more than 60 minutes at the longest.

3. Dress Properly

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Since flying private is one of the most luxurious things you can do in life, it is only fair to dress appropriately to show respect to everyone involved. You will also feel better and more professional if you decided to dress smartly for a special occasion, especially if it is a business trip. You can always go semi-formal or completely casual if it is a family trip or a getaway with friends. Remember that you will have much more room on the flight and you will be allowed to walk around most of the time. Take that into account while determining what to wear during the flight.

4. Identification Process

Source: Condé Nast Traveler

While booking your flight, you will of course have to provide all the necessary identification, both personal and financial. It may be required of you to have a credit card so be ready for that. The only check happens just prior to entering the plane, where a dedicated employee of the provider is going to check your credentials. Forgetting the ID is surely going to delay your flight so make sure to bring it. You still need your passport even though you are flying private!

5. Luggage

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As most of the cargo will be dedicated to you and your fellow private flyers, you can generally bring much more than you would on a commercial flight. No restrictions are there on private flights, but you still cannot go over the top. Depending on the cargo space, you may even bring three large suitcases and a couple of carry-on bags, compared to one free suitcase and a single carry-on in normal flights. Check with the provider what their practice is regarding the luggage.

6. Seating Protocols

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There are no restrictions on the seating arrangements since no strict seating protocols are in place on private flights. You can sit or lie down wherever you want once the jet is in the air. There will probably be a few chairs, a few seats, a desk, a table, and even a lounge on the plane. Most also have a comfortable bed. Anything goes as long as everyone is comfortable. Since many do business on the plane, it has to be highly accessible too. You can always check with the staff for the best recommendation according to your needs.

7. Food and Beverage

Source: Air Business International

Since a private flight is much more expensive than a commercial ticket, everything you get on the plane is complimentary. There is going to be a wide variety of drinks at the bar, as well as a neat choice of food options depending on the length of the flight. You can rest assured that all of your food and drink needs will be satisfied on a private jet.

8. Staff Interaction

Source: cabin crew – How to be cabin crew

It is perfectly normal to chat with the crew and the staff once the jet is up in the air. Most people do, as they are quite interested in what the pilots and attendants have to say about their job and experiences. It is normal to tip the crew members if you like doing that sort of thing, but be prepared for them not being allowed to accept cash tips. Some would appreciate it much more if you compliment their services and tell them how much you appreciate what they did for you.