How Much Money Can You Save Using An Electric Skateboard To Commute


Electric skateboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, as gas prices have risen. With today’s petrol rates, why spend $200 on a gas tank when you can obtain an electric skateboard for a fraction of the price of a regular vehicle?

Electric skateboards are not only fuel-efficient, but they also come complete with silent operating motors to comply with sound abatement regulations. E-skateboards are also good for the environment because they don’t emit any fumes, gas, or smoke. Skateboard batteries are recyclable, making them incredibly environmentally friendly in today’s world.

These skateboard motors are usually driven by a belt or hub mechanism. After reading this, you must be wondering how much money can you save using an electric skateboard? Continue reading the article to find the answer.


What is an electric skateboard?

Electric-skateboards are comparable to regular skateboards, with the exception that they are propelled forward by an electric motor. Typically, you use a handheld remote control to open the throttle, control the speed, and brake. The battery that powers the electric motor is hidden beneath the skateboard’s e-deck.

The engines are mounted either beneath the deck or within the wheels. By tilting the board to one side or the other, the rider creates a turn (weight shift to heels or toes) to change the direction. Skateboarding is a kind of expression.

Regardless of whatever skateboard you choose, both electric and non-electric skateboards are capable of accomplishing a lot of work if the rider has some expertise. As the activity has evolved into a more conventional style, electric skateboards have become the new buzz of the town. A handheld controller allows you immediate control over braking, acceleration, and speed control. For more info visit

  • Upfront Cost

The upfront price of either of these vehicles should be the first topic of discussion. It’s not unusual to sign a contract for a car worth $20,000, $30,000, or even $40,000. That’s a substantial sum of money.

You may expect to pay between $99 to $2000 for an electric skateboard (depending on your needs). You can postpone your eye doctor appointment if you’re seeing dollar signs right now. That’s a substantial save right away.

  • Fuel Costs

According to AAA, the average two-car household spends $3,500 per year on fuel costs alone. You may save a lot of money on transportation by riding electric skateboards. Because electric skateboards do not have engines, they do not require fuel to operate. If you don’t have a car, to begin with, purchasing an e-skateboard instead will save you a lot of money.

Electric skateboards are ideal for working adults who do not yet have children due to their ease and affordability. On the other hand, families can still profit from e-skateboards because they provide a convenient alternative for family members to travel short distances.

  • Parking Costs

Parking is one of the most frustrating aspects of city driving, no matter where you are on the globe. On the other hand, electric skateboards eliminate the need for parking due to their small size, low weight, and foldable body. E- skateboard users can effortlessly fold and carry it after riding it.

Plus, they can store it easily under office tables, cupboards, or in enormous lockers. Naturally, you will no longer be required to pay parking costs. As a result, you won’t have to bother about finding and paying for a parking spot.

  • Depreciation Cost

Depreciation is the foundation of the vehicle industry. When you buy a car, you lose 9-11 percent of its overall value the moment you drive it off the lot for the first time. Every year that you own an automobile, its value decreases.

Most cars cost half (or less) of what they did when they were new after five years. Your $40,000 car is now worth $20,000 in today’s market. As a result, simply owning and driving a car can cost you $20,000 in lost revenue.

On the other hand, electric skateboards do not face the same fate because the order of magnitude is more diminutive. A 50% loss on a $1,000 electric skateboard doesn’t hurt nearly as much. In addition, restoring an electric skateboard is relatively inexpensive.

In this aspect, the electric skateboard has won yet another battle. You can even upgrade your electric skateboard or get a new one every now and then because the overall cost is far more affordable for the average family.

  • Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining an electric skateboard is low. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance or even gas. You will spend less money on running an electric skateboard once you have purchased one.

When compared to driving a car, an electric skateboard does not have the exact recurrent costs. With your skateboard, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on day-to-day activities.

  • Insurance Cost

When it comes to devices, insurance is always a significant consideration. Car insurance is likely to be more expensive than e-scooter insurance. You should purchase an electric skateboard to save money on insurance.

You do not need to insure an electric skateboard because it is not considered a car. You don’t even need a permit to operate an electric vehicle.



You may be thinking, “This all sounds fantastic, but am I really ready for an electric skateboard?” Yes, it is possible. Not only would having an electric skateboard save you money, but it will also make your life easier.

No more waiting for someone to leave the parking lot or rushing to catch the train just to miss it by a minute; simply get on your skateboard, slide over to your destination, and then bring your skateboard inside with you!

You won’t have to change out of your commuting attire when you arrive to work, and instead of cursing at your co-pilot when you get lost on vacation, you’ll be eager to discover the next hidden gem.