7 Most Dangerous Home Repairs You Should Always Call Professionals For

“How hard can it be?”

That’s the question overzealous homeowners ask themselves when attempting a home renovation project that they’re terribly overestimating their skill level for. A lot of homeowners find out the answer to this particular question the hard way, meaning they’ve wasted lots of time and money on a project they thought they could complete and failed miserably.

So why are homeowners taking on these projects that they can’t handle? Well, the bulk of the reason is split between cost and overestimating their own skill level. Certain home renovation projects are pretty expensive, so homeowners feel like they’ll come out better if they can save on the costs of labor and just buy the parts.

That theory sounds good and logical but there are two major problems with that theory: safety and results. People think that they can just watch a  few YouTube videos on a certain home repair and think they’ll get the same exact result like they just watched… that’s not the case at all. In fact, some homeowners end up damaging their homes worse than what it started out with. Even worse than causing further damage to your home is causing bodily harm to yourself.

Falls are the number cause of death or injury in home renovation projects, and according to the National Safety Council, falls are completely preventable… Preventing falls all stem from assessing the situation and asking yourself if the project is really necessary and checking to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Your efforts to save money are not worth the risk of succumbing to a debilitating or life-threatening fall.

Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast who has all the essential home maintenance tools for just about any home repair, but you have to put your own safety and the safety of your home first. Being able to recognize which projects are out of your realm of knowledge is key. Take a look at some of the most dangerous home repairs you should always call a professional for.

Most Dangerous Home Repairs

1. Roofing Repairs

Source: Baijia House

Do you know why roof repairs and especially roof hail damage repairs aren’t recommended for DIY’ers? Check this site and find out the answer to this question and many more, because it’s too easy to fall off and seriously hurt yourself. The danger isn’t in the actual repairing of the roof but more so in climbing up and down the ladder with tools and just maneuvering on the roof, that poses the most danger.

Just think about it… one slip or misstep can send you tumbling down off of a two-story home. Although roof repairs are recommended to be done only by professionals, if you must do your own roof repairs, it’s recommended to have someone at home with you that can call for help in case of an emergency.

2. Foundation Repairs

Source: Albritton-Interiors

Maybe your home was built in an area where the soil swells when it rains and contracts when it’s dry… that’s a sign you may have a foundation problem. As a homeowner, you may not know that because your eyes aren’t trained to notice that but maybe your doors don’t quite fit the door frames and are hard to shut or you start noticing several cracks around your home… Those are major signs of foundation issues.

Those are also signs that you need to hire a foundation contractor to fix your foundation issues… it’s just too risky to attempt on your own. Not only can you severely hurt yourself but you can also add more damage to your home. If your home has foundation problems, click here and check some of the best foundation repair companies.

3. Electrical Repairs

Source: 88NY

Any home project that involves wiring and electricity should be left solely to professionals. To be fair, there are certain projects, like installing a ceiling fan or switching a light switch, that some knowledgeable DIY’ers can handle but you just have to make sure all the electricity is turned off.

One wrong move or clipping the wrong wire can completely burn your house down or electrocute you. Because the risk of injury is so high with electrical repairs, it’s best to leave that up to the professionals, despite how well you think you can do the job.

4. Gas Repairs

Source: Squeaks Plumbing & Heating

There are several homes that have appliances that run off of gas. Everything from your oven and hot water heater to your dryer machine, all may be run by gas. But sometimes it isn’t the fact that those appliances need repairs that cause homeowners to have gas issues…

Sometimes gas issues can stem from something as simple as causing an accidental gas leak by moving a certain appliance. Gas leaks are the leading cause of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, killing over 400 people every year.

Try not to remove any gas appliances on your own, and if any of your gas appliances need repairs, always get those services done by a professional.

5. Asbestos Removal

Source: New Cms

Asbestos mostly found in older homes. If your home is more former, you might see that it’s insulated with asbestos. It causes cancer and other chronic health hazards. You must not try removing it at home as it’s a dangerous task. It’s not like you will open the wall and will throw it in trash bags. Many companies are providing facilities to remove it as it’s toxic and can harm you.

6. Plumbing Repairs

Source: The Plumber

Plumbing job is not poisonous and dangerous to your health, but it can absolutely damage your home and personal property. If there is any way water can come out, it will find it.

If you try even a small opening, It can lead to costly leakage to repair, and it can also damage the floors and walls. If a pipe bursts during repair, it causes you thousands of dollars to compensate for the damage.

7. Cleaning and repairing the dirty chimney

Source: Scam Detector

You must not sweep chimneys at home because of fire and dangerous fumes. You must hire a professional to clean the chimney once a year to make sure there are no bird’s nests and other flammables.