How to Select the Best Mattress to Improve Your Sleep

If you wake up every morning with back pain or stiff neck, then it is probably the time for you to replace your worn-out mattress with the brand new. But with the diverse range available in the market and every brand claiming to be “the one for you”; it is understandable to lose sleep over the decision of picking one for years to come. Finding the perfect mattress might take some time, but when you do find it, make sure to use mybestmattress coupons and save some money on your purchase.

The process is not much complicated if you look in the right direction, and with this guide that we have drafted for you, it sure isn’t.

Factors to consider for buying:

There is no “right” mattress; it all depends on your preferences. The perfect kind for one would be a nightmare for the other. So stop asking others about their opinion and craft your own opinion by selecting an option based on these factors. And if you want to take a
look at some mattresses for your bed, check out

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Material: The market is flooded with the mattress that can be divided into five groups based on their materials it is manufactured from.

Inner springs: As the name suggests, the support core of these mattresses consists of interlocked spring coils hidden under the single or multiple layers of polyfoam. This one offers a supportive and firm feel along with the wide range for tensions, adjusting the firmness right the way you need it. But over time, springs start producing a cracking sound, and whenever you move, it may disturb the person sleeping right next to you. But irrespective of these cons, this one is quite common with low price, cool temperature, and more responsiveness for sex.

Latex: Being constructed of latex (material extracted from the sap of rubber trees), it offers fantastic comfort, bounce, and cooling. Also, it is free from the off-gassing and odor issues like the memory foam. It comes in two types; natural and synthetic latex. Of course, the natural one is healthier and environmentally friendly, but every perk comes with the price, so does this one. On the bad side, it is quite heavy and offers weak edge support.

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Memory Foam: These classics are the best for those who are tired of firm springs and want their mattresses to be ultra-plush. Free from any noise and possessing good motion isolation, make sure not to disturb your sleep in any case. Furthermore, these are light on your pockets too. However, some sleepers might find it warm as they retain heat and also are more susceptible to sagging.

Hybrid: Hybrid of foam and spring combines the best qualities of both. If we go by definition, it has a minimum of 2 inches memory foam/ latex with a core of the pocketed coil. It offers an adequate balance between firmness and softness. Closer conforming, more pressure and pain relief, better motion isolation, strong edge support; this one has got it all. But all these perks do come at the expense of a high price. Also, the manufacturer couldn’t get rid of the noise potential of spring and odor/heat retention of memory foam.

Air bed: Composed of no or very thin foam comfort layer, these air beds have support core of two or more air chambers whose firmness and comfort can be adjusted by inflating/deflating it accordingly. These are just perfect for pain/ pressure relief and are equally suitable for all sleeping positions. Their high prices can be accommodated with their longer life span. But the threat of costly repairs because of break downs and malfunctions is always there. However, with high noise potential and low availability, these are comparatively uncommon.

Sleeping Position:

Though it might seem unrelated to you, your choice of picking up a mattress is influenced by your sleeping position. So pick wisely!

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Front Sleepers: For people with these sleeping positions, memory foam is a huge turn-off. While the innerspring mattresses are the best with their firm support, and also, the bounce back nature of Latex will make them work too.

Back Sleepers: All the mattress types are fine for this sleeping position. Just make sure to have one with good support.

Side Sleepers: The mattresses with firm support are to be avoided as they tend to cause pain at key points. While memory and latex foam would be a quite appropriate choice as they give above average pressure and pain relief.

Soft, Medium or Firm:

Let’s clear out the myth first that firm mattresses are designed for older people or the ones with back pain. That is not true at all.

Furthermore, soft mattresses are intended for lightweight people (<150 lbs.), while firm ones are preferred by strong physiques (>180 lbs.). But important of all is your preference.

So decide how you would like to sleep; sunk in feathers or supported by hardback? You just got your answer.

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Organic Mattress

Many of your household items emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and of course, these items include your very own mattresses on which you sleep. These emitted VOCs are toxin foams, petroleum, and fire retardant chemicals that, being volatile, are spread in the air left there to be breathed in by your family as they sleep. These are unhealthy for all, particularly for kids and infants. This website provides a detailed review of the best organic mattresses that are actually true in their claim with non-toxic material and harmless fire retardants. For picking out an organic mattress, you need to check for the following traits. 

  • Make sure the filling of your mattress is 100% organic cotton if you are trying to avoid VOCs, as stated by Furthermore, it’s firm and breathable nature adds up to the purpose.
  • If you are opting for Latex mattress, you better consider the natural one and avoid the synthetic one, especially if you are picking a kid mattress.
  • Beware of Eco foam, Bio Foam, and Soy Foam as most of the labeled “eco-friendly” mattresses are polyurethane foam with hardly 10-20% GMO mixed in.
  • Always look for companies that are Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified.