Choosing the Best Mattress Type for You

This is a particularly important decision for all sleepers. The best mattress is one that allows you to get a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new day. This means that you have rested comfortably and feel refreshed both physically and mentally. There are many different available on the market for you to choose from.  They each offer a variety of different benefits to the sleeper. It is up to each individual sleeper to determine what type of sleeper they are and what benefits they need their mattress to offer.

There are many things to consider when purchasing one:

  • Size of mattress
  • Firmness
  • Support
  • Motion Control
  • Pressure Relief Points
  • Best for one or more sleepers
Source: Terry Cralle

What to Look for?

Find a bed that is the right size for the room you are putting it in. Determine what position you sleep in and know the firmness level that will best support that type of sleep position.  If you sleep with a partner or a child, make sure that you select a bed that will support and benefit both sleepers. A bed with a quality motion control would be the best choice if you have a restless partner or one that gets up throughout the night, so the motion of the bed does not wake the second sleeper up.

Make sure that the sinkage level of the bed will allow pressure relief to give you support where you need it the most. Usually, the support is given to the hip and shoulder area, helping you to stay in proper alignment while you are sleeping. Overall comfort and the ability to get up and not feel stiff and achy after a comfortable night’s sleep will help to be a good indicator of which type works best for you. According to Orthomattress, these are all the categories that you need to pay attention to before you go mattress shopping.

Making Your Selection

Once you have determined what type suits you for getting a good night’s sleep, there are many to choose from. There are various brands and price ranges and you do not necessarily have to pick one from the top price range to find a perfect fit.  When you’re buying something which involves your comfortability then it is not a good place to skimp on price when you find the one that gives you the comfort and support that you need, but it must be something that will go into your budget. Here are just a few to look at and feel free to shop around to find the best fit.

1. Purple

Source: Slumber Yard

The purple mattress has been designed to offer support and comfort to the sleeper and has been designed with a different type of material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Cover – The cover is made up of a material that has been combined with viscose, polyester, and lycra.  This combination creates a soft and stretchy layer so that it moves with the body movement on it.  It allows airflow through the cover so that it helps to create a temperature cooling effect on the mattress.

Comfort Layer – This comfort layer has been created into a 2-inch made from Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer.  This layer is set up as a grid so that it creates walls that the grid flexes underneath the pressure points while it remains supportive to the rest of the bed.  It is wrapped around the edges with a sturdier polyfoam to give more edge support.  This design also allows the air to circulate offering a quality cooling effect to the mattress.

Transition Layer – This layer is made from 3 ½ inches of high-density polyfoam. This has been made denser so that it will support the comfort layer and keep the sleeper from sinking too far into the mattress allowing the sleeper to have easy movements when turning over.

Base Layer – The base layer is created into 4 inches of high-density polyfoam. This layer has been designed to give support to the entire mattress.

It offers a medium firmness and optimal support for many sleepers. It would be a good selection for a combo sleeper or a back sleeper. Also, there’s quality motion control so it would be great for sleepers with a partner.  The sinkage is good because of the design it will not let a sleeper sink too far down into it.

2. DreamCloud

Source: Unbox Mattress

DreamCloud is a hybrid bed in a box and offers a variety of comfort. Its design is created from foam and coil springs that help to offer support, pressure relief, and mobility. Many sleepers have found this mattress to offer quality sleep and rest.

Cover – The cover is made from a quilted cashmere and polyester with a bit of memory foam. This cover offers soft comfort as soon as you get in touch with that.

Eurotop – This layer has been created from two layers of foam. The top foam has been made from gel-infused memory foam and offers the sleeper pressure relief and somebody contouring for a comforting night’s sleep. The second layer has been designed from a firmer layer of poly foam. This layer adds to the support and allows you to sink into the layer below.

Support Layer – This layer has been designed from pocketed coils. These coils are wrapped individually giving them the freedom to move separately depending upon the pressure, giving the sleeper quality mobility and support as they roll over on their bed.

Base Layer – This layer has been made from high-density polyfoam. It helps to give the mattress its shape and support and gives the coils a firmer foundation to sit on allowing them to have support to offer their mobility.

This mattress also offers edge support allowing the sleepers to utilize and have the surface of the entire thing has support and comfort for a good night’s sleep. This product offers a medium firmness that would make it a great selection for side and back sleepers. Not only that but it also offers a controlled transfer motion so that it would work great for couples especially if one if more of a restless sleeper. Dreamcloud seems to offer many benefits for a variety of sleepers.

3. Layla


Layla is a flappable type, which can create the best of both worlds. One side is soft leaving a plush comforting feel, while the other side is hard offering comforting support to those that require a firmer mattress.

Cover – The cover of this mattress has been designed from a polyester blend. This has created a soft to the touch that you can feel when you first crawl onto your mattress.

Comfort Level – With the soft side up, the comfort level is 3 inches thick and made from memory foam infused with copper. The copper helps to act as a cooling agent allowing temperature control though this level of the mattress. This material offers body contouring and sinkage for support.

Transitional Layer – The transitional layer is made of a firmer layer of poly foam. This offers support to the softer memory foam above it and slowly lowers the sleeper down to the layer below.

Support Layer – This layer is made from the 4-inch thick of high-density polyfoam. This layer functions as the base with the soft side up. It offers support for the other layers of foam keeping the sleepers from sinking too far down. When the firm side is up, this layer is the transitional layer and offers comfort and support to the sleepers back and hips.

Base – This layer is only an inch tall and is made from copper-infused memory foam.  When the soft side is up, it helps to support the additional foam layers on top. When the bed is flipped, this is the firm layer that the sleeper will feel. With it being the firm layer, it offers a firmness to the sleeper and some support to the lower back.

Layla comes up with its unique flappable action that will allow comfort to multiple sleepers.  The soft side would seem to work best for side sleepers or those that need more support for their joints. The firmer side is definitely just this, it offers firmer support and would work well for back sleepers that need some support to their lumbar region. The transfer motion is also incredibly good and should be great for people that sleep with partners.

Source: Grand Home Furnishings


As you can see on the mattress store like there is a wide choice and finding the one best for you, will depend upon several things. Selecting the best one is a personal choice.  It must be done with the benefits that will best suit your needs foremost in mind. You must also consider your budget and what you can afford, but finding the right product that gives you the most comfort and the best night’s sleep takes some research and time. Because one’s you bought it, there is no going back