FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Understanding the Chemistry in the Game


Several real-life sports, from baseball to wrestling, have been adapted into the fantasy world using video games. One of the most famous video game series that has been running for more than three decades is FIFA which is based on football. There are some specific characteristics that make a sports-based video game a success among the lovers of the game.

First of all, to be a success, a game has to be as close to real life as possible. Companies use several features like three-dimensional viewing, motion sensors, advanced control panels, etc., to give the players an immersive experience. Secondly, the match has to be interesting enough to increase the quotient of thrill.

One of the primary aims of the players is to build a dream team. However, since everyone wants to get the best members in their team, people might have to spend money on buying the most desirable members. There are sites like that offer virtual coins that can improve a person’s chances of creating his dream team.

Over the years, FIFA has evolved itself and worked on several features to improve customer satisfaction. It has been a roaring success, and today it can be played on multiple channels, including Casinos.


The Latest Version

The makers have confirmed that the twenty-third version, which is the latest version, might also be the last version of the video game. The makers have announced several new and exciting features in the latest version, which has kept fans brimming with excitement. For instance, there is a women’s league that will be featured, and a woman footballer will feature on the cover.

Again, on the technology front, the makers have worked further on improving the realism of the game. Players and managers will be able to control shots better and even observe the field better. There is also an exciting provision that allows inter-platform trades. For instance, if someone plays on Playstation, he can transfer a member of his team to a person who uses Xbox. However, the most buzz has been created over the changes to the chemistry system.

What Is Chemistry And How Does It Work?

Chemistry, in this case, simply means the bonding and the compatibility that the team members have with each other. The rationale behind the concept is very simple and interesting. In any team sport, the chances of winning or losing are proportional to the bond and vibe that the team members share with each other. A member who knows the passing style and defense style of the other person better will be a good team member.

So the higher the chemistry is, the more relatability between two members of a team. Thus two players who are a part of the same national club or play in the same league are related. While selecting people for the team, great care is to be taken to select a team that has better compatibility with each other.


Changes In the System

In the new version, some changes have been introduced in the way in which the aforementioned loyalty is measured. Some of the important changes are

Considering The Entire Team For Determining Chemistry

In contrast to earlier versions, particular positions are not considered for checking the relatedness between players. Instead, the entire team is considered for this purpose. Hence, two positions that play at a great distance from each other will also be counted for relatedness. For instance, a goalkeeper and a defender might be quite far away from each other on the field, yet they will get points if they belong to the same team or nation.


A Star-Based System

The new version moves away from a point-based system to a star-based system. Hence instead of getting scores out of ten, a sportsperson will now get stars based on their relatedness. Hence, depending upon the number of players in the whole squad who belong to the same club, league, or country, a person will get one, two, or three stars.

Value Of Iconic Sportsperson

Iconic sports persons are those who are considered masters in their sports given the high quality of skill that they possess. Hence, these iconic sports persons get some added benefits, like they are equivalent to two squad members instead of one. So if they are related to other members, their stars have a two-fold chance of increasing because of a single iconic person.

Changing Positions

In general, a player is allowed to play in three positions. For instance, a particular person can be allowed as a striker, a defender, or a midfielder. His stars will not be affected if his positions are changed among a goalkeeper, midfielder, and striker. However, if he moves to any other position apart from the above-mentioned three positions, then he might stand to lose his stars.


No Negative Fall Out On Essential Attributes

Earlier, if there was a fall in the value of chemistry, some essential attributes, like speed, shots, etc., would get compromised. In the present format, such attributes will not be negatively affected.

One Who Has No Chemistry

In the earlier format, when someone would have zero relationships with other team members, his stats as a player would follow a negative trend. However, at present, such a person’s stats are not affected in a negative way, and they remain as it is.

Focus On Individual Instead Of The Entire Team

In the earlier formats, the entire team-based chemistry was also considered. In the present format, only the individual chemistry is the focus and not the entire squad.



FIFA is a highly popular video game, and it has sold millions of copies over the past thirty years. It is available in multiple languages and sold in more than 50 countries. The game can be played as an individual or as a person who is the manager of the entire squad. Constant innovation, technological upgrades, and the excitement of football keep increasing the fan following of this video game with every single version that is launched.