Mattress in a Box in Australia – Ikea vs. Branded


What should you choose? Made at home or made in Scandinavia or somewhere north of the equator? Which is the better mattress? Ikea has been around for decades and has a global presence, and they must be doing something right with their mattresses with huge sales.

If choosing a mattress is about quality, this article will unravel the truth behind Australian box mattresses and the omnipresent Ikea brand that has all of us scratching our heads with its low prices.

Let’s get right into it.

Are Ikea mattresses the same size as Australian mattresses?

One of the biggest issues with Ikea mattresses through Europe and the US is that they don’t fit the bed frame exactly, and you can be locked into buying Ikea bed linen because the duvet sizes also don’t match.

Here is the Ikea mattress size guide:

VS. Australian standard bed sizes

Bed Type Metric Measurements (cm) Imperial Measurements
Double Size 137 cm x 187 cm 4’6″ x 6’2″ (54″x 74″)
Queen Size 153 cm x 203 cm 5’0″ x 6’8″ (60″x 80″)
King Size 183 cm x 203 cm 6’0″ x 6’8″ (72″ x 80″)
Super King Size 203 cm x 203 cm 6’8″ x 6’8″ (80″ x 80″)

There is a slight discrepancy with sizes with the Ikea beds being slightly bigger, this may not seem an issue but do you want your mattress hanging over the edges of your bed frame?

Your duvet and duvet covers will also be smaller, so if you take the Ikea option, you will need to replace your bedding simultaneously.

Do Australian mattresses fit IKEA bed frames?

No, if you have a mattress that you love and have seen a handsome bed at Ikea that you would like to buy, then you are out of luck.

You may be able to shoehorn a mattress into the frame, but in general, it is not an ideal situation to be in with a new bed frame.

Is it a good idea to buy mattresses from IKEA?

Ikea dominates a space in the market for Scandinavian-style furniture that is functional and looks good. The quality may be suspect in some areas, but Ikea generally supplies decent furnishings.

However, Ikea may be your ideal place if you are on a budget. Their volume of sales worldwide gives Ikea enormous purchasing power, which enables them to sell mattresses and other furnishings competitively.

You can find a mattress at Ikea that will fit a low-end budget, and the quality will be reasonably good.


How long does an IKEA mattress take to expand?

It takes a full 72 hours; during this time, place the mattress flat on the floor and keep the room ventilated.

How many Mattresses in box companies in Australia?

There are many, and if you quickly search online, you will be pleasantly surprised to find at least ten mattress box companies without trying.

You will even find some big brand names like Sealy being made in Australia. However, to check out all the best mattress brands go here.

The purpose of this article is not to knock Ikea in any way, they have great products, but when it comes to mattresses, they are better on the market for not a lot more money.

As you know, the way the world economy is keeping your hard-earned cash in your own country is where it’s at right now.

What is the most popular mattress in a box in Australia?

There are several mattresses for you to consider, all with different qualities and claims for comfort.

Here are just a few for you to consider investigating further; they all have a money-back guarantee and trial period:

  • Koala Mattress in a box
  • Ecosa Mattress in a box
  • OneBed Mattress in a box
  • Emma Mattress in a box
  • Sleeping duck Mattress in a box.

When purchasing a mattress in a box, it’s worth making some comparisons before you take the plunge. Pricing can often be due to extended warranties and money-back offers, and as good as that sounds, these types of mattresses are pretty reliable and last for around eight years.


Can you use a Mattress in a box on the same day of delivery?

No, It will take at least three days for the mattress to take its form. During this time, you may experience a strange smell in your home, and this is from off-gassing.

As the mattress fully expands, the solvents and adhesives used in the manufacturing process with off-gas are unpleasant, and the fumes are toxic, so keep the room well ventilated.

How do you go about selecting a mattress in a box?

It’s a personal choice, but if you are an eco-warrior or are interested in the planet, look for a mattress that may have some credentials for sustainability during the manufacturing process.

A great starting point is to see if your intended mattress purchase has GECA approval (Good Environmental Choice Australia). This means the mattress has been made with the environment in mind.

Mattresses in a box are foam mattresses, and all foams are not equal. During the manufacturing process, industrial chemicals are used together with strong adhesives that are not the best for the environment, if possible buy a latex mattress in a box with third-party certifications.

What’s the best-selling mattress in a box in Australia?

It is somewhat of a loaded question based on how humans differ. If you are 12 stone you may select one of the thinner mattresses and if you are 25 stone you will need a thicker mattress for support.

As long as you buy from a reputable company that has good mattress reviews you will be fine.


Mattress in a box Vs Ikea.

It’s a fine line but based on the size difference from Ikea mattresses to local Australian mattresses it seems like an easier process to buy the local mattress.

If you have a tight budget then Ikea may be the best mattress for you and if you are buying a complete bedroom set then why not opt for Ikea’s larger mattress?