10 Items Every Office Worker Needs On Their Desk – 2024 Guide

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Whether we like to admit it or not, our office desks are our home away from home.
While you may daydream about winning the lotto or finally taking that vacation you’ve always planned, there’s work to be done before that clock hits five p.m.!

Since that old reliable desk is the place where you sit, scribble, type (and occasionally bang your head in frustration!) all day, why not make the best of your surroundings?

From fun stationery and decorations to notepads, there’s always a creative way to make sure your desk feels a little more welcoming when you see it again on Monday morning!

Here are our ten essential items that every office worker needs on their desk:

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Are you sick of John from accounts repeating the same unfunny joke to everyone who walks past? Drown out the dullness of your office day with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Ideal for concentrating on your work without the constant stream of office chatter, you’ll find yourself giving your ears a much-needed break with some of your favorite music!

2. Custom Sticky Notepads

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Sticky notepads never fail to brighten up a dull desk. We all need notepads to keep on top of projects, scribble quick notes, and stay organized, so why not make it a fun experience?
Captain Notepad offers over 100 different colorful and creative designs to promote your business or just have it at your desk for the pure enjoyment of it! Personalized sticky notes give your day that extra morale boost on those stressful days.

Not only are they handy, but they’ll stay neat and take up very little space on your desk, waiting to be torn off and used. Whatever shape, size, or color you need, the perfect custom sticky notepad is just waiting for you!

3. A Mug Warmer

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We’re all guilty of making a fresh, piping hot coffee and then completely forgetting about it while we frown over our Monday morning emails.

When your coffee goes stone-cold, the perfect desk buddy for your beverage is a mug warmer. These tidy and convenient devices will make sure that even on your worst workdays you’ll at least be refreshed!

4. A Desk Calendar

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We all need to keep the dream of that upcoming vacation or important weekend ahead alive. A desk calendar is a perfect way to remind yourself of why you’re working so hard!
Smaller and more private desk calendars let you circle important dates and enjoy the anticipation of booked holidays. It also allows you to remember work colleagues’ birthdays or important deadlines without bringing too much attention to yourself.

5. A Desk Plant

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While you’re stuck indoors, bring a small piece of the outside world to keep you company!

There’s a wide range of beautiful desk plants that are easy to maintain that’ll give your desk a much-needed bit of greenery and nature.

Plants inspire a sense of calm, and tranquility within us, and serve as a reminder that there’s more to life than the four walls we occupy from Monday to Friday.

6. A Desk Fan

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There’s no denying that heat can really disrupt your work process and keep you from thinking clearly. And you never know when the air-con in the office will go out, or when you’ll need to keep a cool head while rushing to meet that deadline.

That’s why a small desk fan, whether battery operated or a USB plugin, will be a much-needed source of calm and tranquility when everyone else in the office is getting all hot and bothered!

7. A Custom Printed Mousepad

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Some office spaces are so impersonal that you just want to add a little touch of “you” and fill the space with something unique. A custom painted mouse pad can be that little something you add to your workspace, that would make it your own without disrupting the overall design of the office or workspace. Moreover, if you’re having one of those days, a custom printed mouse pad will give you a reason to smile while shaking your mouse in frustration.

A fun and colorful design can make all the difference to a plain desk and offers that extra personal touch to your workspace. You can even get it printed with one of your favorite photos, such a beautiful landscape, your family or even your pet.

8. A Stress Relief Toy

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If the world feels like it’s against you, and you’re desperately in need of releasing a little bit of stress, these handy little toys can absorb the punishment that’s (most likely) aimed at someone else you share an office space with!

Taking a minute to squeeze a stress toy will calm your nerves and keep you focused. A welcome addition to any desk, your little squeezable friend will sit quietly next to you and be there when you’re at your wit’s end.

9. A Personalized Mug

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We all have a favorite mug in the office, and it’s always being used by someone else!
A personalized mug is a humorous way to make sure your mug remains untouched by others. Putting a fun and interesting design on a mug will make one more thing on your desk personal, and give it a second home feel.

10. Personalized Pens

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You can never find a pen when you need one! And even when you do, chances are it’ll vanish mysteriously before the end of the day.

Make sure your stationery stands out with a set of personalized pens. It’s a lot more difficult for someone to claim they haven’t used your pen when it’s customized in your favorite design and color!

Choose from a wide range of customized stationery to add the final touch to your desk.

Make sitting at your desk each morning an inviting prospect.