8 Gadgets to Create A High-Tech Bathroom

The bathroom gadgets have been developed with so many innovations in the past few years. Whether it is a faucet or a shower, everything has become luxurious and smart. In order to make your bathroom high tech, you will need to make significant changes in it.

With the help of our guideline, you can create a new high tech bathroom in your home or farmhouse. The smart gadgets in your bathroom can help you connect with your iPhone without bringing it into the bathroom. Let us discuss about some gadgets that will help you make a high tech bathroom in your house.

1. Digital Faucets

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When you create a bathroom, you need to think of sink and faucets. The latest technology faucets are very advanced, they offer very high tech features. First of all the faucets are touchless, you don’t need to turn it ON or OFF ever. Because it contains a sensor inside it.

When you put your hands below the faucet, it turns ON automatically and you can wash your hands. It also turns OFF when you remove your hands from the sink. Some faucets have temperature control settings. It allows you to choose warm water or normal water for washing your hands.

The digital faucets have reduced water flow than regular faucets. So it uses less water that is good for the environment as well as your wallet. It reduces the overall water consumption and your water bill. In this way, it saves a lot of money and still provides smart features.

2. Smart Toilets

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The era of luxurious and advanced technology toilet has already begun. The smart toilets are far better than traditional high water-consuming toilets. They are environment-friendly and offer a variety of premium features that make your toilet using experience full of pleasure and comfort. If you want the best water-saving toilet then check review here.

Generally, the smart toilets come with integrated bidet and remote control or control panel. You can manage various tasks by using its wireless remote control. Mostly it does not have the water tank and hence, it is directly connected to the water supply line of your bathroom.

The Smart Toilet includes a soft closing seat that opens and close automatically. The seat lid opens when you go near the toilet and it closes in a few seconds after you leave it. It also flushes automatically when you leave the toilet, so you don’t need to flush it manually like a standard toilet.

There are plenty of premium functions offered in a high tech toilet. Such functions include Water Heating Technology, Adjustable Water Pressure & Temperature, Warm Air Dryer, Hygienic Water Filter, Air Deodorizer, 1.0 or 1.28 GPF Water Usage, Powerful & Effective Flush System, Pulsating & Oscillating Wash, Night Light, Various Cleansing Modes for Male, Female, Energy Saver Mode and many more.

3. Wi-Fi Body Scale

Source: Verywell Fit

A smart scale is a very useful tool to check the Body Mass Index (BMI). It comes in a sleek, beautiful design and does not take up much space in your bathroom. It helps you to keep an eye on your body weight and fitness health. You can check your weight, lean mass, body fat and many other details.

You can connect this scale to a website or other online platform. It allows you to store your fitness data online and share the same with your doctor or physical health trainer. After leaving the bathroom, you can access these data from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

4. Shower with Remote Control

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It is important to get a high tech shower when you are creating a luxurious bathroom. The latest showers come with wireless remote control. You need to adjust various settings from remote and then enter the shower room to get a personalized showering bath.

The high tech shower allows you to adjust the water pressure and temperature in advance. You can mount the remote on your bathroom wall near the shower room. You can also set the shower timer to use a limited amount of water for each shower session. So far, steam showers are the most high-tech showers we have out in the market. They come in different features and modes that are perfect for your late-night shower session. You can check out this article for the best steam showers perfect for your needs.

5. Add Wireless Speakers

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Many people love listening to their favorite music while taking a shower in the morning. The wireless Bluetooth speakers can make your dream come true. You need to connect your smartphone, computer, TV or any other gadget to these speakers.

You can get the best waterproof speakers and install them near the shower room. Thereafter enjoy your favorite songs while brushing teeth, taking bath or just taking a small evening shower.

6. Modern Bathtubs

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The bathtub is necessary when you want to have a relaxed bath after a hectic day. You have many options for latest bathtub designs to choose from. The Japanese Style Soaking Tubs, Modern Rectangle Tubs, Standalone Tubs with No Shower Surround and many more. Check showerjournal.com for more help.

You can also add modern tub faucets that come directly from the floor and pour water into the tub. The shape of the bathtub is also an important factor. You should check the material, shape and design of the tub to know if it will suit your bathroom or you need to find some other bathtub.

7. Mood Enhancing Lights

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Chromotherapy or other LED lighting will make your bathroom look futuristic and luxurious. The LED lighting will provide shades of lights inside the shower room and on your bathtub. It will change your mood completely while taking a bath. You will notice that the light effects have transformed it from modern to the best luxurious.

8. Human Sensor Mirror

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This is high tech and unique thing to add in your bathroom. The sensor mirror looks like normal glass and it shows up your face only when you come in front of it. This amazing function makes it different from all other bath mirrors.

The human sensor mirror has a built-in LED light that illuminate like the natural sunlight. It helps the user to see how their face and clothes appear in sunlight. The LED light in mirror has a long 100 years usage life. It comes in various size options, you can choose your desired mirror for your bathroom.

Thus, you should consider all the above gadgets while making a high tech bathroom in your home.