Sustainable Furniture: Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials and Manufacturers


The better our care for the environment, the healthier our life will be, as everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat will not be polluted. Now, pollution, in general, is a tremendous problem, a problem that simply demands our actions, as the only way to preserve nature is by changing our behavior. That is why going with eco-friendly materials whenever it is possible is the key, which is why there is huge hype over sustainable furniture. Of course, there are many aspects to check before making any decision, which is why doing research is a must, and this list should help with that.


Which materials are used?

Many people are not sure what it means when they read that some furniture is made of sustainable materials, so we will start with the basics and explain what that means. It can be wood and other materials that come from renewable sources used for furniture, custom-made, or factory-made, but without the usage of harmful chemicals, or the minimum of them, and made from local materials or trying to save on transportation.

Longer life span

The quality of the product, or in this case, furniture, is something we all want, and the logic behind this is simple, the better the quality, the more durable the material, which means that the lifespan is also much greater. So, the first thing to check is the structure of the material used for furniture, as this plays a huge role in eco-friendly wise. On the other hand, the longer something lasts, the more time we will use it, meaning that much time will pass before we throw it away. In general, it’s always better to buy something that will last longer, even if you have to pay a bit more money for it because otherwise, you will not just throw that something away sooner, you will also have to pay once again for something that will not last that long. Overall, the durability of the material can play a huge role in both expenses and the environment.

Besides that, going with easily repaired materials is another thing to keep in mind, as this also reduces the chance that we will throw that piece of furniture away because of some small issue. As for the stats, the environmental impact of manufacturing two items is much greater, which makes it something we must calculate upfront. Overall, going with durable materials and those that can be easily repaired should be everyone’s goal, and this is where manufacturers who offer long-life warranties and offer spare parts can be of much help.


Don’t forget to check the packaging

Understandably, this is something most folks overlook, as yes, you have done your best picking the best piece of furniture made out of eco-friendly materials that are durable and easily repaired, but whether those goods will come in environmentally friendly packages, well, that might not be the case. Namely, there are certain types of packaging that are not recyclable, like the main kinds of plastic Styrofoam that are often used. The best way to avoid this issue is to go with items that are not excessively packaged. The biggest problem here is regarding customer demands, as we also want our goods to come undamaged, and excessive packaging prevents this, and the same goes with the bulkiness of the furniture, so explore all options before making an order and double-check types of packaging as there are usually several of them you can pick from.

The variety of products

Many people think that eco-friendly furniture is made of recycled materials and looks lifeless and boring, but none of that is true. Namely, it can be eco-friendly and made of sustainable materials that are not recycled but can be once we want to make some change and want a piece of new furniture. Besides that, it is everything but boring, as it comes in different shapes and colors and can fit into every style, and no matter how picky someone is, there is surely a perfect item for them. This industry is evolving, and there is no doubt that we can expect even more interesting products in the future, which is why we should do the research and check the already vast offer.


Our health is the most valuable

The biggest reason why one should decide to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials in everyday life is to protect the most valuable thing they own – their health. Namely, the furniture made of them is made by processes that use less harmful chemicals, which drastically changes the quality of the air in our homes, and makes it less polluted, which has a positive impact on our health and overall being. It is literally the decision that can make our lives better and much healthier.

Buy local products

The best way to help the environment, even more in this situation, is to choose local products instead of spending a lot of money on transportation. Transportation can be pretty costly and requires some kind of fuel that can harm our environment and cause pollution. On the other side, going with local products will make getting them much easier without unnecessary pollution and can help the local economy grow. It is a win-win situation for both the local manufacturer and you, as you will do something good for our planet.


To summarize

As you can see, there are many reasons to switch to sustainable, eco-friendly furniture, and what is even more important – there is none against it. We have only one planet, and we need to do everything we can to protect it, and the first step is changing some bad habits we all have. It is important to understand that using sustainable materials can stop or at least reduce deforestation, and there is no need to mention how important forests are for our health and our existence. Besides that, it looks great and can enrich every room, it is affordable and supports the local manufacturers and economy.