How To Create A Biker Inspired Look – 2024 Guide

The smell of gasoline, faded jeans, a leather jacket, dark glasses and a bandana. These are all associations to a man who spends his life on two wheels. Until recently, bikers were considered men of stubborn style, defying all fashion trends and times. Although they are not gentlemen who are fashion lovers and admirers – it doesn’t mean they don’t have style. On the contrary! Their style is striking, unobtrusive, carefully nurtured for years. And how to create a biker-inspired look – read in our 2024 guide.

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Spinning Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are constantly spinning, so nowadays, many people dress in clothes that were fashioned 40 or 50 years ago by their parents. In that rotation and changing trends, several pieces of clothing will never go out of fashion. These are the pieces that exemplify biker fashion and style. It must be borne in mind that it is not only the style of clothes – but also the lifestyle and the state of mind.

Complete freedom and a slightly casual, even messy look can deceive you – because fashion designers claim that they find a large part of their inspiration in this exact style. Therefore, if you are banging your head about whether the clothes you kept are fashionable or time-consuming – then the following things will help. Namely, these are a few fashion accessories or immortal clothing items – that is, they will never go out of fashion, at least not when it comes to bikers.

Biker Fashion Phenomenon

Bikers have become a real fashion phenomenon, so biker style is our suggestion for this spring and summer season. It doesn’t matter if you have a motorcycle – it is important to have a biker spirit, to love freedom and to always choose the path you want. This is exactly how your biker style should be. And these are some of the pieces that will inspire your biker look in 2024.

1. Nothing Without A Biker Jacket

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Judging by the predictions of fashion experts, “brutal” biker jackets, tight pants, sexy skirts and glamorous dresses will be worn this year as well. And all that, believe it or not, out of leather. If you already have a leather, biker jacket in your wardrobe, you can now declare it – a “must-have” garment. From black classics for men to jackets in bolder colours, like red and blue for women – a leather jacket in a biker style, preferably inspired by the 80s, you simply must-have.

Sport-oriented bikers are sworn lovers of leather clothing – and for a reason. If you want a good jacket – choose quality leather. This means that it is soft and at the same time resistant. It has to be comfortable for you to wear like it’s your other skin. The jacket should be resistant enough – to protect you in case you fall from a bike. It should also be made of natural materials with high resistance to wear and tear – and to provide you with the best possible protection.

2. Fashion Accessories – Biker Necklaces

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It is amazing how much fashion accessories can contribute to improving the overall image. With their help, you can easily create a simple style by which you will be recognizable. According to bikerringshop, when we talk about bikers – necklaces with an authentic look are an indispensable detail. Bikers generally like to wear silver jewellery. Whether we talk about necklaces or rings, motives are always recognizable – skulls, chains, crossbones, snakes, etc. Although they are very popular among bikers – this type of bracelet has been sought after by everyone lately. They look very powerful and will give you a special glam-rock look.

3. Bandana

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Bandanas are not just another fashion fad or something that will go out of fashion at the same speed with which it entered it. They may have relatively recently become a part of mass culture and you can buy them at every corner – but in some subcultures, they are an item that has been worn for years. It is assumed that the history of bandanas dates back two centuries. The word itself means to tie or to tie. It is a square scarf whose standard dimensions are 55x55cm. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other dimensions – and depending on that they were used for different purposes.

4. Boots

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They are an essential piece when it comes to biker style and almost, as a rule, they are heavy and strong – and of course, made of leather. When buying such boots, make sure that the appearance of various logos on them is as minimal as possible. If you choose between cowboy boots or other types of boots, you can be sure that cowboy boots are a piece that is fashionable again. If you are not a fan of boots, you can’t go wrong if you opt for sneakers. They are more comfortable, and if nothing else, they always go well in “jeans and a leather jacket” combination.

5. Wayfarer – Sunglasses of the Rebellious Spirit

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Ray-Ban sunglasses have shaped fashion and left a significant mark in the world of film and music, and even in the world of bikers. Although the beginnings of their production were simple and straightforward – today they are known as a unique fashion accessory. Innovations in plastic manufacturing have allowed the Wayfarer to appear as a novelty in 1952 as part of the Ray-Ban brand.

Before this legendary model – the Aviator was made as a new type of sunglasses that could protect pilots from intense glare at high altitudes, so they were also popular among bikers. Whichever model you choose – you can’t go wrong. One thing is for sure – a biker image without sunglasses is not complete.


The best thing about creating a biker style is that everyone can interpret it in their way. There is no identical look or definite way you should look – so the possibilities in style creation are almost unlimited. However, as you are following the rules you have to ensure safe driving – you should also follow some style rules. In terms of fashion, if you want to look like a well-styled biker, follow some of the tips we provide you – and you won’t go wrong.