6 Reasons to Use Ergonomic Footrest

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Comfortable sitting and correct posture are critical when working at your desk, yet many are unaware of how seating choices affect their health. Pain in the hips, lumbar spine, and legs are common among office workers. However, simple adjustments such as an ergonomic footrest can help relieve the pain and improve your comfort. Ergonomic footrests keep your body in an upright posture to improve blood flow and circulation, lowering chances of leg and back pain to improve productivity.

Thankfully, many online stores sells the foot rest for under desk that help lift your feet to the right position to prevent back pain. Below are the benefits of ergonomic footrests.

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Improves Sitting Comfort of Shorter People

While some chairs are designed for petite users, footrests are a great way smaller people get the advantages of ergonomic seating without limiting their options. For maximum benefit from ergonomic chairs, you need to sit with feet on a flat floor. This can be challenging when you are a smaller person. However, a footrest allows shorter users to keep their weight distributed and feet flat when the chair can’t get lower to let their feet touch the floor.

Moreover, by reducing pressure on the legs, footrests help prevent blood clots from deep vein thrombosis, decrease varicose veins and swelling, and relieve pressure on the lower back. If your chair is missing a waterfall edge, they are critical to eliminating circulation problems and discomfort from sitting for extended periods.

Feet Tension Relief

An ergonomic footrest keeps your feet in a neutral position. It is especially true with women that wear shoes with different heels, such as sandals, high heels, or boots. Walking around on shoes with height discrepancy as you keep feet flat on the floor when at work strains tendons and muscles on your feet, including the Achilles tendon. In turn, it leads to foot pain. Keeping feet well supported with footrests make a difference in your feet’ health.

If you spend more time sitting in one position, you might feel achy when you get up. However, a footrest that comes with rocking and stationery designs can help. To have a good posture, you need to keep your hips above knee level while moving your feet around and sitting straight.

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Fewer Back Problems

Backaches are common complaints among regular office workers. Spine disorders are exacerbated when sitting incorrectly on the office desk. Also, it can be caused by working at uncomfortable desks or poorly fitting chairs. To keep you from slouching, you can prop your feet up. Also, it relieves pressure from the spine that in turn alleviates your back problems. As you sit, lean back slightly to reduce strain on muscles around the lumbar disks and spine.

At times ergonomic chairs might not reduce pains and aches from office work. Using an ergonomic footrest allows you to sit for more extended periods without discomfort, especially during long conference calls or busy days that you can’t stand up for a break.

Having an ergonomic footrest at your office desk is just like having a pillow for your feet, except that it’s designed to support the entire foot instead of just your heels and ankles. You can use it when sitting down and when standing up as well whenever you feel fatigue kicking in after hours of working at your office.

When seated on a chair with wheels, you don’t need to keep moving the chair back and forth or reaching out for your water bottle placed far away from where your elbows are resting against the armrests. Just simply raise up one leg so you can grab onto the ergonomic footrest below those legs with both hands, then push yourself forward and backward easily without using your hands.

If you work as a cashier, then this is perfect for you because you only need to stand up and sit down on your chair throughout the day, which can give you leg cramps and backaches if there is no support for your feet. Using ergonomic footrests will ensure that your body weight straining too much. Some of the reasons include:

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  1. Improve your health at work by using ergonomically designed footrests. This is not a luxury but a necessity if you want to stay healthy and productive as an office worker. Here are some reasons why:
  2. Increase blood circulation from your feet to the rest of the body, which helps give oxygen and nutrients to all cells. Lack of blood flow causes fatigue and can lead to problems such as varicose veins, aching legs, cramping muscles, and cold feet.
  3. Support for your lower back takes the strain off the disks in between each vertebra because it relieves pressure on the lumbar region when you stand up from sitting down all day long. This also makes it easier for you to stretch your back muscles every now and then, which prevents lower back pain.
  4. Relaxing sitting posture when you are tired of doing work at the office or want to take a quick power nap during lunchtime. It’s much better than slouching so that your spine doesn’t have to suffer for it in the long run.
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  5. Easier movement around the office, which reduces stress on your body caused by repetitive movements in daily activities. This also increases mental alertness because it makes you feel less fatigued, allowing you to be more focused when working towards achieving your goals. The feeling is similar to how athletes experience temporary gains in their performance after having sufficient rest before starting an intense workout session again.
  6. Warm feet that help promote overall wellness during cold seasons. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also reduces the risk of acquiring diseases such as tuberculosis because most bacteria thrive in colder environments.

Avoiding work-related injuries, which is why most jobs require wearing protective gear like helmets and gloves. This is especially important for high-risk professions where one wrong move can cause irreversible damage to their musculoskeletal system, leading to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. It’s cheaper to prevent these conditions from developing in the first place than treating them later on when they get worse.

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