8 Biggest Women Fashion Trends from the 2000s

Source: Lifestyle Trends

Every decade has something new that offers something new for women’s clothes and fashion. We remember the 80 for the big hairstyles and bright colors, and the 90s were marked by slimming dark clothes and the Converse sneakers. However, the fashion trends that were big in the early 2000s left a permanent mark. Some things influenced the style we have now, and some will be remembered as mistakes that should not be repeated again.

Every woman wants to look perfect and to follow the biggest trends in fashion. We want to be impeccable and the ones that are the most daring, even create their own styles. Did you know that there are so many women that are the leaders and they are the ones that decide what the current trends are? For example, when Kate Middleton became Prince William’s wife, the wedding dress she wore became the biggest inspiration for many new brides all over the world.

Here we are going to take you down memory lane and help you remember the biggest women’s fashion trends from the 2000s. There are definitely some things that we still try to combine with the newest fashion because we just loved how those details complimented our style.

1. Headbands

Source: Business Insider Malaysia

They were a huge trend and now we miss them dearly. Nowadays girls wear headbands only when they get their makeup done or sometimes in the summer when they are on the sunbed on the beach. However, almost two decades ago, they were part of almost every red carpet.

The great thing about the headbands was that they came in so different colors and shapes, you could combine them with anything and they helped you get a perfect hairstyle in seconds.

2. Denim

Source: Insider

The denim in the 2000s made its comeback after the 80s and everything was denim. From pants to jackets and everything in between. There were a lot of people who embroidered their fashion pieces and make them look even better.

And do you remember the denim vests? They were something that women wore over their favorite shirts or dresses. However, this trend is long gone and we don’t think it’s something that’s going to make another come back.

3. Blazers

Source: Insider

The Blazers were used to dress up any possible combination, no matter if it was just a random shirt you found in your closet or a cool summer dress.

Most of them were black, however, the most daring women used many different combinations and styles of blazers. We will never forget the iconic t-shirt with a blazer combo that both men and women used to wear.

4. Overalls

Source: Head Topics

This was a trend mostly among teenagers, but women in their 50s loved the overalls as well. They were made from all kinds of materials and some even combined lace with denim.

Nowadays we have the jumpsuits and they are a modern version of the 2000s overalls. Haute Flair suggests that bodysuits can be combined with every style, including the modern versions of the trends we had back then.

5. Halter Silhouette

Source: Insider

This is a style that always makes a comeback. It was first featured by Marilyn Monroe in the 50s and then this silhouette was brought back in the early 2000s. You could see the dresses on every runway and red carpet.

This style is still a trend, but now with some modern variations. The reason is that it is effortless and that it makes the body look perfect.

6. Ponchos

Source: Business Insider Malaysia

Didn’t you just love them? If you needed something to keep you warm and you didn’t want to spend too much time looking for something nice to wear, you could just put a poncho on and be done with it.

They were used instead of coats and they were a stand-alone piece as well. Many women that knew how to knit used to knit their own colorful ponchos and show their own style. They were used in every season and some women can pull them off even nowadays.

7. Puffy Coats

Source: Daily Mail

They were the biggest trend ever and you probably had them in so many colors. The puffy coats were everywhere, from runways to every woman’s closet. And not just women’s closets! Every person, from youngest to oldest wore them and we still cannot find something that keeps us as warm as those coats did in the winter.

Nowadays there are some modern versions that don’t look as big and as heavy as the early 2000s ones. The thing was, most of the people didn’t really like them because you cannot notice a woman’s figure when she’s wearing something that is so big.

8. Top Knot Buns

Source: ¡HOLA! USA

This hairstyle that is inspired by the ballerinas is still a trend. Even though now it is replaced by the messy bun, it is still something that women love.

In the early 2000s, Jennifer Lopez was the one who set this trend. As we already know, this megastar always wants to look impeccable and she is the leader when it comes to fashion. The sophisticated look was combined with every possible outfit and once you master the look and how to make the perfect bun, you could always look impeccable.

If you could take one thing from the early 2000s and incorporate it into the current trends, what would it be? Every woman on the planet keeps at least one piece of clothes that is more than a decade old in her closet. The reason for that is because we looked so good in it, or just because it reminds us of a different period, and maybe even better time.

One thing you should always remember is that you can create your own style. If there is something that you like, you should wear it. If there is a current trend you don’t really like, you don’t have to follow it. As long as you love yourself and you are comfortable in your own skin, it does not matter if you follow the trends or not. Wear your clothes with pride and remember that you are the one that matters, not the things you buy and put on yourself.