7 Living Room Ideas for Every Style and Budget

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Are you planning to decorate your living room, but you have a limited budget? Don’t let this fact spoil all your fantasies about the perfect living room. Equipping it to fit the budget is quite possible. All you have to do is keep reading to read all the tips we have prepared for you.

Who knows, maybe you will find some new ideas there or it will serve you as a practical thing. This central room is very inspiring, which means that anything can be done with it. It is best to plan the arrangement depending on the use of it.

Since it can also be multifunctional, you need a detailed plan for the layout of the furniture and everything else that goes with it. There are also different styles and ways of decorating. However, if you don’t have many ideas, keep reading and learn some universal tricks that can help you get the living room of your dreams.

1. Change the arrangement of the furniture

Before you go shopping to choose the furniture you have imagined, reconsider once again. Depending on whether you have decided on a traditional arrangement of items or something different, you must be sure that everything will fit together. In order not to make a mistake, we recommend that you check everything you have in the house in order to benefit you.

To save money, it is best to forget about the traditional layout, such pieces of furniture are usually expensive. When your budget is limited, outlets are an ideal place where you can find quality things at a lower price. Check on the NFO website and what you can find in one outlet. So approach this imaginatively and do something innovative – instead of TV as the main item in the room, place some artwork in that place for example.

Also, place the sofa in the middle and decorate the space around it with vases, flowers or something else. A classic and timeless piece from Chesterfield Sofa Company will be a great focal point for your living room.

You can also approach this in a minimalist way, so you can place only some basic things in the room and definitely get more space.

This proposal is much cheaper than expensive armchairs, daybeds which you can find on shops such as SleepMattress, shelves, etc. Of course, each room is a different shape, so adjust the layout accordingly.

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2. Check around your house, you maybe find something interesting

In the previous part of the text, we mentioned to you to research your house before buying in order to find some bedroom furniture. We didn’t mean that you would find some furniture in your garage or yard quite by accident, but we are pointing out some pieces of furniture that may suit your living room better. Probably at least one piece of furniture doesn’t look good to you for a while now and you think it doesn’t belong here – now is the right time to remove it from there.

There is no need to spend the last money from the budget on expensive elements, when maybe some of them have been in your house for a long time. It would not be bad to explore your garage a little better, you may come across some great discovery like an old painting or a vase. If you find something interesting, but the colors do not fit in your living room, use one great trick – painting the furniture!

3. Take advantage of artwork

If you have a neutral color of the walls, and they are empty, fill them with some interesting details. In addition to photos or pictures, these can be some great curtain designs of different shapes.

You may not even have to put curtains on if you don’t have them, use some old bedspreads that have an attractive look and you’ve got the perfect detail.

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4. House plants are always a great choice

There is nothing more effective and cheaper than a plant. It can bring freshness to space, add colors and enliven the space in every other sense. This is partly because they make it healthier, but they are a really great choice when you consider different options and are of appropriate dimensions. Since you can find them in different sizes, they are perfectly compatible with any space.

While larger plants can be a little more expensive, smaller ones are very affordable and can give your living room a cool look. Instead of spending more money on one big plant that takes up too much space anyway, create the illusion of it by adding more smaller plants of different heights.

5. Pay attention to the colors you are using for painting

Probably nothing more adorns the space than a good picture on the wall … To fit your budget you can improvise and make a mini gallery in your home. What does it mean?
Buy a little higher quality paint and all the material you need for painting and simply indulge in your creative ideas. If you don’t have a gift for painting, simply paint the canvas with different colors or take an ordinary small pot with which to paint the wall.

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6. Consider wallpaper

If it sounds too complicated to paint the walls or take pictures, wallpaper is the perfect solution. In addition to being very easy to remove as soon as you get bored, a large number of different themes of these wallpapers are in play. Today, you can choose fantastic wallpapers, cover even the most annoying walls and turn them into art.

They are even very affordable, and can radically change the look of the room. You can also find them in different sizes, so they will suit all dimensions of the living room.

7. And maybe a mural

When you are limited with your budget, and you do not want to agree to anything less than a fantastic living room, then our advice is to add a wall mural. This is definitely one of the fastest ways you can get the effect of a completely remodeled room even though you have changed things minimally. If even wallpaper is a big deal for you, then a wall mural will be the ideal solution for you.

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We hope you find these ideas useful. While they can serve any type of living room, sometimes something just won’t fit your ideas. That’s totally okay. Be creative and improvise, let these tips serve as an inspiration and a kind of guideline. In that case, you will surely manage your living room and make it look beautiful.