Holiday at a Muay Thai Camp with Fitness in Thailand for Amazing Experience

‘Why not travel to Thailand?’ a colleague had suggested to me close to the start of the holiday season. I had been looking up places I could visit during the holidays, and the options before me were looking uninteresting to me. However, I took my friend’s advice and traveled to Thailand, and there I had the most amazing experience of my life; Muay Thai.

The Muay Thai sport

Muay Thai is one of the biggest sports in the world right now; it is attracting lots of players from almost every part of the world, and it keeps expanding. Muay Thai is a martial art sport that evolved from the old Thai military combat form, and people now refer to it as the “art of the 8-limbs”

People can learn Muay Thai for many reasons; for self-defense, fitness routine, weight loss routine, among other reasons. It doesn’t matter your reason for learning Muay Thai; I assure you that it is a fun sport to learn and simple to follow through. It is one of the main reasons why people choose to engage in Muay Thai during the holidays.


Why practicing for Muay Thai fits your holiday plan

There are lots of training camps in the islands, country, and city sides of Thailand, some more flamboyant/bigger than others. But whichever one you choose to register with, I can guarantee you that you’ll get a whole load of fun.

  • Muay Thai is perfect for relaxation

It might sound like an irony (combat sport & relaxation), but Muay Thai does a lot to your psychology. The sport can help you to get rid of anxiety and stress (which may have culminated from work). In training, you have to loosen yourself up, such that nothing else matters, and this beats away your anxieties. Also, after a training session, you will feel the rush of ‘endorphins’ in your body, which will help your body to relax.

  • Get a better perspective during the Holidays

Muay Thai camps are not just about fights, fights! Alternately, you will learn other useful qualities like patience, meditation, coordination, and respect for the enemy, tactics, and more. All these qualities are not only needed in combat but have real-life applications, which means you will be coming out of your Holiday time a ‘bigger’ person.

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  • Muay Thai camps are the best place to make new friends

No matter how ‘boring’ your life is, everyone can do with new friends, and Muay Thai camps have them aplenty. In training camps, you will find people of varying but interesting ethnicities, nationalities, and languages, and you should make friends with as many people as you can. New friends have a lot to teach you and share with you, which means you will come out of the holiday period with more connections.

  • Beautiful Scenery and practices

Muay Thai camps are in strategic landmark areas like; a beach, on islands, or within beautiful cities. Anywhere you choose to camp for your training, the scene will always overwhelm you, and you will always find elements of nature to soothe your soul.

  • Learn self-defense during the holiday period

There is a story of a woman who dispatched two muggers trying to steal her purse in an alley at ‘knife-point’ She confessed she had Muay Thai to thank for the way she repelled the urchins. Self-defense is a big reason why people practice Muay Thai; it will come in helpful to you in difficult situations. Your fitness will improve in short time with Muay Thai.


The best way to improve your health during the holiday period

The holiday period is also the best time to pay more attention to your health. Until the holidays, most people pour themselves over to the work that they fail in taking proper care of themselves and their health. Here is how Muay Thai affects your health.

  • It aids weight-loss

Most people dread the aftermath of the holidays; out of fear that their ‘scandalous eating’ will catch up with them. The regular practice of Muay Thai is more than what you need to get your body back to good shape. Muay Thai training will increase body metabolism, which will make your body burn the excess fat in your body.

  • Good practice for the heart

Aerobic and anaerobic activities done simultaneously are helpful to the heart; anaerobic exercises will help the muscles of the heart in its job of pumping the blood, while aerobic activities improve the amount of oxygen in the body. A healthy heart is crucial to healthy living and prevents heart disease.

  • Improves body coordination

Muay Thai Training enables your mind and brain to be alert, and have a swift and good understanding with the rest of your limbs. Your whole body ought to be at alert during a training session or a fight, or you will be receiving lots of ‘blows.’ Good body coordination will help to improve your reflexes and rid you of aging conditions like Parkinson’s.

  • A proper fitness Routine

It is normal to take up Muay Thai as your fitness routine; go to your training camp each day and let off some steam. Practicing push-ups, skipping, weight-pulling, and so on under the supervising eyes of your trainer is the best fitness routine, since you are directing it towards a purpose.


Holiday with Muay Thai in Thailand

The holiday is always aplomb with lots of festivals and ceremonies in Thailand, which includes the grand Muay Thai festival (the largest in the world). During this period, more visitors are coming from different parts of the world to either begin Muay Thai training or witness the grand festival.

Also, Thailand is very peaceful, with good economic and government policies; the standard of living in Thailand is moderate, which means the pricing of goods and services in their major cities like Phuket Island is fair. A good Muay Thai camp for fitness course is and it is at beautiful island.

The people of the country are very hospitable, and if you plan to stay through the whole holidays, you can get many good bargains in the hotels and house rents.

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In Summary

Muay Thai is a beloved sport to the people of Thailand; the sport says a lot about their great history and reflects much of their culture. There are lots of other side attractions that will make your stay in Thailand unforgettable, plus there is the natural beauty of the islands and beach of Phuket Islands.

Lastly, if you are still considering a place to spend your holiday; Thailand is a memorable place for a holiday.