Coin Collecting 101: A Look At The 2024 King Charles Coin


The King Charles III coin designed by the British artist Martin Jennings arrived this year, intriguing coin collectors and major investors alike with this first portrait release of King Charles III. On the front of the coin is an effigy of the King, which is part of a series set of prior male monarchs. On this coin, the King is shown without a crown. Britannia is depicted on the back of the coin, tightly holding her trident, with a Corinthian helmet upon her head.

The Royal Mint’s commemoration of King Charles III marks the first chance for coin enthusiasts to purchase a set of 2024 coins featuring the King’s portrait. The unveiling of the King’s portrait occurred in September 2022 as a portion of the Queen Elizabeth II coin range. It was determined after the Queen’s passing that all new coins struck in the new year (Jan 1st, 2024) would depict the King’s portrait.

The emergence of this collection signifies a major transition from Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait to the UK coinage of King Charles III. Beginning with the reign of Alfred the Great, it has been the duty of the Royal Mint to strike coins of UK monarchs. British coinage solidified a new era with the transition to King Charles III. For more information on the 2024 King Charles Coin, read on.

The 2024 King Charles Coin


The Royal Mint is known for creating annual coin sets celebrating important milestones and events on their coins. For 2024, the Annual Set will contain coins that celebrate and commemorate King Charles III’s 75th birthday. In recognition of the King’s love of plants and the natural world, the coin is depicted with the King’s crown, and the cypher is framed, woven in oak leaves and delphiniums, with the number “75”. The inscription on the edge of the coin states, “Restoring harmony with nature’ in all caps. The celebratory 75th birthday 2024 King Charles Coin is on the £5 coin.

Other 2024 Annual Sets

Other Annual sets that will come out this year include 75 Years of the National Health Service (50p) and 75 Years of the Windrush Generation (50p). Celebratory sets include Celebrating the Life and Work of JRR Tolkien (£2) and Celebrating the Centenary of Flying Scotsman (£2). All sets and individual coins can be purchased at The Royal Mint website, beginning at £50.

A Word Of Caution

Since January 3rd, 2024, the commemorative set has been available for purchase in various precious metals and base-proof finishes. Collectors are also able to purchase individual coins. Be mindful of where you purchase your coins from, as the new coins include security features to ensure authenticity. The specifics of these security features are discussed later. Take note of these features so you can verify your coins before purchase.

Note: The security features on the coins are intended to avoid counterfeit activity, given the high popularity of this new coin and a general shift in British coinage. Staying aware of this potentiality can safeguard your purchase.

Highlights Of The New Coin


Some important highlights of the 2024 King Charles Coin include:

  • 1 Troy 0x (pure .9999 gold)
  • 100 Great British Sterling (face value)
  • The coin is the 37th of British Gold Britannia Coins
  • Modern bullion coin
  • Raw Grade

How The 2024 Coin Was Decided On

The start of the 2024 productions of the Mint’s bullion coins includes a final effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. After the Queen’s passing in September, a quick decision was made to strike a selection of limited 2024 Britannia coins with her portrait before introducing new coins with King Charles III into the series.

In what ways can you purchase silver Britannia coins?

The conditions and packaging offerings may vary depending on where you purchase your coins. It is possible to find 2024 1 0z British Silver Britannia coins (uncirculated), individual packs, tubes, and large boxes. Some suppliers will sell the coins in multiples of 25 for tubes and up to 500 for large boxes. Per box, that is 20 tubes with 25 coins each.

New Features For Security


The 2024 Great Britain 1 0z silver coins are struck with four advanced security features that create visual detail and anti-counterfeit technology. A series of waves, lines, as well as holograms, and micro-engraving allow collectors and dealers to detect the authenticity of these coins, including the 2024 King Charles Coin.

Here is an overview of the safety features and where to spot them on the coins:

  • Specifically, for the micro-engraved features, the phrase “Decus Et Tutamen” rests along the inside edge of the coin.
  • The smooth lines security feature is shown on Britannia’s shield.
  •  The first safety feature, the wave pattern, shows a glistening surface when the coin hits the light.
  • The hologram security feature can be spotted on the bottom left side of the back, which shows a padlock transforming into a trident when the 2024 King Charles Coin is moved.

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the visual takeaway of the 2024 King Charles Coin:

  • The front (obverse) of the 2024 King Charles Coin depicts the effigy of King Charles iii (this is where the background wave pattern rests).
  • The obverse has inscriptions that read, “Charles III, “DG REX FD,” and “2 POUNDS.” Here is where the hologram and micro-engraved features reside on the 2024 King Charles Coin.
  • The back of the 2024 King Charles Coin (reverse) showcases Britannia (a symbol of Britain’s strength and power) standing confidently on a rock.
  • She has her shield in her left hand and is reaching out with a trident in her right. The inscriptions on this side are “BRITANNIA,” “2023”, “1 0z”, “999 FINE Silver”, and “NATHAN.”

This year, celebrate a shift in British coinage and diversify your portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio with the new 2024 King Charles III coin and commemorate the transition in Britain’s coinage history. Featuring the first effigy of King Charles III and advanced security features, the 2024 King Charles Coin is truly one of a kind.