9 Things You Need In Your Bathroom for 2024

The bathroom might seem like the messiest place in the house, but all that mess must be maintained for a variety of reasons.

The first, and most obvious one, is the subject of sanitation and hygiene. Not only will multiple people use the bathroom, but you can catch various infections if you’re not careful. But carefulness has nothing to do if the bathroom isn’t regularly looked after.

While there are dozens of products that help do just that, there are various other items that help with other aspects such as entertainment and aesthetics.

Truthfully speaking, people go to the bathroom at least twice a day. Some do it quickly, while others like to take their time. So, to help pass the time, achieve sanitary perfection, and have everything at your disposal when at the bathroom, we suggest you get the following 8 things.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list.

1. Toilet Paper Stand

Source: eBay

The single most frustrating issue when finishing up your duty is sitting there and finding out that there is no toilet paper.

So, how would you put an end to this issue? Well, by getting a toilet paper stand you are effectively having your toilet paper within reach and stocked.

Some toilet paper stands allow for multiple rolls to be added, meaning you can simply use the next one if the first depletes.

2. Toilet Brush

Source: Food52

An absolute necessity when it comes to sanitation, a toilet brush is an item that every household must own in their bathroom.

Not only is this item very useful, but it allows you to avoid getting embarrassed after you’ve used the bathroom. This can be particularly useful when having people over.

Everyone knows they must clean their bathroom before friends and family come over. And the best and most efficient way to clean the toilet is to use a designated brush.

3. Reading Material

Source: Book Cave

If you happen to take a long time doing your business in the bathroom, then we suggest stocking on reading material to help pass the time.

In movies, whenever the camera recorded the father of the household in the bathroom, there was always a newspaper in the person’s hand. Nowadays, newspapers have been replaced by smartphones. But it goes without saying that you can make the occasion that much special if you happen to have a book or a magazine in the bathroom while using it.

Not only is this the way to do it, but you’ll also be doing it in style.

4. Wastebasket

Source: Overstock.com

In some communities throughout the world, sewerage can be a problem. If this is something that you don’t associate with, then consider yourself lucky.

But regardless, some communities have pretty poor sewerage systems. Because of it, they aren’t allowed to flushing the toilet paper since it can clog up the sewer. If this happens, you can imagine the damage and the sight of seeing everything you’ve previously released.

If this is something that you associate with, then consider getting a wastebasket. Not only is a wastebasket the perfect item to dispose of the used toilet paper, but it does it in a very convenient way. If you don’t happen to own one, simply getting one will open a wide range of uses for it. Not only is it good for disposing of toilet paper, but it can be used for the disposal of virtually any other thing.

5. Bidet Toilet

Source: homeplus.store

Have you ever heard about a bidet toilet? If not then it is definitely a thing to own.

If you’re looking to achieve hygiene perfection, a bidet toilet is a thing that allows it. A bidet acts exactly like a toilet, but a more comfortable one.

A bidet toilet is more hygienic since it sprinkles water every time you use it, to effectively clean yourself after every bathroom use.

And while there are some poor bidets out there that don’t give you the necessary comfort and relaxation, we suggest reading this detailed review to get the best one for your needs.

6. Diffuser

Source: Amazon.com

Sometimes, after dad uses the bathroom, he can leave it in a state of quarantine rendering it unusable for the next 15 minutes.

Dads are pretty brutal when it comes to doing number two’s, so a great way to combat the bad smell and odor is with a diffuser.

A diffuser is a simple “device”, if you could call it, that lets out a nice and fresh scent. It does it through the use of aromatic sticks or an aromatic scent inserted in the device. But regardless of how it lets out the soothing and calming scent, it can make a lot of difference in the bathroom.

7. Padded toilet seats

Source: Easy Comforts

Once you buy your own padded toilet seat, you ask yourself, why on Earth did I live my entire life without one. Padded toilet seats are becoming very popular – from the US to the UK, and all the way to Japan which leads by example in toilet seat innovation (yes, it’s a thing!). From seat cushion additions to raised toilet seats, soft padding and everything in between, you’d be surprised how many permutations you could expect to find on Amazon and other retail sites these days.

I bought mine (PCP Raised TOilet Seat cushion), after reading this article on Giftwits.

The choice is yours – opportunities are endless. for sure!

8. Toothbrush Cup

Source: eBay

The frustrations of having to live without a toothbrush cup are endless. If you haven’t already bought a toothbrush cup to keep your toothbrush in place, what are you waiting for?

Not only is a toothbrush cup the best way to store your brush when not using it, but you’ll never face the problem of losing the brush, ever, again.

9. Liquid Hand Soap

Source: Banggood

Soap comes in multiple forms, which include solid, foam, and liquid. Out of the three, the first is the widely acceptable choice for households, the second is the most accepted for restaurants, bars, etc, while the third is quite underrated.

And while some households definitely use liquid hand soap, not many do.

And here, we’re going to try and make an argument for you as to why you should.

First off, whenever using liquid hand soap compared to a soap bar, you are effectively using more of it. This shouldn’t be looked from an economical point of view but from a hygienic one.

The second reason is that it doesn’t leave a mess around the sink every time you use it, and the third is that it takes less space on the sink. As you all might think, liquid hand soaps can either come in a bottle and be placed on the sink, or in a special container that can be mounted on the wall.

Regardless of which liquid hand soap you use, always buy in bulk because it’s cheaper that way and you’ll never run out of it.