Living Room Set vs Outdoor Furniture for Your Screen Room or Patio

Are you decorating a new patio or screen room? While your first thought is probably to look at furniture sets specifically for outdoor spaces, you might have better luck looking at living room sets. Before starting your search, consider these important points to determine if you want to get a living room set or outdoor furniture set.


Availability and quality

Since most regions don’t offer year-round opportunities to lounge outdoors, that type of furniture is usually only available during the spring and summer. By Labor Day you won’t find any outdoor sets on a furniture showroom floor. You can get outdoor furniture online year-round, but after September the pickings will be slim.

On the other hand, living room sets are available all of the time in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. If you’re not decorating your space in spring or early summer, choosing from living room sets will give you many more options.

Another important consideration is quality. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to outdoor furniture. You’ll find cheap sets, but they’ll last only a few years at best. If you want quality, long lasting outdoor furnishings you’ll pay very high prices. On the other hand, you can get some very durable and high quality living room sets for much less, comparatively.


Standing up to the elements

If you’re decorating an uncovered patio, furniture that can withstand the elements is important. While some living room sets are upholstered with fabrics that can withstand splashing and repel stains, it won’t hold up to harsh winds or a lot of precipitation. You can, however, find outdoor furniture covers so that you can protect the furniture when needed.

On the other hand, outdoor furniture is designed specifically to handle all types of weather. That means it can hold up to most seasonal storms. Still, some outdoor furniture must still be stored indoors during the winter months to protect it from the cold, which negates the need for the outdoor fabrics in the first place.

Another thing to consider is that if you are getting new furniture for a screen room, you may not need to worry about the elements at all. Keep in mind, however, that your living room furniture will fade over time with exposure to the sun, even when somewhat shaded by screens. Otherwise, living room sets work very well in these semi-covered spaces.


Comfort and support

The biggest complaint most people have about outdoor furniture is that it isn’t comfortable. This furniture is designed to hold up to nature’s abuse, not offer comfortable day-long seating. The hard woods and design naturally create an uncomfortable surface, usually without adequate back support.

On the other hand, living room furniture is designed for daily use (and abuse). That means it is often much more comfortable and with this, a 5 piece modular sectional sofa is perfect. You’ll also have access to more ergonomic options that can help those with back or joint pain. Having a higher seat is great for people who have trouble getting up and down. If you need to be able to raise up the feet routinely while outdoors, you can opt for a recliner when you choose living room furniture as well.

Finally, because outdoor furniture is meant to withstand wind and rain, the fabrics are often coarse against the skin. Living room furniture sets will offer you much more plush and comfortable upholstery to choose from. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, look at living room furniture sets.


Options for style, color, and materials

There isn’t a large demand for outdoor furniture, and as such there are fewer options available. You’ll have much fewer choices if you narrow your search to only that furniture that matches the style of the rest of your home. Finding colors and materials that match your other decor can also be trying.

By contrast, living room sets have a plethora of color and material choices in any style you could want for your patio or screen room. You’ll also have more budget friendly options to get exactly what you want without having to settle for something that simply suffices. You can even find the same brands and similar collections to those of your favorites already around your home.

Natural materials and hues of color are currently trending for outdoor spaces of any style. But you don’t have to get outdoor furniture to jump on board. Taking on a more natural style is so common right now that you can find examples in both outdoor and living room furniture collections.


Price vs value

A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a better deal. Instead of going with the cheapest outdoor set, look at cheaper living room sets as an alternative. A cheap outdoor set will be made of cheap materials that will break down faster than high quality furniture. Unfortunately, the more durable outdoor furnishings are far pricier than comparable living room sets.

Unlike outdoor furniture, you can get durable and high quality living room sets for much less. With opportunities like clearance sections and retail sale events, you can get the cheapest sofas, accent chairs, and more and still have durable furniture that will last for years.

Another option is to move the living room furniture you love to your outdoor space, then get new living room furniture to change things up inside your home. In this way you can get some more use out of your old furniture, and you have an excuse to redecorate your living room. In addition to getting new furniture, you might also want to look at new rugs or wall art to finish out the look.

Still on the fence about whether or not you want to update your living room? Check out the selection and prices available before making up your mind. You might be surprised at the collections and options available for your outdoor patio or covered and/or screened porch. Update your living room for less >