5 Fascinating You Need To Know About Agape – 2024 Guide

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Love is a subject that is being discussed over and over throughout the whole history. It is part of regular conversation, something that people thrives on, and the topic elaborated by philosophers, psychologists, and other experts. What makes this term so unique is that it is both simple and quite complex at the same time.

Moreover, there are different definitions of love depending on what it can represent. It can be love for a person, like a mother, sibling, or a friend, or something much more intimate, like being in love with your partner. Also, love can be described as a desire for something materialistic like a car, house, or having a collection of shoes.

It can be related to achievements as well, like the love for becoming successful at work, creating a career, earning a lot of money, and much more. However, the common definition of love is related to the feelings that we have for some other person. There are different definitions for these types of love, like Philia, Agape, Eros, Storge, and more. You can read more about that at kenboa.org.

When it comes to Agape, it represents something unique. It is the purest form of love that someone can feel for another person, and it will motivate it to try its best to show that form of appreciation and dedication to make someone feel and be better. It can be found in Bible as well, where the love for God is also described as Agape. Here are the most fascinating things to know about this form of love.

1. Support No Matter What

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One of the most unique things related to Agape is that it represents the love that we share and show to someone without even thinking about asking for something in return. It is an unconditional love where you will try your best to support the person you desire, even if it means that some things won’t go in your favor at all. That is the sacrifice we make to make people around us happier. It is expected of you to express honesty and appreciation, and always be available.

2. Not Asking for Anything in Return

You know that you have reached this form of love when it does not matter for you what the situation will be for your matter as long as the person you expressing it is feeling better. This will help you to establish a real connection and show how much you love that person. It is not a rare case that people are doing things only to get something in return, even when it is about the relationship. However, when you reach the state of Agape love for someone, it won’t matter for you whether you might be hurt on the day.

3. You Are Still Respecting Yourself

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Unconditional love is where you will focus on your partner and put her needs in focus. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not respect yourself as well. The point is to feel what you are doing, and if you are doing things that might feel too much to you, you might be making a mistake since that is not the form of love you are looking for. In this form of appreciation, you should enjoy your actions since only then it is true.

4. Honesty and Care

Couples who have reached this form of connection have a unique form of honesty where nothing is hidden. Partners should express their feelings, but also share challenges and thoughts, along with anything that might be troubling them. Also, that means that there should never be a reason to put something aside and avoid conflicts as well.

5. It is Divine

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According to the Bible, Agape is a form of love provided by God, and we should all praise and love God and express gratitude without even considering questioning that matter. That is the definition that can be used in life as well. When you love someone in a way where there is no chance that anything can disrupt that, and when you are ready to do anything for that person, it represents Agape.

The main form of this term is related to religion and stands for the love of God and God for people. It can be explained as a way that religion explains this feeling that is considered divine. While most of the terminology used to explain this term is related to religion, the modern explanation can be used in real life as well.

Therefore, it can be said that you have this form of affection when you are ready to put aside your needs, when you are ready to forgive and forget some things, and when you choose to love someone without expecting any favors from the other side.

Common Misconceptions

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We can call these misconceptions wrong or fake forms of love. For example, expressing affection to someone only to get something from that person, and then losing any interest after that is a selfish way of using this affection for your needs. Also, there should never be some conditions for people when it comes to love. You are being deluded if you think that someone will love you more or less if that is related to anything materialistic.

The Bottom Line

While the term Agape is in theory related to affection to God, it can be used to explain some things in real life as well. You can be sure that you are expressing that form when you are not thinking about your needs and desires and you only tend to express your feeling to another person with your actions and honesty.

The other side will notice how dedicated you are, and if the feelings are mutual, you can expect the same as well. It is when you are doing everything you can to make other people happier, and you never expect anything in return from that. It is the purest form of affection.