How to Choose a Toilet for a Small Bathroom

Owners of small bathrooms usually get frustrated when it comes to their design and choice of the toilet’s size. While the bathroom historically is the smallest room in the entire house, now you have to squeeze all the furniture you want inside. Sanitary Review helps you to pick the most suitable toilet among multiple offers.

You don’t have to break the walls to place the toilet inside. All you need is to choose the right size of the toilet. Pick wisely to make the small bathroom look visibly bigger. If you are wondering whether the lack of empty space makes your options limited, don’t worry! There are plenty of great products of a compact size that fit right into your restroom.

Perfect Dimensions

It is hard to say for sure what dimensions of the bowl are suitable for your room, mainly because it depends on the room’s sizes and the other objects you want to see there. It also depends on the model of the toilet you want. Yet, there are several specific demands to such items:

  1. The bowl must be extended up to 31 inches from the bathroom’s wall;
  2. Despite the small size, it must withstand the heavyweight;
  3. Sleek design visibly adds space into your bathroom;
  4. The height of the small toilet is similar to any other ordinary toilets, which is 28-30 inches;
  5. Small toilets are great in saving the water, so you have to check whether it has a dual flush system;
  6. The seat and cover mustn’t be bigger than the toilet’s bowl.
Source: Best Toilets

Benefits of Small Toilets

Tiny toilets have numerous benefits, apart from saving precious space in the room. More clients ask about such toilets for normal size bathrooms. The pros you may notice installing a small toilet:

  • Saving the space. That’s an obvious one. You may add more things inside the bathroom, including the cupboards, washing machine, and so on;
  • The price. A small one is cheaper than the standard one, even if it has better quality. They are made in limited numbers and usually less popular than the classic one;
  • Simple cleaning. The smaller the toilet, the easier it is to clean. If it does not have a unique, complicated design with numerous angles inside, you will have no problems making it shine;
  • Saving the water. Small toilets tend to have smaller tanks attached. Usually, they use less water in one flush. It saves water for the whole planet and saves money for you by simply cutting the water bills! Check out whether the toilet is certified by EPA WaterSense.
Source: Tandem Contracting

How to Make a Choice

Don’t rush with this decision, as you will use the toilet for several years. The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house. Pay attention to these factors:

  • The size of the toilet, its bowl, height, the length must be not only equal to the space you can provide, but there must also be a distance between the bowl and the opposite wall big enough so you can actually use this toilet;
  • The shape of the bowl. There are round, square, bigger, or smaller offers on the market. Check all your options;
  • Style of the bathroom. Your toilet must fit the whole design of the room. Choose whether it is a two-piece or one-piece toilet, color, shape;
  • Efficiency. Small toilets save more water. You can cut it even more by picking the low flush model;
  • Comfort. Comfort is the first thing you may consider. If you need a heated or soft-closing seat, pick the right one. Modern technologies allow you to have an automatic flash, auto deodorized, foot-warming, and stuffed with nightlights toilets.
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Which Toilet to Choose?

Based on your personal preferences, pick the most convenient product for you. If you still have doubts, you may check out lists with detailed reviews on Sanitary Review. Don’t forget to share your opinion on the small toilets in the comments below.