Top Aspects You Should Remember When Selecting a Standing Desk

When you have finally decided to buy a standing desk, you would want to have the best option. Why not? Of course, you deserve to feel fine even after a long working day, not to get overtired, and finally, to perform your tasks faster and more efficiently. It is possible if your workplace is equipped properly. So, start with your desk.

A good height-adjustable desk, if purchased from a specialized company, can change the entire way you work. It will allow you to perform more productively, get less tired, and in general, become happier and healthier. But to get these results, you need to choose the desk very carefully.

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Mandatory Requirements to Your Height-Adjustable Desk

There are specific requirements, and your desk shall comply with all of them if you want to avoid wasting money on an unnecessary piece of furniture. Here is the list, check all points one by one. If at least one feature doesn’t comply, look for a different desk.

  • The lifting system of your standing desk shall have a stroke length sufficient to move your desk to the needed height. In both a standing and a sitting position, your elbows shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. The PC monitor shall be located at the level of your eyes. If you are lifting or bending your head to see the monitor, change the desk setup. You might also need to get monitor support. The feet shall rest on the floor. In a standing position, your knees shall be slightly bent. It will allow you to shift your body weight from one leg to another. So, at the end of the day, you will not be overtired.
  • The noise generation level is important. If you get bothered every time you are lifting or lowering the desk, it will not bring a lot of pleasure from your work. The more silently the desk works, the better it is.
  • The lifting power is sufficient. You might be surprised by this feature if you use standard equipment only. But gamers, for example, those who can use even some monitors, or traders, or those people who need a PC, a printer, and some more devices, understand why lifting power is crucial. The lift system shall be able to move the desk. If it is not the case, the desk will be useless.
  • The desk size: here, everything is more than simple. The desk shall fit in a specific place, especially if the place is limited.

Now, when you have selected the needed features, you can move on with such details as the desk shape, colour, design, and whatever else you might find important. By the way, you can even buy special lockable wheels for height-adjustable desks. With them, you can move your desk around without any effort. Lock the wheels, and you get a perfectly stable office furniture piece.

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Desk Builder – a Tool That Will Help You to Choose the Best Desk

Reliable desk manufacturers do their best to facilitate the desk selection for their customers. Among other efforts, different tools might be offered. We believe that one of the most useful tools for clients is Desk Builder. The tool is implemented directly on the company`s website and helps clients to make the best choice. You can use it even if you have never tried to use any tool online, so easy it is. Here is how it goes.

  • Move to the page with the tool. The left part of the screen is empty, while in the right part, you see the choices.
  • You can choose a part, a specific component of your future adjustable desk by clicking on it. When you click on a selected option, it will be moved to the left side. The current price will be displayed.
  • By choosing one component after another one, you are constructing your height-adjustable desk. Don’t forget to follow the price changes to avoid surprises in the end.
  • When the desk is built, you can follow with the accessories. Among the most recommended ones, we can distinguish a drawer. Such drawers are made for height-adjustable items and can be fixed under the desk top or removed whenever needed. Another useful option is a CPU holder. This item is also created for such desk type. It can be installed easily under the top and removed.
  • When the choice is made, you can move to the payment option and place your order.

It might happen that among the biggest variety of options, you will not find the desk that you would like to use. In such a case, don’t hesitate to ask a company representative if they can make a custom option for you. Most desk manufacturers offer such an opportunity. It will cost more than purchasing a readily available option but at least, you will get the desk of your dreams. Moreover, you aren’t buying adjustable desks every day. The item is supposed to serve your needs for ages.

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Bottom Line

It is not a problem to buy a height-adjustable desk nowadays. There are many manufacturers and distributors. However, the choice itself might pose certain difficulties. It is also pretty complicated to choose the best option among the variety. That’s why we recommend purchasing items from reliable companies only.

Make sure the company delivers items to your location. There might be specific limitations, check whether they don’t apply to your location. Another option is to check whether the company sells items on such marketplaces as Amazon. There, you can also purchase the products.

Check whether the company is specialized in the manufacturing of this desk type. If yes, it means that they apply special equipment to manufacture their products, all specifications are accurate, and desks serve properly for a long time. Such companies give a guarantee for their products. And of course, they don’t hesitate to offer convenient options such as item return. Always check these details, and you can be sure that you will be happy with the result.