Do Hot Air Brushes Really Work?

People choose hot air brushes to avoid hair damage and get a fabulous hairdo easier. Such devices really provide a fast and durable effect. Many stylists around the world use hot brushes and leave positive reviews. However, some customers say that air brush doesn’t work for them – and they could be absolutely right. It’s because you should take into account several factors while choosing a styling tool.

A reliable manufacturer is the first thing you should consider. Many of you already have a provider they can trust. But, if you choose hair styling products for the first time or you want to try something new, the advice of experts about the hot air brush reviews (as mentioned by Mystraightener) will come in useful. Not only a brand defines brushing effectiveness. You should also choose the right model that will suit your hair type the most.

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Hot Air Brushes for Different Hair Types

There are as many hair types as people on our planet. So here are the main recommendations to make your hot air brush work for real.

Hair thickness

If we talk about the hair density, there are no limitations among the air brushes. That means you can find a fitting model for every thickness level. The optimum barrel size for the brushes is 1.5 inches. Actually, it may suit any type, but sometimes it doesn’t work so simply.

The thicker hair you have, the thicker barrel you need to choose. For the fine one, it’s better to apply the 1-inch air brush. The device with the smaller barrel size is not the best choice – you can use it only in case you want a particular hairdo. Also, the best temperature for the small and medium thickness mane is 365-380 degrees Fahrenheit.

A brush with the 2 inches barrel is an excellent choice if you have thick hair. The larger one will style worse. The great idea is to buy a brush with several attachments – after trying each of them, you will understand what model suits you the most. You also have to consider the convenience of the handle – it should have a barrel protector.

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Hair length

If you have longer curls, you need a thicker brush – the same principle that works for the hair thickness. But now you should consider two factors. So, if you have a fine and short mane, you should choose the thinnest barrel. The hairdo will be more durable if the brush is small – it will be much easier to create waves and curls. By the way, the ionization technology could also create a long-lasting effect.

The 1.5 inches brush is suitable for thick short or fine long hair. This model will also work perfectly with the middle length, no matter what structure it has. Some manufacturers provide a rotating tool. Such technologies make styling much quicker and require less effort.

How to Make the Air Brush More Effective?

The hot air brush will really work if you apply it in the right way. Well, you have already purchased the model that suits your type and even chosen the hairdo you want – what’s next?

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Prepare your hair

Your styling will look fresh for longer if you apply the air brush on the washed hair. Besides, don’t forget about the heat protectant. People usually avoid it because they think that the hot air brush doesn’t heat so much. Of course, it damages hair much less than a flat iron, but the heat protectant is required.

Don’t overdo with the styling

The 30-45 seconds is enough to make a durable curl or wave. Especially if you take a small hair part – the 1-inch section will be completely ok. Hot air brushes work better with smooth movements. You don’t need to tense your hair too much – in any case, it will curl easier than you think.

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Hot Air Brushes Do Work!

With the best hot air brush, you can make a perfect style in several minutes. So, follow a link and choose the one that suits you the most. Don’t forget to use the recommendations we gave. You can finish your look with the luxurious styling, and you don’t need to wait for the ideal occasion – purchase for the best hot air brush right now!