Flying Solo – 10 Self-Reflecting Reasons To Travel Alone

People get stuck in a rut of their daily lives, and one thing that they do to get away from this is to travel. Traveling is incredibly exciting. You meet a lot of people from different cultures, traditions, and attitudes. You’ll also be able to explore things out of your comfort zone.

Most of the time, some people are used to traveling together with your friends and family. Traveling with them is fun because of the moments and memories you get to share and experience with them. However, haven’t you asked yourself about traveling alone?

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and decide to go solo. If you haven’t tried traveling solo, please do consider it. To help you decide, here are some reasons why you need to travel without companions at least once in your life.

1. You Will Find and Know Yourself Better

Once you are out and on the roads, you accept to yourself that you will be facing tough decisions. You’ll have the fear as to how are you going to survive and how much capacity you possess to be true to yourself.

Traveling alone leads you to raw experiences. You will feel closer to yourself because you’ll know the person that’s inside you. You’ll meet the young girl or boy who has always dreams of wandering, traveling, and growing as a person you wanted to be.

2. You Will Learn How to Go out of Your Comfort Zone

Source: Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear

At some point, relying on yourself is a significant challenge. You can certainly notice this fact, especially if you’ll go to unknown places. Staying away from your comfort zone will test how patient you are in many ways. You will have the chance to explore how beautiful the world is as you travel on unfamiliar roads.

Meeting strangers, trekking, and any other forms of activities will test you. Once you overcome these challenges, you’ll be able to beat your fears. You’re allowing yourself to grow as an individual when you’re alone.

3. It’s Inexpensive

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Traveling alone is more comfortable because you get to decide where to eat, stay, and go to. You have the power to budget everything too. Getting to save a few dollars might not be a lot, but every penny counts when you’re going solo. Traveling alone, going to cheap travel destinations, and having everything to yourself is a perfect formula for an unforgettable experience, as stated by

4. You Will Gain New Friends Quickly


It’s interesting when you try to be nice and explore being close to strangers. Meeting local people and interacting with them can help build your social skills. Some locals are much more engaging and open when they encounter people who travel alone.

5. You Have the Freedom of Choice

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Traveling solo is a personal thing. It means that you have the luxury of choosing and planning your destination. Sometimes, when you go together with a companion like your friends or family, your happiness will often be compromised.

When you travel with others, you will end up in places that you don’t even like. You can’t do activities that you usually do once you’re out and that makes it even worse. So when you travel alone, you have the advantage of having your freedom of choice, and you can do anything you want.

6. It Teaches You How to Count on Yourself

Source: The Active Times

When you travel to other countries, you will learn how to count on yourself most of the time. Traveling solo can be a good way on how to experience the reality of life and the reality of being alone.

Following your heart and trusting your mind is very important. When you travel alone, you get to see a clearer picture of how and where you’re going in life. Although it’s fun traveling with a buddy, traveling solo prepares you for life. Don’t mind being alone once in your life. It’s a harsh reality that we should all face sooner or later.

7. It Will Foster Your Self-Confidence


Every individual needs confidence on a daily basis. Nobody else in the world will live longer if you are shy all the time. Going solo will help you gain more skills and makes you a more confident person.

Again, it’s a harsh reality in life that we can be alone sometimes. Fostering confidence can be a great help, especially when you don’t have anyone to count on. Traveling alone, helps you practice confidence by meeting new people.

You can push your limits and challenge yourself in coping trials which will help you grow as a stronger person. As you go through this, you will later realize that you can do things better which you initially thought you couldn’t. Believe in yourself because you have nothing to lose.

8. You Will Have a Better Reflection of Experiences

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Because you’re alone, you’ll get so savor your reflections. Compared to traveling with a group, you can better focus yourself on your experiences. You will understand how it feels like to be alone compared to journeys that you had companions with you.

You will realize all the things that you have learned when you have pushed your limits and successfully did the things that you thought you couldn’t. You will understand the importance of life even better as you know it before you traveled alone.

9. You Will Start to Love Your Own Company

Source: Medium

Appreciating your “me time” is something you will gain and feel when you travel alone. It is also your way of building your spiritual aspect more effectively and your relationship with yourself in a better way than before.

10. It Is Excellent for Your Welfare

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Most of the time, people will say that traveling can reduce anxiety and stress. It makes you a happier and livelier person. It will help you reflect on the importance of living which is to be in this world of purpose and to see the beautiful places around the world.


For whatever reason you may have, you should try going out of your usual routine and travel alone. You might struggle at the start, but once you try it, it’s fulfilling.

What makes life special is that there moments that can define you as a person. Although being alone has its pros and cons, you can still benefit when you’re alone once in a while. Experiencing a new culture for yourself is a good way to experience life. Try it at least once and you’ll never regret it.